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Science Magazine
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18.(WYW) Avoid words like "novel" and "groundbreaking" we all feel our work is important, but time is the true judge #editorstips
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Watching electron clouds move one quintillionth of a second at a time. This is impressive. @sciencemagazine
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Want to brush up on backgrounds of the US pause on GOF? This @sciencemagazine issue on #H5N1 is a good starting point
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#Breaking: U.S. announces pause in risky research involving flu, SARS, MERS
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17.(WYW) Use clear, simple language, no need for a complicated word when a simple one will suffice, same goes for sentences #editorstips
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In a mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune T cells recognize a protein from the ribosome
Saturn’s smallest moon Mimas may contain a subsurface ocean img: NASA/JPL
Policy Forum: Changes on the horizon for consumer genomics in the EU
How to become a control freak – a new textbook covers mechanisms of cellular regulation #SciSig
This week’s #podcast links predators and plants
Drug developers seek new ways to ensure that subjects take their medicine
16. (WYW) Do not turn phrases into acronyms, even if it means you will have to write out the whole thing more than once #editorstips
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The Sun in focus with @NASA IRIS satellite results @sciencemagazine… Who ever said solar spectroscopy was boring?
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Special package: the IRIS telescope takes a close look at the Sun's atmosphere
Editorial: 25 yrs after 6.9 M San Francisco quake - what have we learned? #Free
Epic baboon study shows how social interactions shape health & reprod in all primates—including humans
Trend in tornados is more clusters on fewer days in the US
Eyeing the sun, a surprise inside Saturn’s smallest moon & plant-predator connections-a new Science is up!
Degradation of a growth factor receptor ensures that lymph flows only one way #SciSig
15.(WYW) Be your own editor, don't become attached to phrases and banish jargon, really do it this time! #editorstips
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Use your smart phone to help track cosmic rays - Science/AAAS | News…
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One more question, Dr. Frieden: 11 things we'd like to know about the new Ebola case…
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New vaccines and drugs are needed to rid the world of parasitic worms
Predictive models of biodiversity change are required to inform conservation policy decisions
How a phosphatase and a tumor-suppressing kinase interact #SciSig (paper) & (podcast)
Applying the basic principles of synthetic biology to plants shows progress
Policy forum: Amplify scientific discovery with artificial intelligence
Have a great science career story? Want to publish it in @sciencemagazine? Get in touch.
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14.(WYW) Focus on figures, a good figure is worth well more than a thousand words, images can tell a powerful story #editorstips
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Slideshow: Eleven of the world's coolest robots. I want the one that cooks and cleans.…
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The new issue of Science Signaling is out now #SciSig
Nominations due tomorrow!! Celebrate good outreach & engagement done by early career scientists w AAAS Award #scicomm
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Should #robots have rights & responsibilities? ARUYOSHI YAMAGUCHI/CORBIS
Researchers coax #stemcells into becoming long-sought insulin-producing β cells #diabetes
What is the best response to declining populations?
42 days (2x max incubation period) need to pass after last case, before a country can be declared free of #Ebola again.
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On this week's #podcast: Understanding robot relations #robots
RT @sciencemagazine: HIV envelope proteins twist & turn to evade detection
13.(WYW) Do not write chronologically, “we did this, then this, then this" what matters is the question and how you answered it #editorstips
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12.(WYW) Conclusion should include 1) interpretation 2) implications, do not repeat, end with a meaningful statement #editorstips
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11.(WYW) The “meat” of your paper should include 1) info on your system 2) methods/approach 3) results #editorstips
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10.(WYW) Your introduction should include 1) context 2) justification 3) your question/hypothesis stated clearly #editorstips
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A superconducting qubit built to listen as well as see insight
How to make a “warm” Jupiter