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Observation of atomic facet development during platinum nanocube growth reveals shape control
Policy forum: Boosting GDP growth by accounting for the environment
The dance of DNA enhancers during blood cell differentiation
Ongoing drought has induced a ~4mm uplift in the western US
A close look at the canola genome
Explanatory power in ecological papers is declining. Here's the bright side.… @ESA_org @sciencemagazine
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Free editorial: Achieving reproducible research
Extensive remodeling of a cyanobacterial photosynthetic apparatus in far-red light
Human influence is now responsible for more glacial mass loss than natural causes #climatechange
Using both polio vaccines together could speed the demise of the disease
Electron microscopy of gold nanoparticles at atomic resolution
Optimal B cell activation requires vesicle recruitment to sites of B cell receptor signaling #SciSig
Sunlight is the biggest driver of CO2 release from fresh water in the Arctic #climatechange
On this week’s #podcast: Reverse-engineering internet censorship in China and a news roundup
Study: you can criticize China's leaders online. But organizing even a pro-govt rally can get you censored… (free)
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A compound that interrupts cell division has revitalized a troubled area of cancer research #palbociclib
Can special algorithms help keep shared bicycles rolling?
A chemical signature of first-generation very massive stars (insight)
In hummingbirds, a savory umami receptor adapted to detect sweet (insight)
Finding the Earth’s missing heat: Deep-sea warming slows down global warming #climatechange
Censorship in China, 2 polio vaccines better than 1 & fostering reef recovery--the new Science is up!
An engineered cytokine can block bone loss in mice #SciSig (paper) & (comment)