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Sweet, comforting pappa al pomodoro—made with quality Italian tomatoes and bread—is heavenly:
Shana tovah! Check out this impressive challah from @BreadsBakery
What are you making for Rosh Hashanah dinner? This is what's on our menu:
Readers say #Portland knows drinks better than any other domestic destination #SAVEURCTA
Hot and sour shrimp soup is Thai flavor at its finest:
Discover all things Hawaii in our complete guide—see travel tips, recipes, menus, and more:
Pickled peppers are the perfect pairing for pork chops:
In Sephardic tradition, Rosh Hashanah is also a Seder holiday, with a highly ritualized feast:
Shanah Tovah! Get last-minute Rosh Hashanah inspiration with 25 recipes:
Discover the best destinations in Culinary Travel! Check out the #SAVEURCTA ( for more on our favorite cities: #HongKong, #Paris, #Brooklyn, #SanFrancisco, #Copenhagen, #SanSebastian, #NewOrleans, and #Portland.
Listen to a podcast from @betsyandrews and @edibleradio on the making of our #IndiaIssue, and visiting Kashmir:
Get recipes for cauliflower, from paprika-spiced soup to crunchy pickles to creamy pasta:
#SAVEURCTA experts vote #LasVegas the best destination for top-notch drinks in the US:
See the recipe for savory puff pastry tarts with kale, fennel, olives, and feta:
We brought home a bunch of beautiful peaches from Hickory Hill Orchards in CT, and no, we're not sharing.
We brought home a bunch of beautiful peaches from @hickoryhillorchards, and no, we're not sharing. Photo: @kkudi
Monday is better with chicken wings. Thanks, @seoulchicken! Photo: @zschaef
Monday is better with chicken wings. Thanks, @SeoulChicken!
Breaking news! We are so excited to welcome Adam Sachs (@sachsmo) as our new editor-in-chief.
Bengal is renowned for its milk sweets, like dense and fudgy sandesh:
Brunch at @themeathook: challah, chopped liver, pastrami lox, apple onion schmaltz, and dill cream cheese.
The third course of yesterday's @themeathook brunch: challah, chopped liver, pastrami lox, apple onion schmaltz, and dill cream cheese. Photo: @kimberly_mc
Readers say nowhere beats #Melbourne for great cocktails and drinks abroad #SAVEURCTA
Homemade beats takeout—especially with crispy, sweet-and-sour General Tso's:
Tomato love! Sansone's Farm Market in Hopewell, NJ has over 30 varieties. Photo: @kristincohen
Tomatoes are still coming in by the ton at Sansone's Farm Market in Hopewell, NJ, where they have over 30 varieties. Photo: @kristincohen
From sweet puddings to syrup-soaked doughnuts, our favorite Indian desserts:
Helloooo Sunday. Strawberry cream cheese hand pies by @mizsant
Looking for the best cocktails abroad? #SAVEURCTA experts say head to #London:
These are the most useful resources—books, blogs, and videos—for Indian cooking:
This week in #WeekendReading: a climate change march, some crazy fast food & why you should be eating more walnuts:
Best thing about a layover in Cincinnati? 5-way chili. Photo: @fsadeghin
We've got all things apple, from tips for buying and storing to 41 sweet and savory recipes:
Readers say #SanFrancisco has the best culinary markets and shops in the U.S. #SAVEURCTA
Assam is known for its tea, but don't miss the exquisite food:
See the recipe for a warmly spiced Cuban pork hash with olives, raisins, and almonds:
Pomegranates and rose water are the perfect pair in today's #FridayCocktail:
In the video, learn a few tricks for how to perfectly ice a cake:
Perfect end to a perfect evening with @Cadillac and @oakdallas: chocolate tart with banana ice cream. #roadtotable Photo:@fsadeghin
Head to #LosAngeles for the best US markets and shops, according to #SAVEURCTA experts:
We love vatapá, a thick and creamy Brazilian shrimp stew with coconut milk:
Need another reason to visit Lisbon? Try a meal at the beautiful @Altisbelem. See our review:
Dress up grilled steaks with a fresh herb sauce made with olives and cornichons:
There's a lot to see, eat, and experience in New Delhi. Don't miss a thing:
A light, crispy veggie burger with dressed micro greens, slaw, and tangy barbecue sauce at #OldStoneFarm in Rhinebeck
Fantastic smoked tomato soup with avocado, queso, and tortilla strips at #OldStoneFarm in Rhinebeck, NY.
Our #IndiaIssue has nearly 100 recipes, from lassis to curries to dosas & more. See them all:
#SAVEURCTA experts and our readers agree: #Tokyo has the best markets and shops abroad: