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Close-up of that especially heartbreaking photo in Mindy's heartbreak box! #themindyproject #MindyMixer
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It's been a long & exciting day. I'm incredibly grateful that my book #EverybodysGotSomething has been released & embraced. Wow! G'nite. XO
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Reminder post: How to pre-order signed, PERSONALIZED copies of #WeWereLiars from 2 delicious indie bookshops:…
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Congrats to my friend @RobinRoberts, on the release of "Everybody's Got Something." Forever honored to have witnessed your strength, Rob...
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My new book “My Yiddish Vacation” comes out 5/13-Im excited to also be promoting the charity @FirstBook working to get books to kids in need
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Got a LITTLE overenthusiastic shredding paper. May have burned out shredder motor. I know, I know. I have issues.
Sometimes, using my paper shredder is better than therapy. Weird, but true.
I'm finishing up edits and I used to smoke cigarettes and chainsmoke when I edited and now all I have is kale and granola and I want to die.
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Just bought white jeans. This is probably a big mistake. #somessy
Leaving the TV on later than normal to watch @RobinRoberts talk about her new book (out today!) on @KellyandMichael. Pub day: so fun!
It doesn't take much to set me spinning back to sixteen and the mess I was then. I guess that's why I write YA. Still trying to work it out.
Watching @IGGYAZALEA on @GMA, and the set backdrop is school lockers. Just the SIGHT gave me high school flashbacks. Yikes.
Although it is telling that I just used the word "hip." That pretty much confirms I'm old, if there was in fact any question.
Watching @GMA and feeling SO old because I don't know who Iggy Azalea is. Just when I think I am hip, I discover otherwise.
Getting two six-year-olds out of the car at school drop off is like herding cats. Goofy, sleepy cats.
Tuesday! Must decide: shopping or yoga? Choices....
Terrific Tue @GMA. Very excited about release of my new book today #EverybodysGotSomething. Hope it helps you on road to something better.
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15 minutes of #LindsayonOWN and a few sips of wine are, after long day, my equivalent of the reset button. Whew...
Tonight's dishwashing soundtrack: Social Distortion. Nice! #Monday
FYI: Lots of Twitter folks have gotten hacked today. Time to change your password, if you haven't already. #dontclicksuspiciouslinks
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Disclaimer to all new (and existing) followers: I probably don't know what I'm talking about, especially if I sound certain.
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