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Science Magazine
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A circulating protein blocks histone toxicity to alleviate sepsis #SciSig
A potentially powerful intl legal framework for sharing bio samples is in need of key updates #globalhealth #free
Surface warming caused the disintegration of the Larsen Ice Shelf not thinning of the ice shelf
Maintaining antibiotic effectiveness requires a balance betwn conservation & innovation #globalhealth #free
Study explores dysregualtion of B cells from patients with the immune disorder PLAID #SciSig
After practice, the brain has a memory for errors that is then used to learn faster in new conditions
Getting essential health products to their end users: Subsidize, but how much? #globalhealth #free
Recently evolved species may cope better with changing land use
2/2 But we've certainly missed some that should be on the list, so please keep pointing them out.
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Our top 50 science stars of Twitter list is not an opinion piece - it's based on number of followers (and excludes journalists). 1/2
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More of the world’s population has access to cellphones than to basic sanitation facilities #globalhealth #free
All-optical control of magnetization in thin ferromagnetic films #physics
The new issue of Science Signaling is out now #SciSig
Rapid growth of seed #blackholes in the early universe by supra-exponential accretion
New and evolving models of education aimed at addressing gaps in engineering & public health #globalhealth #free
Increasing the safety of splitting water to create H2 #chemistry
Monitoring parasite diversity for #malaria elimination in sub-Saharan Africa #globalhealth #free
Training legislators in making health policy that has the best impact on a population
Altering physical & social environments can change behaviors to improve population health
Model for malaria interventions is at risk as funding flattens & the disease smolders on #free #globalhealth
The evolution of a star's spin is key in determining how its planets' orbits are eventually oriented
#Globalhealth: Study shows that traffic laws, combined with advocacy, can save lives #free
A look at the role of genetics in #immune response
"A substantial surge" - my colleague @sciencecohen on what to expect from US government on #Ebola…
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Study shows giving poor S African families a little extra $ for their kids improves health & education #free
A new vaccine vanquishes meningitis A in Africa #globalhealth #free
Immune cells prompt the gut to produce carbs for resident bacteria (insight)
The Haitian govt has unveiled an ambitious plan to eradicate cholera w/i 10 yrs #globalhealth #free
Ultrafast spectroscopy is used to control and manipulate quantum states in diamond (insight)
China, a country with one of the world's saltiest cuisines, confronts its hypertension problem #free #globalhealth
Biogeographical diversity in bacterial populations can arise w/o natural selection
BREAKING: Comet landing to be very tricky -- have to avoid jets of gas and dust. Rosetta will aim for the J spot…
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Seeking convincing evidence that large-scale #globalhealth projects save lives #free
Long noncoding RNAs may function as organizing factors that shape the nucleus #lncRNA
"Ebola's perfect storm" -- a @sciencemagazine editorial by Peter Piot, who co-discovered the virus in the 1970s.
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Deciding what works in global health is much harder (and more controversial) than you'd think, @sciencecohen reports.
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Much of moral life involves watching the good & bad deeds of others (insight)
Diseases that cause the most burden don't get the most intl aid #globalhealth
Policy forum: A global strategy for protecting vulnerable coastal populations #IPCC
Interested in finding the next great global scientific entrepreneurs? Vote for the AAAS -#TechI semi-finalists now @
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On this week’s #podcast: engineering #globalhealth & the reliability of clinical trial reports
Deacetylases of the sirtuin family modulate circadian rhythms #SciSig
Profile: Amy Wagers explores the benefits of young blood