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Science Magazine
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A pseudoknot in a #flavivirus RNA resists efforts by a host nuclease to untangle it #virology
Ultimate permeation across atomically thin porous #graphene #materialsci
Learn how an oncogenic microRNA worsens leukemia #SciSig (paper) & (podcast)
@NIH responds to complaints, will relax 'two strikes' grant submission policy #Insider
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Great summary of very active science debate about how Arctic warming affects weather in the USA… via @sciencemagazine
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A milestone our quest for energy efficiency: Researchers create the most heat-hungry thermoelectric so far
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What the best young U.S. scientists say about getting jobs, getting funded, and making your own good luck.
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Looking back 150 yrs, species turnover is above expected but there's little evidence of systematic #biodiversity loss
Ancient landscapes can be preserved under glaciers for millions of years #geochem
Comparing #epigenetic maps from Denisovans, Neandertals, and modern humans #aDNA
Kepler spots an earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of a cool star (report) (news)
An intriguing exoplanet, epigenetic maps of our extinct cousins & holographic black holes--the new Science is up!
325 million year-old-fossils show sharks have evolved substantially since they first appeared
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Sunlight can regulate alternative #splicing through a signal from the chloroplast #plantbio #genetics
A double-lock system prevents spurious activation of a protein involved in lymphocyte development and cancer #SciSig
New strategy suggests the disfiguring disease “yaws” could be eradicated Image: WHO
Our next #NeuroSeries event w/ @dana_fdn is May 6 at #AAAS. How Your Brain Distinguishes Tastes & Aromas.
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This week's issue of Science Signaling is out now #SciSig
NASA to researchers: Sell your mission or be terminated #planetarysci
Ultrafast switching to a stable hidden #quantum state in an electronic crystal #physics
Mitochondria lacking a #Parkinsons disease–associated kinase harbor a functionally important phosphorylation defect