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Family dinner at Acme in Carrboro. Fried green tomatoes are STILL amazing, even in Fall. Delicious.
DONE with work for the day! *clocks out, slides down back of dinosaur, Fred Flintstone style*
Morning of errands and still MORE to do this afternoon to get caught up. But had sushi lunch date with my husband to break it all up, so...
Getting All The Things Done today. Or trying to. #Friday
EVERYONE loves a library! RT @falpublib: Waiting for the library to open ...
Just pulled my fleece jacket out of the closet for first time since last Spring. Bittersweet milestone! #fall
There are more experts on CNN right now talking about Ebola in America than people with ebola in America.
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Doc w/ #ebola in NYC. Who's at risk? More importantly, who is not? I'll give my take on @GMA then answer questions all morning on twitter.
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Up to drive my kid to school, then work out, then about a million errands. New York always knocks me off my game. #sotired
Deviled eggs, balloon animals and Real Housewives. Yep, that about sums me up. Is there an icon for neurosis?
I cannot tell you how MUCH I love this photo collage the #yallfest folks made of me. Might be my new author pic!
.@sarahdessen Thanks, Sarah. It's so understandable people are frightened. Hearing the facts over and over again can help.
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What YALLFest Author can make balloon animals & is an expert in The Real Housewives? @sarahdessen of course!!
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I'll say it again: if you are freaking out about Ebola, you should follow @DrRichardBesser. Practical, calm, informational. He will help!
Dr. Craig Spencer is hero. He was helping to care for #Ebola patients in Guinea. When he got fever he contacted @MSF_USA + was isolated.
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Panicking about Precisely the Wrong Things: The Ebola Story.
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Ebola fact: Ebola patients are only contagious when sharing body fluids.
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In case you missed the billboard I rented about it, here's the cover of my new book! Plus the synopsis of #CityLove:…
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Hey Raleigh, I had a great time at #ato2014. What's the best cafe to work out of tomorrow? My flight's not until the late afternoon.
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HOME! And everyone was happy to see me, which is always nice. :)
Flight to NY I had seatmate gnawing his fingers like feral animal. This one, someone sick with hacking cough. Travel bingo: check and check!
Lunch with @arobach and @SamChampion (and his enormous hands). Despite the hands, it was tremendous....
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Will admit I like think my home state is such popular Thursday destination, though.
Flight WAY overbooked and they are offering Nordstrom/Target gift cards if you agree to be bumped. If no kid I wanted to see, I'd be IN.
My lunch companions. So excited to dive into both! @jodipicoult
Having wine and pizza for lunch for second day in a row. Tomorrow, back to kale. I swear. #swear
Such an exciting meeting with @PenguinTeen about plans for mew book SAINT ANYTHING. You guys: it's going to be awesome. Cannot wait!!
God what if i I had to send everyone cookies as an apology for my neurotic behavior. We'd be here ALL DAY. Eating cookies.
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I was late to an appointment today because my hair got stuck on my dress zipper while trying to pull it over my head. Nailing adulthood.
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I love how New Yorkers apologize for the weather when it's bad during your visit. Like they are personally responsible, or something.
Leaving a rainy New York to head home. LOVED seeing all my friends at @VikingChildrens! Until next time....
The lovely @sarahdessen brightens up any rainy day πŸ’žβ€οΈπŸ’žβ€
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I picked a rainy couple of days to visit NYC. This is serious nap weather. *yawns*
Happy Birthday to @halseanderson! Hope it's a great day AND year! πŸŽ‚πŸ’œπŸ·πŸ’“
5 Weeks from today is Thanksgiving! Here's a Checklist: #Organize
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Have to go downtown with luggage and tempted to try @Uber for first time. Should I? Better than taxi? Am intrigued...
Reading @newsobserver coverage of the report on UNC grade scandal. So heartbroken. I love Carolina: it is my heart. But this is just awful.
Never good when the top news story on @GMA is about academic scandal at your alma mater and the school you love. *cringes, hard*
Pizza WAS scored yesterday, although not traditional NYC slice. This was delicious, though!
Up early for a big day of fun meetings (new book!) and then HOME. But first, a BIG city breakfast. I'm ready. #Thursday
Big news: #LeavingTime will debut at #1 on the @nytimesbooks bestseller list. Thanks to @randomhouse and all my incredible fans!
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Very happy to announce that my new French publisher, La Belle Colere, has published SPEAK!…
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Me with my girl @aecverost. Loved seeing you today! Next stop: YALLFEST!
It is 9:15pm. I am in City That Never Sleeps, about to...go to sleep. I am SO lame. Sorry, NYC! I tried to hang. Really did.
At a fancy rooftop bar in Midtown. But all I really want is to go home and have wine in my pajamas while on phone w/husband. #ncgirl