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Although I wouldn't mind being a doyenne of something. Just saying.
(Answer to last question: no one. No one says that I am not, because no one other than ME would even use those two words, together.)
Off to meet the school bus. Who says I am not a doyenne of domesticity?
If u missed it, here's the first part of my @Letterman interview last night where we discuss @Joan_Rivers & more!
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For those kindly trying to help my deleted text trauma, I had already written something ELSE when I realized mistake. UNDO no use. Sob!
My love for @billyeichner knows no bounds. NONE. Watch him on Letterman last night:…
I think this means it is time to let go? But it is SO HARD. Maybe ONE more readthrough....*moves metaphorical chair*
With that drama done, feel I have reached the rearranging furniture part of this revision. Keep making tiny adjustments, then reverting.
So I sighed, rolled eyes, and wrote it again. Will never know if what I have is as good as what I lost. That's so LIFE of you, writing!
Wrote entire new scene I was SO happy about while revising. Then highlighted to copy..and deleted instead. D'OH! *headdesk*
Have to revise. Don't want to revise. Must revise anyway. And repeat, for almost 20 years of publishing books. Unto the breach, y'all...
Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT
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You know you're wee bit over-caffeinated when you send your editor an email before 8 a.m. that reads: "I HAZ AN IDEA FOR NEW BOOK!"
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Just saw Grover do a *muppet flail* outside @GMA studio. Never more jealous of @sarahaines!
Came back in from workout to see Snuffleupagus at the @GMA newsdesk. Muppets for the win, always.
Friday! And there's only a treadmill workout between me and All The Coffee. Let's do this.
I'll be on the forum at 11:30 pm EST sharing affirmations that encouraged me throughout the journey. #WhyIStayed
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...and @IMKristenBell just showed up on Party Down. You know what THAT MEANS. It's a rule: I have no say!
Dear @RobThomas, the high school reunion episode of Party Down, Season 1: perfect. You just get it. Love, Sarah
I just broke a bowl and a minute later, a glass. So I'm going to come over to your place now to dust your porcelain figurines. EXPECT ME
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Happiness is finding a new author you really like and then realizing your library has her entire backlist. #LibrariesAreAwesome
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Watching @TheSoup and they show network that features "Sneak Peak." Is that a tricky mountain? Isn't it Sneak PEEK? Or am I crazy?
Got DM @CaroleRadziwill when I followed her. Maybe from one of her assistants, but NO MATTER. My Housewives-loving self still SO excited.
Fellow Twitter addicts: what do you use to manage your timeline? Tweetdeck? Another app? Just the site via browser? Feel I need a change...
There have been a lot of changes at @GMA lately, but change is good, right? I am stuck in my ways, but will adapt. It's my SHOW, y'all.
It's true: I get so invested in my Tarheels from November to early April, I cannot handle any more sports the rest of the year. Devoted.
So Tim Tebow is going to be on @GMA now. I am not a football person. (College bball takes ALL my energy.) What does this mean? Anyone?
Tim Tebow hired as Good Morning America correspondent (spit take)
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The Best of Us (A Today show and People mag pick) is just $1.99 for Kindle and Nook - today only!… #kindledailydeal
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Pre-dinner tea party. Of course I have the bacon.
Revising done, for the day at least. Now: wine. #amnotwriting #amdrinking
Why Does My Car Smell Like This? A 12-part investigation.
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Oh the number of things I have chosen not to tweet and retweet today. You're welcome. #personaltriumph
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Great mtg u Ryan! “@TheRyanAdams: So THIS HAPPENED...Oh man, do I love @billyeichner BILLY ON THE STREEEEEETTTTTTTTT
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We are past the heavy lifting stage, as well as streamlining. Now it's all about small tweaks and adjustments. Which can be hardest of all..
Okay, I have to stop nerding out with social media and actually get back to work. This book won't revise itself. (I wish it would, though.)
So done with American Airlines! Held a flight and when I went to purchase it had doubled. Merger not going well! Bye bye @AmericanAir
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Having SO much fun geeking out with @withknown, the newest thing for social media. Thanks, @benwerdmuller!
"We've got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen." -- D.H. Lawrence, born September 11, 1885
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Back then, I did not have two 7 year olds kicking the back of my seat and giggling. The song doesn't change, but everything else does.
Driving my kid to school and Pink Floyd comes on the radio. Just like that, it's another September morning, but in the late 80s. Memories...
13 years ago this morning, our world changed. #NeverForget
Up and at it on this Thursday. Only 7am, but already planning when I can nap. That's just sad.
As former waitress, always cringe when @GordonRamsay heads into a restaurant's walk-in. No good can come of that trip. Really. *shudders*
Will anyone on @GordonRamsay's Hotel Hell OR Kitchen Nightmares learn not to say "He'll love OUR food"? Tip: he won't . Ever!
And now I will gather up my neurosis and step away from Twitter. You're welcome, everyone. :)