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sara cox
Ooh #Soundsofthe80s visualised spesh feat @garyjkemp & @realmartinkemp is on front page of iplayer *slo-mo air punch*
@sarajcox On getting home drunk I ate an amount of cheese equivalent to the size of my head. Now I have a cheese hangover & the normal kind.
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@HistoricalPics: Johnny Depp during high school” : oh hellooooo johnny.
Morning. We have a rock & roll legend on the cover today. @RealAliceCooper spills ALL. Free in @TheSundayMirror.
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Got a food hangover.At 1am I arrived home after #SoundsOfThe80s &free-style dipped a A4 sized cracker into a buckets-worth of egg&onion mix.
@Beanothedog @sarajcox Find Toby terrier: Search for family border terrier after he is dognapped outside his house…
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@hollie2uk: Amazing set tonight from @sarajcox at @AscotInsider Great end to a great day #championsday #ballsoffeetonfire” : loved it!
If you missed @sarajcox on the Red Button talking to @realmartinkemp + @garyjkemp don't panic, you can catch up!
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Such fun to talk to, so charming and funny. @garyjkemp & @realmartinkemp are proper pros. Great stories. @BBCRadio2 & BBC #redbutton
"Our house" playing now on @BBCRadio2 & sounds of the 80s on red button. Look at Suggs! He looks about 12.
I'm in 80s heaven! No it's not #Xfactor2014 or #Xfactor2014 , it's @sarajcox with #soundsoftheeighties on the BBC red button
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It's a VERY special Sounds Of The 80s 2nite. WATCH @sarajcox as she chats to @realmartinkemp + @garyjkemp
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Join me and my 2 fave brothers (after my own obviously) next on a special red button @BBCRadio2 sounds of the 80s
Our fave thing on Strictly is Scott’s danceface Strictly authors Nikki Parsons (series director) BBC #bignightin
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Awesome being in a DJ sandwich with @jowhiley & @Fearnecotton - lets do a tour! Thanks #championsday @AscotInsider
Enjoying my green tights today for @AscotInsider gig. Channeling my inner-Robin Hood.
Meanwhile Kit has just drawn on the windowsill and has sellotaped another drawing on top in the hope we won't see..
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The new kids cartoon about a boy & his duck on C5 has surely been named after a male waxing style for parents' amusement. #zack&quack
#ChampionsDay tomorrow! Excited to see my gyals @jowhiley & @Fearnecotton as we play tunes at #ChampionsDay after party! @ChampionsSeries
@sarajcox your not secretly "the stigg" are you ? Ha
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@sarajcox did you borrow the car to Liam Neeson? #taken
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My tyres were like I'd driven at speed thru a building site before taking an emery board to the side of one tyre & parking on a box of nails
Also biggup to the @marksandspencer manager on finchley rd who let a yappy @Beanothedog wait safely just in door while I did a basket-dash.
Wow my car drives much better when 3 of the 4 tyres aren't flat. Whodathunkit. Biggups the brilliant Harry @finchleyrdAUDI for his help.
Tune in to @BBCTwo next Thurs for a special edition of @sewingbee w/ @sarajcox & our @BBCCiN Threads fashion project
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Right, do you fancy coming on @BBCRadio2 to dedicate a song to a pal? It can be a spesh occasion or just cos you love them, text now 88291
I love you all. Night xx on at 5am, so I'll understand if you don't make the start haa. Thanks for some very funny responses.
Just fun ones-the things that make you laugh with incredulity at other peoples actions.Imagine a room 101 for behaviour ran by Larry David.
..for my it's people standing too close to me in queues & parking badly - leaving half a cars length at the front of a parking bay. #Larry
On radio in morn,pls help me mark the 14th bday of "Curb your enthusiasm"with your own Larry-isms,the little things that drive you bonkers..
On a shoot and salivating over sophiawebster_ shoes
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Listening to @sarajcox @SoundsOfThe80s on catchup.... It's what Monday's at work were made for!
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But @AnnieMac @MichaeljRowan ITS TAKEN ME NINE LONG YEARS TO GROW IT THIS LONG, that's 1.5 times the life span of a lynx aka the BOB cat!
SHOULD I HAVE MY HAIR CUT INTO A BOB LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT OR WHAT? #allimportantdecisionsdecidedbytwitter
Good evening to you all from @sarajcox! We've a great #Soundsofthe80s lined up for you tonight, including an interview with @John_Illsley.
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ITS MY FAVE NIGHT OF THE WEEK!Playing some corkers on #soundsofthe80s next @BBCRadio2 -what was goin on in your world in oct 84? TEXT 88291
@rcoxART: 21 paintings loaded up for exhibition!! Here we go folks... @RamsbottomArt” :GO BRO! #heISverycharming
My day divided into #nana & #notnana: PTsesh @FrameQueenspark #notnana telling off a litterbug,"treating myself"to a latte,in bed now #nana
Was very professional @StrictlyITT tonight & didn't mither people backstage...oh hang on, soz @PixieLott