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Rajdeep Sardesai
I fought for my country, I don't fear action by the Boxing Association: #saritadevi
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Suprabhatam! 'Cleanliness is Godliness'! Full support for @PMOIndia Swacha Bharat campaign on Gandhi Jayanti.
Greetings @sardesairajdeep @IndianMedAssn s finally on twitter. It'll be a huge favor if u cud RT, so v cud hv ppl of India 2 follow us
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Great crowd outside White House: warm, polite, joyous. The weather almost as warm as Dilli too! #ModiMeetsObama
Heard outside the White House: hai Preet jahan kee reet sada.. All set to welcome @PMOIndia and @BarackObama with song
Obama Modi meet: live coverage from outside the White House from 6 pm IST on @HeadlinesToday and @aajtak
Suprabhat! Obama greets Modi with 'Kem cho', joint editorial written: real warmth in the autumn air of Washington.
Sorry folks, won't respond to lies of channel/editors caught on tape seeking bribes and sent to jail. Supari 'journalism' at its worst.
Will be doing a spl from the White House 9 pm IST on @HeadlinesToday . Lovely autumn morning.
Remembering a dear friend Kavita karkare: a woman of courage and quiet dignity. RIP
Suprabhatam! Ecstatic response in US newspapers to @PMOIndia speech. USA Today says 'Indian PM thrills'.
Teri galiyon mein na rakhege kadam aaj ke baad... Gnight, shubhatri.
Entire episode of @sardesairajdeep attack narrated by a witness,only second half is showing in videos,read and RT.…
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First, Kick and abuse while I am on cam asking questions, then release video selectively. Rule of the mob.
Do read Facebook post by
Driving to Washington in 2 cars, one driven by an Indian from Amritsar, the other a Pakistani from Karachi! S Asia unity in NY!
Very cute! Migrated willingly to USA, won't come back & yet chiming: "I love my India." Is their India Real or Imagined? Ancient or Modern?
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Time to leave MSG for a nice Sunday lunch NY style. Anyone know the best pizza joint in Downtown Manhattan?
Super speech by Modi; not so super behaviour by some bhakts. Guess some things won't change.
Great publicity for my book. All those who took selfies have promised to buy it! #ModiAtMadison
Glad we caught the idiots on cam. Only way to shame the mob is to show them. #ModiAtMadison
Great crowd at Modison square garden! except a few idiots who still believe abuse is a way of proving their machismo! #ModiAtMadison
Well done Yogeshwar Dutt! Looks like a golden Sunday at the Asian games.
Ans to yday question: Gautam Adani is the other VIP guest at Hotel New York Palace. Many of you got it right!
@sardesairajdeep Hey Rajdeep Sardesai, you're neither non-partisan nor a journalist. And reboot is useless for you, you need a format.
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Suprabhat! A Sunday to be spent at Modison Square Garden where once I dreamt of watching Ali vs Frazier!!
Enough Modinama for a day. Time to move to Central Park and try and catch Sting sing! Gnight, shubhratri.
are journalists cheerleaders or non partisan observers of politics? Along with Indo-US ties, do we also need to reboot?
Booze, bonks, bodies: the various James Bonds differed more than you might think #econarchive
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Guess who is the high profile Indian staying in the hotel where Indian PM is and attending all events? Find out in morn on @HeadlinesToday
@sardesairajdeep At present after #jayaverdict, Three of the four metros in India don't have a chief minister.
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Now to discuss Jayalalithaa from the US! No peace in a 24 hour news cycle! @HeadlinesToday
Tks, RT@Arjunc77: its a pleasure seeing u bk on tv sir. You take tele-journalism to a different level. Calm poised n sensible as ever.
Reality check: Mr Modi not on front pages of New York Times which is dominated by ISIL. Maybe Madison Square Garden tomorrow?
Early morning NY ritual: bagels and coffee. All set to analyse PM speech (maybe Jaya too) from 6 pm IST on @HeadlinesToday and Aaj Tak.
Part 2 of the India Today global round table with William Cohen:…