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One more. Rainbow over half price dumplings!
Hoping to have exciting stuff to share with you all SOON. I am so rotten at keeping secrets!
Advanced Chinese Language students at #CHHS studying the Chinese version of The Truth About Forever…
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Gleeful librarians unpacking an amazing delivery of foreign language books from @sarahdessen! We…
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Just got a letter from @BCBSNC saying my insurance is going up $450/MONTH starting in January. Yikes! Time to look at other options...
My alma mater. Same hallway. Same smell!!
I am not sure what they will DO with Slovak, Bulgarian and Indonesian books, but if anyone can figure it out, it's a librarian. #rockstars
Heading over to @CHHSLibrary to drop off ALL my foreign editions that need a good home. They offered to take them! I swear!
Today in writing plans: fewer M&Ms, more personal hygiene.
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Did y'all know it was #WomenVoteWednesday?! Me neither! Let's get out there ladies! (And dudes, please join'll be fun!) #Vote
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You should only peek over at another writer's career so you can celebrate with them. Otherwise, eyes on your own paper. #justwrite
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Grogeous day, leaves falling. Would love this season fully if it wasn't a signal days are about to get colder and shorter.
I think I sprained my thumb working out. And by "working out" I mean "playing the Kardashian game on my phone."
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Just realized my kid's school shoes have HUGE worn spot/almost a hole in them as she went out door...wearing them. Whoops.
I mean, I don't doubt Publix is great. And I love grocery shopping. But camping out for a grand opening? Really? What am I missing?
People are lined up before sunrise to see the new Publix open in Raleigh at 7am. Why? Dying to know. There's a novel there, somewhere.
OH sometimes I really miss sleeping in.
When will I learn not to watch cooking shows before bed? Apparently, never. #sohungry
Across the street neighbors totally caught me dancing around the living room to the Kelly Clarkson "Shake It Off" cover. I REGRET NOTHING- J
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Have known Sally since I waited on her in my Flying Burrito days. She has great taste and her store is AWESOME. #buylocal
Local Chapel Hill Tweeps: you MUST check out my dear friend Sally's new store, SALLYMACK, over by @FlyleafBook. Furnishings, cool stuff!
Election night has like you've never experienced. My @YahooNews family in full force. You don't want to miss it!…
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Or so says the girl who just got in 35 minutes and it PRETTY happy about it. #amwriting #tomorrowwillbebetter #ihope
Some writing days are epic, and some are incremental. But it all counts. Little steps or big ones, you're that much closer to the ending....
Okay, I really need to get some work done. *keeps staring out window*
What is the success rate on berating another human being to achieve assimilation?
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Regardless of your political view on abortion, I think we can all agree that is is frightening as hell to run up on a woman alone in a car.
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And it hit me: there must be an abortion clinic in the same area as the studio I'm going to.
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The sign reads, "Abortion is Murder!"
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GPS is saying I'm about 0.2 from my destination so I keep going. Then, a lady with a stroller beside her yells at me and holds up a sign...
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And these people are following right beside/behind my car. I can hear them yelling "Stop! Don't do this!!" and I'm like what in the hell?
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So I keep going (because.... I'm safe in my car and scary people are outside of it yelling at me).
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As I'm going about 10 MPH, all of a sudden about 10 people start running toward my car yelling "stop!"
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I'm driving to an appointment in an area where I'd never been before. It seems like I'm coming up on the address, so I begin to slow down.
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So, something interesting and terrible happened today.
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The cover for EMMY & OLIVER is here! Want to win an ARC? Go to my blog for more details!
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It's nice when your kids get excited about your book (even when they don't know how to read yet). #Atlantia
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Had a great meeting with folks from the Orange County Rape Crisis Center today. I'm the keynote speaker for this year's auction! Can't wait.
Had LOTS of coffee, then a meeting over coffee. Am a bit jittery. *shakes uncontrollably*
With husband down for the count with cold/flu, doing all I can to stay well. Hand washing. Vitamins. Prayer. Bargaining with fate. Etc.
Home from school dropoff in time for @GMA's second hour. Coffee poured. Let's do this, Tuesday. *prepares to scale mountain of emails*
I love that @shondarhimes is up already, writing and thinking about her shows. Does she EVER sleep? I really wonder....*worries*
Oh, I miss the mornings when all the commercials were for sausage products and plumbing companies. So. Many. Negative. Political. ADS. UGH.
And we're up, ready for the day! (Sorry for the exclamation point, I need it right now.)
Y'all, we watched 2 #HTGAWM in a row. Hooked!