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savannah montano
Like i'm making popcorn for the class right now... Really nighu
90% lof the time I force myself to school we sit in class for a good hour doing nothing ... And then they wonder
since the power keeps going out in school can I uh leave
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Any senior quote suggestions?
tragus piercing v annoying w/ headphones
@gabydavis3721: couldn't grasp it if they tried”
Those were both random drafts but I decided to post them in that order
I think lovely is my favorite word
peep the new header🐥
setting myself up right now aka grocery shopping on an empty stomach
My level of despise for my security guard it's no doubt a 10
Idfw the new twitter one bit
Arianna made a snapchat story of her beau and korin climbing my roof a good 30 minutes ago #wheretheyatdoe
And if it takes you by surprise, even better
Accidentally gauged my ear but on the bright side ahs😊
it's a cruel world. but it's cool...
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Gets emm excited what can I say
They'll keep trying and trying and trying so let them
@Briezy_Babyy: Don’t you dare shrink yourself for someone else’s comfort -do not become small for people who refuse to grow.”
Have you experienced something overrated?
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@savmontano Happiness is a mood, not a destination. It’s like being tired or hungry; it’s not permanent. It comes and goes but that’s okay
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*happy/motivational quotes welcome*
Nothin worse than being sad for no reason
I'm glad you reminded me baby
Not in the mood to interact with civilization so imma just nap in my car
My beds never felt so good
@lostscars: I hope you meet someone that can love you without using their hands”
"Id rip off my skin for this kid and he'd still ream me a new ass hole" -beaus mom
Update: 10 minutes till SAT, minutes of sleep: 0
SAT in tminus 3 hours still no sleep ask me how i'm feelin cus the answer's real pissed
@elizabeeethf: give ya somethin you never ever knew you missed”
Someone remind me why I decided to go out the night before my sat cus I genuinely don't know