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Two hour nap. Zero regrets. #Sunday
I enjoy up to 2 hours alone with my thoughts, as I was reminded today on a 4-hour drive.
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Lots to do this afternoon, but will probably spend it reading @MegWolitzer's BELZHAR. Just started it yesterday. Can't put it down!
Woke up so grumpy. Did a half hour of yoga. The world is good again. And coffee is still ahead! #Sunday
Oops..I ate 7 pieces of pizza in the last 24 hours. I'm disgusting, but not ashamed.
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(And honestly, having all working markers in art carousel? It's a NATURAL HIGH. I know some of you understand. Or, I hope you do.)
But will now REDEEM myself with a nice glass of red and some Naked and Afraid. Which is not lame. Or as lame. #Saturday
You know you're old when Saturday Night Plans involve going through your kid's art supplies and throwing out dried markers. Yeah. I'm lame.
Signed copies at @FlyleafBook. If you order online, I can sign and/or personalize! #loveyourindie
Why haven't they made pesto Lay's yet that's my question
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Really feel like Mouserat should be the musical guest tonight on SNL.
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AHEM, EARLY HOLIDAY SHOPPING, AHEM. RT @sarahdessen All my books in stock now signed at @FlyleafBook!
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On other hand, writing as work doesn't really have a smell, other than that of despair. So maybe this is a good thing? *tries to breathe*
My husband's 280Z car has made the entire garage reek of exhaust. Which means my office, ABOVE garage, smells like my mechanic's.
Just went onto Pinterest for the first time in MONTHS. There goes the afternoon....
All my books in stock now signed at @FlyleafBook!
Watching my kid at her swim lesson. At seven she already has better form than I do. #proud
They are a LITTLE slap-happy #foodbank24, talking about cinnamon and oatmeal and pizza. OH and they just said hello to me! HELLO! *waves*
Donated to @FoodBankCENC's #FoodBank24 telethon! A great cause to feed hungry families. These people are TIRED after fundraising all night.
Saturday morning, and my husband is preparing to run twenty miles. Meanwhile, I'm planning where to have second breakfast later. #marriage
I'm really torn between which had better banter: Veronica Mars or Gilmore Girls. Seriously, I can't choose.
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PS: You guys should probably know that Boden is having a 20% off sale. I just bought a coat. (I DO NOT need one.) - J
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After all those tweets, no candy on the bus today. The power of Twitter? *looks around, nervous*
Also, my kid is not a fan of all candy. Tootsie Rolls/Jolly Ranchers she handed over to me without comment. Mini Hershey's: gone by home.
My kid's bus=different. Boys sit on one side: girls the other. Assigned seats. Candy if you behave. Stern talking to kid/parent if not.
My elementary school bus (#80!) was famously unruly. Even bus monitor couldn't handle us. So I was hesitant about bus, to say the least.
Heading to the bustop. On Friday, if the kids have been good, driver gives them candy as they exit bus. Not sure what I think about this.
In a coffeeshop. Near me, two writers I don't know are discussing plot and character issues in their novels. Seriously, authors sound crazy!
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The super excited way my husband and I are describing every salad here in Trader Joe's is married life in its truest form.
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Good news everyone! It's going to be a beautiful weekend and you don't have to be online if you don't want to.
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Is it sexist/unnecessarily comparing 2 women to say I loved NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL as much as BOSSYPANTS? If so, never mind; if not, I did!
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Someone is 2 years old today! Happy Birthday to my Goose.
If you carry Princess shopping bag without kid in sight, you will get odd looks at grocery store. Whoops.
Young writers, the answer to yr publishing woes: write better--so kickass they can't say no. Which means (the secret) rewrite a zillion x.
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We're buying the coffee RIGHT NOW @SouthernVillage at La Vita Dolce! Why aren't you here yet?
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I WANT to be helpful. But if I said yes to everything, I'd never have time to write. Or read anything but YA. I need to do something.
Been getting a LOT of blurb requests lately. Think I might need an actual policy on them. Fellow writers: do YOU have a policy? What is it?
Flip side of mug I painted. It's like visual Prozac! Which will also be name of my band, if I ever…
...and now we've gone from fat-filled lattes to women getting calf surgery to fit into skinny boots. This is why I love @GMA. *blinks*
Don't get me wrong, I love Starbucks. But if I'm going to commit to 20 grams of fat, it better involve bacon. Just saying.
And now @DaveZinczenko is on @GMA to tell us that the Pumpkin Spice latte "fully loaded" has 20 GRAMS of fat. Oh, my goodness. *shudders*
Not sure why @GMA just showed Animal doing a drum solo, but it was just what I needed. How do they always know? #Friday
First morning with my new mug! Especially on a gray morning like this one.
I went with intervals instead of sleeping. But I'm not ruling out an 11:30am nap. I earned it.
Go back to sleep, or do intervals...go back to SLEEP or do intervals. These are very opposing choices, Friday. Nicely played.
It's Friday! Which is good, because I THOUGHT it was Friday the last two days. Nice to catch up with myself. Or the reverse. Okay, coffee...