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Just what we needed on a rainy day: big bowls of chili. Thanks, @BushsBeans!
Just what we needed on a rainy day: big bowls of chili. Thanks, @bushsbeans! Photo: @zschaef
Without cabbage, there would be no kimchi. Or sauerkraut. Think about that for a minute:
.@SAVEURMAG has a recipe for chicken marsala that is too delicious to resist
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Assistant digital editor @zschaef is capable of eating an impressive amount of nachos.
[spons] Tag your favorite fall dish with #FreshFallFare and enter to win $500 of produce:
Cook a menu of French #NewClassics: onion soup, braised chicken, tarte Tatin, and more:
Good morning! Beignets at NOLA's @cafedumonde are a pretty good way to start the day. Photo: @smac315
Ever thought to put butternut squash on a pizza? Try it with smoked mozzarella:
For great Louisiana dishes, you need great Louisiana tools and ingredients:
Derrick Turner of @HardingsNYC stopped by the office to make us some cocktails. Not a bad way to end a Wednesday.
Derrick Turner of @HardingsNYC stopped by our office to make us a few cocktails. Not a bad way to end a Wednesday. Photo: @mizsant
All it takes is a few ingredients for rich, creamy garlic soup:
And of course, all of you! What an incredible turnout. That was FUN! #CulinaryEscapes
Thank you so much to our #CulinaryEscapes sponsor, @PVvisit, and all of our incredible panelists! Seriously, that was awesome.
Thanks everybody for participating in our #CulinaryEscapes chat! The winner of our Puerto Vallarta trip from @PVvisit is @JoieDeJackie!
RT @betsyandrews @SAVEURMAG Also, cookware. Best: Mexico and Japan #culinaryescapes
RT @betsyandrews Food souvenirs: WINE!! In Ghent: mustard. In Kashmir: chiles, black cumin, black salt. In Japan: sake #culinaryescapes
Nice! RT @olivetulips @SAVEURMAG A11: they're not a food item, but I collect match boxes from destinations #CulinaryEscapes
Sweets! Spices! Hot sauce! So many good ideas. #culinaryescapes
Q11: What food souvenirs do you always make sure to take home with you? #CulinaryEscapes
RT @chasingthevine @SAVEURMAG A9: I download maps of new couhtries onto Garmin which I bring everywhere #culinaryescapes
RT @WackyHappyPappy @SAVEURMAG A10- pick a spot that is a 2 hour drive away from your house and GO EXPLORE! #CulinaryEscapes
Q10: Any suggestions for last-minute long weekends this fall? #CulinaryEscapes
RT @shanegoesforth A9 Extra ziplocs! I use as doggie bags when snacking through markets. #CulinaryEscapes
Preach. RT @ssony711 @SAVEURMAG A9 make a list and check it twice and do not forget your charger #CulinaryEscapes
RT @EricaKirstin @SAVEURMAG A9-Pack light, only the essentials, leave your worries at home and bring loose clothes! #CulinaryEscapes
RT @thedealmatch @SAVEURMAG Q9 Don't bring anything you can purchase at your destination city #CulinaryEscapes
Q9: Any good packing tips? #CulinaryEscapes
RT @taylorPRather_ @SAVEURMAG A8: Prior-Put the word out on Facebook. During-talk to local bartenders, they know what's up. #CulinaryEscapes
RT @theglutster A8: #CulinaryEscapes ask your taxi driver or bus driver or server for their favorite spots is a pretty solid way
RT @JHochstat A8 I follow the reichl rule "No matter where I am, if there's a line for food, I'm getting in" #culinaryescapes
RT @mayssamaha A8. Social media. I often tweet and facebook before embarking on a trip and I get great advice #culinaryescapes
Q8: How do you find must-visit (non-touristy) restaurants? #CulinaryEscapes
RT @destweddingmag Q7 @altonbrown’s snarky tweets & @wynnewin always finds amazing things to eat around the world. #culinaryescapes
A7 Guyyysss, we're blushing! #culinaryescapes
Q7: Who do you recommend following on social for great food travel advice? #CulinaryEscapes
RT @mariuyehara @SAVEURMAG From dirt-cheap ramen to brilliant kaiseki, can anything really compete with Tokyo? #CulinaryEscapes
RT @feast_on @SAVEURMAG A6: One fave is #London. Would love to pitch a tent &live at the @boroughmarket. cc: @lisaniven11 #culinaryescapes
A6 So far we've got Richmond, Portland, San Antonio, Hong Kong, Austin, NYC, New Orleans, Montreal—where else? #culinaryescapes
Q6: What’s your favorite food city? #CulinaryEscapes
RT @shanegoesforth A5 Vermont. Skiing @MadRiverGlen, then dinner @HenWoodVT and warm-as-toast beds @PitcherInn. #CulinaryEscapes
RT @karemizu Actual A5: Anywhere where melted cheese is in vogue. #culinaryescapes
RT @mayssamaha My hometown of #Monteal! Ski slopes are 30 minutes away from one of the best eating cities in the world! #CulinaryEscapes
RT @MichellinaJones @SAVEURMAG Q5 Zermatt...chocolate and cheese! #CulinaryEscapes
Q5: For a food-focused ski trip, where would you go? #CulinaryEscapes
RT @ZerinaGrace Woot Woot! @feast_on: @SAVEURMAG A4: We love PEIaka the @GentleIsland. Any #RoadtoAvonlea lovers out there? #culinaryescapes
RT @karemizu @SAVEURMAG A5: Martha's Vineyard out of season for me. I'm a sucker for a wintery beach +bowl o' clam chowder. #culinaryescapes
RT @judyhaubert: #culinaryescapes I spent 1 week at Sublime Samana in Las Terranas, Dominican Republic.Amazing beach+food+rum @SublimeSamana