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Finally got my kid in one of the super-cute cord pinafores I got for her for winter. She got paint all over it within an hour. Oh, well.
Just when I think I've got this mom thing, I realize my kid's pants are on backwards.
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My mom knit me a penguin. Think I'll name him Paul.
Amy & Roger is the daily @amazon Kindle deal, for ONE DAY ONLY!! YAY!!!
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Ebola craziness: #Ebola test is only positive once symptoms develop. Why is government testing a low risk lab worker who has no symptoms?
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Up with my early riser kid so husband can sleep in. Somehow, 6:30 feels a lot earlier on the weekend than during the week. *yawns*
That final shot, when they all laugh? AD yelled, "The baby has two heads!" Everyone cracked up. Thanks for watching, y'all! Now, dinner...
I was there when they shot all the cast looking in at baby. AD was saying, "The baby is so cute!" and they'd react.
Love that spin at the end. *swoons*
Kid in bed JUST in time for very end hospital hallway dancing scene of How to Deal. And my name on screen! Night made. :)
Have to put my kid to bed. This was fun! If husband allows, will pick up when I get back...
Okay, I was also there for hungover Ashley scene. "Underwear is not nothing," is a direct quote---one of few!--from the book. Yay!
@sarahdessen Aw shucks! Was wonderful to have your company while filming #HowToDeal. All too short! Hope you are well, lots of love. X Trent
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While in Toronto, I went out with @TheTrentFord, Mary Catherine Garrison (Ashley) and Alexandra Holden, who played Scarlett. SO much fun.
Okay, I was there the night that they filmed this scene with Ashley drunk on the porch! Only night shoot I was there. So great.
I love all these Beth Orton songs on the How to Deal soundtrack. Her voice is amazing.
Also rode in limo with @AllisonBJanney and @petergallagher to How To Deal set. We discussed Shakespeare and the NYT crossword puzzle.
I spent few days on How to Deal set in Toronto, much of it discussing literature with @TheTrentFord. He was SO kind to me. Such a nice guy.
Not a lot of things that are from book in movie, but Halley getting sick as New Year begins is one of them. Hate it for her! #highschool
Okay, neighbors gone and kid not in bed yet. I have a few minutes to live-tweet How to Deal on Oxygen. Currently: party scene.
I still drive by her parents' dairy farm on a regular basis. Seemed like a good sign, then and now!
Okay, fun fact about How to Deal. Connie Ray, who played Marion? We discovered during filming she grew up JUST down road from where I live.
Also, how much do I STILL want @TheMandyMoore's hair from HTD, circa 2003? I wish it would look good on me. Not in this lifetime...
Just put on How to Deal for a second so my kid could see my name on TV when I hit INFO on DirecTV. It's the little things. #proud
I would LOVE to be watching How to Deal, but I am hanging out with my neighbors drinking wine and eating guac. Will tune in later!
One of these days want to live-tweet it when it's on TV, like it is tonight on Oxygen. But I will have had a BIT of wine by then. Bad idea?
I know #HowtoDeal was not the best movie ever, nor totally true to my books. But I just love that it exists, and I always, always will.
Absolutely GORGEOUS Saturday, and our plan is to have drinks, cheese and guacamole for dinner. I heart you, October. Especially today.
For those who asked, series daughter chose at @FlyleafBook was Unicorn Magic, Vol 1: Bella's Birthday Unicorn. We are excited to begin it!
Just picked up my old iPhone 5 and it felt like holding an 8-track player. We are not a healthy people.
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He talked to her, found her a stool to stand on to scan shelves AND made her laugh. You can't get that buying online. Love your local indie!
SO grateful to employee at @FlyleafBook who took time and patience today to help my kid find a new series to read. His tag read SUPERMAN.
GREAT article about how YA is for, well, everyone, by the equally great @MegWolitzer. Must read!…
Understand #Ebola risk: So far no one who had contact w/ Mr. Duncan before he came to hospital is sick. Risk period almost over. Great news.
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@sarahdessen I'm so excited for your new book, I'm already counting down!
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Saturday and I got to sleep in. I already love this weekend. (Sleeping in at our house=7:30am. I'll take it, happily.)
Thought I was in a haunted house, but it was just me screaming in my closet because none of my clothes fit.
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"As for the Y.A. war? When you’re deep in a good book, you won’t even hear the drumbeats." @MegWolitzer @NYTStyles
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If you love food and your PBS station shows A Chef's Life with @chefandthef, you MUST watch. Especially you NC transplants. It is home.
In the eye of Hurricane #Gonzalo right now. Such stillness & silence. Amazing to think we are in the heart of a cat 3 storm.
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Re: previous retweet. If @DrRichardBesser says it will be okay, it will. I believe him!
Now following @DrRichardBesser because he makes me feel calmer about my Ebola anxiety. Take any comfort I can get!
Watching @GioBenitez get slapped by a palm tree in Bermuda hurricane. Worried. Be careful!
I need everyone's prayers that the legendary Miss @britneyspears pulls me up on stage tonight at #PieceOfMe. Pray to the Holy Spear-it
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Ally Condie’s lyrical new novel #Atlantia is almost here! Get a sneak peek while you wait:
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