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sara cox
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New favourite place. Phones off, playing scrabble, eating nice grub served by lovely people plus hounds allowed.
Really proud my sister-in-law @amylawrence71 wrote this brilliant piece.ā€¦
Hmm. @Beanothedog is currently downstairs all snuggled up with his tigger cuddly&new squeaky goose but he's so cute I want him in bed.
Once a dog gets to sleep on your bed all night there's no going back.He will never be content to be back in his own bed downstairs. Discuss.
I WILL NEVER GET THESE MINUTES BACK @EurostarUK ! Website trouble, now on hold on phone whilst a French accordion plays excruciating music.
"Every mum I have ever seen has been feeling guilty about something...." @Dr_Ellie on motherhood. Looks goodā€¦
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To be fair she was a tad loopy but meant no harm.I HATED her picking up beans tho.I just said "err put him down, I'd like him to run around"
Tho I could answer back with a double page article.Me& @Beanothedog looking serious with headline "Don't tease my Maltese - DJ in doga hell"
Ta for all advice re doga lady. Lots of violence suggested but I'm keen to avoid "DJ BASHES BARMY DOGA DEVOTEE IN TERRIER TERROR" headline.
At the dog park a lady just picked up @Beanothedog &started demonstrating dog yoga or"doga" on him.What's the etiquette here? I wasn't keen.
Ace day in the sunshine at @LEGOLANDWindsor. Hotdogs, log flume & pirate ship. 5 very happy kids & 2 shattered mums.
As the saying goes, you can take a terrier down a side drive but you can't make it poo.
Well @SianyShoeShine_ tilapia is a sustainable white fish. I dripped some of its raw juice onto my trainers. #whiffykicks
Oooh looky-here, listened to this on the dusk doggy walk. It's great. @BBCRadio2 shows on iplayer radio app.
Just splashed my fly-knits with tilapia juice. #firstworldproblems
Morning! Last chance to check out the spesh visualised #soundsofthe80s - ace vids& @rickastley on @BBCRadio2 website
Haaa course I fly easy jet! So many people astonished the 5 of us didn't fly to Tenerife in a gold plated private jet eating roast swan.
If you travelled to Tenerife with Easy Jet at about 5pm from Gatwick yesterday& were sitting in row 3, that's my daughter Lola's iPod nano šŸ˜•
Make up free but all a-glow after a quick jaunt to Tenerife @grahnort yes #soundsofthe80s tonight on @BBCRadio2 with Mari Wilson
Making some good progress organising our sundayfunday with @sarajcox on the hob in June for @TeenageCancer.#garden #roast #djs. stay tuned!
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@sarajcox my friend has got finger toes, we call them tingers!!
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Some people are saying "put your toes away Saz" WELL I WONT. Retweet if you've got long toes. #toeingmetoeingyou
ā€œ@Clairegale1: @sarajcox very club tropicana! #soundsofthe80sā€ : yup. I'm always 80s. On tomorrow night from 10pm on @BBCRadio2
Yes I've got long toes.When I was little my big bro @rcoxART always said "long toes are a sign of intelligence."Mind you,hes got long toes.