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Wait, is this really true? If so, mind=blown. Two Spaces After a Period: Why You Should Never, Ever Do It… via @Slate
Come chat with @sarahdessen TONIGHT at 7PM ET/4PM PT! Use #SarahDessen to ask Sarah Qs & enter to win a prize pack of books!
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For chat, use the tag #SarahDessen. I'll answer as many questions as I can! Hopefully my country internet will cooperate. Fingers crossed...
Reminder: I'm doing a Twitter chat tonight, Aug 20th, at 7pm EST! Ask me about writing, deviled eggs, making balloon animals. Anything!
Heading home from the mountains. Bittersweet! Fall seems so CLOSE now. Trying to embrace it...
A year later, this is making the rounds again so I'll link. My 9 secrets you learn when you turn 40 for @O_Magazine…
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Occasionally, I do hang out with real teens. With my friend Ellis in Asheville!
Anyway, my point is I'm not expecting fall to be fabulous. I just don't want it to suck. I'll take that, gladly. Gratefully.
..when I'm stuck in bad-worse-oh my God make it stop, that things do CHANGE. Eventually. Not forever, and not all at once. But they do.
This is why meditation and mindfulness have helped me this summer. When things ARE good-great-not bad, I take note. And also reminder that..
..not true. It's not BAD-GREAT. It's bad-good-great-not so bad-terrible-wonderful-okay-awful-just fine. And that's just in one single DAY. just means WONDROUS and AMAZING times are ahead. It's how I cope. But someone--ahem, a professional---keeps reminding me that this is..
I had some personal stuff going on, family issues, the regular things. It's just LIFE. But when things are really lousy, like last winter...
I love summer, but here's the truth. After how long and hard last winter was, I expected it to be EPICALLY good. And, wasn't.
This chat is for summer-long thing @PenguinTeen has been doing about my books. The big wrap up! Which means summer is almost over. SOB.
Also: I'm doing a Twitter chat tomorrow night, 8/20, at 7pm EST. Ask me anything! Except embarrassing stuff. Then I'll just blush.
Watching Lalaloopsy in the A/C after a long day at pool, and drinks and snacks are still ahead. Man, I love vacation.
Have tickets and sitter for IF I @IfIStayMovie this weekend. Can't wait, @gayleforman! Will cry buckets but be so happy.
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What better way to celebrate the Summer of #SarahDessen than by chatting w @sarahdessen herself? Join us 8/20 @ 7PM ET to chat w Sarah!
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Want to help St. Louis? Consider donating to @ReadyReadersStL, which works to level the educational playing field:
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Just realized I've been walking around for last 2 hours with my dress halfway unzipped in back. Whoops.
There are days I don't feel like writing. And then there are days... no, that first sentence kinda says it all. #WriteAnyway
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