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Science Magazine
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The new issue of Science Signaling is out now #SciSig
Calling all scientists & #STEM professionals! Help w/ 2 new projects inspiring K-12 students:…
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Megathrusts subducting rough sea floor generate tamer earthquakes than faults subducting smooth sea floor
Letter: Managing the threat of of dual-use for gene drives Response #CRISPR
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of glass under pressure adds to understanding of network structure
Domesticated rabbit genomes reveal changes in genes that drive brain development #bunnies
Pressure by a nuclear piston governs cell motility in a 3D matrix Insight
Japans's space agency to retract asteroid paper because of faulty analysis ScienceInsider's @dnormile…
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Activating a receptor to excite a neuron #iGluR #structure
Bacteria thought to rely on the oxidation of nitrite for energy can do just fine oxidizing hydrogen instead
El Niño–Southern Oscillation warming of the sea was skewed to the central Pacific in the Mid-Holocene
Investment of <10% of Brazil's agricultural subsidies could support eco restoration on private lands
Changes in brightness of warm dust indicate recent collisions among protoplanets around a solar-analog star
X-ray structures provide insight into how an ion channel involved in activation of neurons is gated
Insight: What does the “Mississippi baby” tell us about curing HIV-1 infection? #HIV
FREE: “File drawer” study proposes registry for unpublished social science data & News
Early Arctic humans differed from both present-day Inuit and Native Americans Insight
Endocytosis is necessary for axon collapse #SciSig
Scouring the now-barren Arabian Peninsula to uncover its hidden role in ancient human migration
A supernova in a nearby galaxy both confirms and confounds astronomers' expectations
FREE editorial: Australia's Chief Scientist talks strategy for the country’s future
Science #Podcast: What the microbial fingerprints all over our homes can say about the occupants (us)
Demystifying central government R&D spending in China
Chocolate residue on ancient pottery suggest close ties btwn Mesoamerica & cultures to the north #tastyarcheology
Distance score settled for Seven Sisters Insight #Pleiades
Keep up with all of Science's #Ebola coverage at #free
Noninvasive stimulation of the brain can improve memories by boosting the connectivity between brain regions
Why null results rarely see the light of day | Science/AAAS | News…
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Each member of a household contributes to the home microbiome making it possible to track who lives where
Viral genomes reveal start of #Ebola outbreak News
Settling the 7 Sisters, our home microbiomes, & a genetic history of the Arctic--the new Science is up!
BREAKING NEWS: Pathogen inventory request won't include research pause…
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TCR signaling inhibits cytokine receptor signaling through a miRNA #SciSig (paper) & (podcast)
Keep w our ongoing Stem Cell series
Another amazing number: @WHO's road map for #Ebola containment estimated to cost $490 million.
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We're looking for science fun from astronomy to zoology! Apply to exhibit at #FamSciDays at #AAASmtg by Sept 1!
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20 new corals, impacted by climate change, listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.…
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Astonishing. The new @WHO road map says the number of #Ebola cases may exceed 20,000 before the outbreak is contained.
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#Breaking: U.S. to ask pathogen labs to pause work, inventory dangerous agents
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