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This Record Store Day I will be at FOND OBJECT in Nashville! Details to follow. @FondObject @CocoCommotion
On this date in 1982, I saw the Grateful Dead play in Providence, RI. It remains the single most boring concert I've ever attended.
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Everybody. I directed a video for Real Estate. Here is it. Enjoy. RT. Thank you.… @realestateband
I gotta say I feel I've prejudged @APMike unfairly. He might love FARGO. Who knows? Was he right about TRUE DETECTIVE?! #TheEternalPuzzle
But then again, maybe @APMike will like FARGO. Who knows? He is more fair than I have been I am painting him.
Can't wait til @APMike shits all over FARGO once we all declare we love it.
Happy birthday to my bro in comedy and life @jondaly. I hope you live a million years for the million laughs you've given us all.
Okay, who in NJ can help me with a T1 line? THE PROCESS BEGINS. #BestShow2014
The greatest.// RT @MattYHZ: - my dream lineup, if you haven't seen it yet.
I was a naughty boy yesterday & had a full on Roast Dinner, so I'll definitely be fasting for at least 2 days or should that "s" be an "r" ?
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Hey @jakefogelnest I am laughing so hard right now. YOU WIN!!! I am only busting chops because you didn't ask Harold Bronson about POOL IT.
Hey @jakefogelnest maybe THAT is our ticket! THE ROCKY HORRORS DINER SHOW, a portable diner outside every theater! #Midnight Sensation
Hey @jakefogelnest what if at the end of every ROCKY HORRORS screening we spray neutering mist on the audience? #MidnightSensation
Hey @jakefogelnest when we update ROCKY HORRORS let's ditch the homophobia and racism all too prevalent in the audience participation! #Midn
Hey @jakefogelnest - instead of calling Bruce an "asshole" we can call him a "noob" or make a joke about Bridge-Gate! #MidnightSensation
Hey @jakefogelnest what if we go back to the original ROCKY HORRORS but write updated zingers? Revitalize the ORIGINAL "midnight sensation"!
Hey @jakefogelnest, let's do it! Should we figure out characters we can dress as? This could be a real major "midnight sensation"!
Hey @jakefogelnest! @foniker has a great idea. SNAKES ON A PLANE is lousy enough to turn into a ROCKY HORRORS-style "midnight sensation"!!!
Hey @jakefogelnest do you think we can turn something like LEONARD PART 6 into the next ROCKY HORRORS? A real 'midnight sensation'?????
Hey @jakefogelnest I know you love the Rocky Horror Pictures Show. What would be another movie we can turn into a 'midnight sensation'???
For my dream Doctor Who list, swap out Steve Coogan for @billyeichner, thank you.
My dream actors to play Doctor Who: 1) Steve Coogan 2) Kelsey Grammar 3) Geoge Lopez 4) Helen Hunt 5) Mark Knopfler 6) Jay Pharaoh
Is it sacrilege to wish that Doctor Who was American? It seems like he’d 1) get more done and 2) be cooler. PS - I’m not trolling with this.