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Hey e'erbody #Suburgatory is on!!!. For the love of Chatswin please RT so the people know.
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Read The Little Engine That Could to my daughter before bed tonight. Almost like a prayer, or a mantra. Sweet dreams, everyone.
CONGRATS to @jennyhan for TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE hitting the NYT Bestseller List! So proud and happy!
So @jennyhan's TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE just landed at 12 on the NYTIMES Bestseller list its 1st week out! #AndMyHeartFeelsJoy!
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Making books with my kid. She says this is my new author pic. Maybe?
Daughter spent all afternoon playing in creek behind our house. She's filthy and so, so happy. Old school entertainment!
Hey, @RobinRoberts, is there anywhere that has a full list of your bookstore appearances? Not expecting you in NC, but hopeful anyway!
Your Success isn't measured by where you are right now, but by where you started your journey. Rubem robierb #art
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Billboard swearing Manhattan Project workers to secrecy, 1945.
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Office warehouse. Also known as my garage. What, you don't have a pool float in YOUR work storage area?
Amy Poehler quotes + pictures of cute dogs= perfection. Although just quotes are that, really. #smartgirls
Just had to explain to my babysitter who Tori Spelling is. Am I THAT old? Was 90210 THAT long ago? (Sadly, I think it was.)
Times like this I wish I had @metrozing at my side. She is RUTHLESS when it comes to clutter. Clutter RUNS from her, screaming.
Let me clarify I blurb A LOT to try to help authors who are starting out. But I don't think it's my job to help make agent's job easier.
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Today's pet peeve: agents who tell 1st time authors to get a blurb BEFORE book is help them sell it to an editor. #isntthatyourjob
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Inspired by @chapelhillgov Shred-a-Thon tomorrow to tackle my office warehouse, i.e. the garage. How long should you keep tax stuff, again?
"Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?" "Well, now I want to unsubscribe and punch you in the face."
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You know you live in an AWESOME town when the @chpublib gives out @wbnamerica titles to our local firefighters! #welovechapelhill
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Embarrassing how excited I am, every single day, about lunch.
I have done SO much this morning. I think it's required that I do nothing for the rest of the day. #rules #iwish
Thanks for the many birthday wishes! I am, alas, still dead.
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Beginning to realize (late, I know) that if I have to ask if something is probably is. Or definitely is. *sigh*