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Phillip Schofield
@Schofe Newquay Airport is in the running for the UK Spaceport so is supporting it - plus we have a new animation!
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β€œ@TRONJA: @Schofe Have you been evacuated too. #highdrama” Nope, we're still here, can hear the alarms next door! No smoke yet
RIP Gorgeous Lynda Bellingham xx 😒
Out for a walk with Mrs S #gorgeous (both the walk and Mrs S)
Laaaaaaazy Sunday listening to @rhodesmusic 😊
You go girl πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ@AlisonHammond2nd2
Great evening with @Ginofantastico & lots of lovely people launching his @MyPastaBar in Bishopsgate. Congrats Gino
Nice to meet you Darren, thanks for the scallop! #BoroughMarket
Just been to look at the Poppies. What an incredible and moving sight.
Nothing quite like a pint in a proper London pub! Then back in time for "The Great Fire" Can I smell smoke?! @ITV
Just visited @hollywills ... Baby Chester is gorgeous 😊
Your tweets are keeping us very amused! ;)
β€œ@mflyer1: @Schofe @itvthismorning hello Mr Schofield, loved your shirt this morning. Where is it from please?” It's @ASOS
Got to love an old house in the pouring rain!
β€œ@danbrooks1122: @Schofe looks like you've got very long arms if that's your hand around Amanda Schofe” haha!! Hadn't spotted that
2 comedy greats - @AlanCarr & #DawnFrench join us @itvthismorning Plus #BeautyWithBryony & @the_speakmans take your #Phobia calls from 10:30
β€œ@ScouseMichelle: @itvthismorning Can't believe @Schofe said "rear-ended" without laughing” It wasn't easy πŸ˜‰
Thankfully 'Daisy' (Sophie McShera) from #DowntonAbbey is a a bit smaller!
Great to have @ladyantebellum on @itvthismorning today ... I might look tiny but Charles is 9ft tall
Just writing up the interview for Edward, the man who has sex with cars! Fascinating οΏ½#OnlyOnThisMorningg
This afternoon I've been learning the history ..... Of Gin 😊
@Schofe It’s World Mental Health Day today, Please retweet to keep raising awareness of #mentalhealth issues. #wmhd & #wmhd14
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Just put the voice on another #EducatingJoey ... He's a ghost hunter for a Halloween special. Spent all afternoon laughing #brilliant @itv2
Incredible & inspiring night at #PrideOfBritain - again I'm totally in awe of the incredible people who live amongst us. Tomorrow at 8 @ITV
We loved it! RT @GavinFree: So cool to meet people you've seen on TV your whole life. Thanks for having us
β€œ@msdmcfarlane: @Schofe you should of listened to @Ginofantastico crush nuts first!!” What a pigs ear I made of that!!!
Also today a β€˜splashing’ item from @TheSlowMoGuys_ @itvthismorning
The new vital element in any ad ... a bear! Huh?
Now THAT was a good 'un!!! Lovely juicy stories #DowntonAbbey
@Schofe I often go to Northern Land owners conferences in five star hotels. I learn a lot #DowntonAbbey #LadyMary
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'Sympathy butters no parsnips' gotta love #DowntonAbbey
Easssssssssy, easy like Sunday moooooorning β˜€οΈπŸŽΆ
Haha! @Rylan I'm on catchup so I've just seen #ThroughTheKeyhole .... You've nicked all my makeup! hahaha .. That's a shed load of tells
Finally catching up with the new @thescript album and loving it. It's helped make this endless download much easier!
β€œ@jeremygahagan: @Schofe @grahnort this one” YES!! The studio is alive with 'em
Anyone else notice the huge fly on @grahnort 's wine glass?!!