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LA! Come see me, James Howe, Jenny Lee & @HGoldbergSloan talk MG fiction tomorrow at 1:30pm in Norris Theater @latimesfob #bookfest
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In honor of return of Kitchen Nightmares, my daughter does her @GordonRamsay imitation.
Kitchen Nightmares with @GordonRamsay returns tonight. Could NOT be happier. #Friday
SO jealous of everyone headed to #LATFOB. Was there last year and had the BEST time. Met the @fuggirls. Wish I was going again this year!
Feels scary to say much more. So I'll only tell you I am feeling VERY grateful right now. And hugely relieved. *zips lips*
I have been writing SO much in the last three months. Never worked so hard. Wow. #whew #Friday
i have had it up to HERE *points at spot above head* with being short. sigh. i'm so short i can't even reach the height of my frustration.
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Seven Habits Of Successful Writers: 1. Write 2. Write 3. Write More 4. Keep Writing 5. Finish Writing 6. Rewrite 7. Go Write Something Else
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Just submitted to this week's Cartoon Caption Contest because I want to give @NewYorker as many avenues as possible for rejecting me.
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Still not sure if the stripes on my shirt are black or navy. Is blavy a color?
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Today is the first time this year I'm wearing flip flops all day long. If you know me at ALL, you know how happy this makes me. #happy
Only downside to great audiobook: you can't underline or dog-ear the best quotes. #10percenthappier #IsThisUseful @danbharris
I do understand, however, not exactly wanting a martini at 8:30am. Unless you're in Vegas, where time doesn't really count.
In honor of Mad Men, they're making "mocktails" on @GMA this morning. Don Draper would not approve. Drink up, it's Friday! #leaded
Wearing some dangerously short shorts today so I'm sorry if you're blinded by my white thighs.
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Wait, did @Ginger_Zee just do a two-second wardrobe change during a news story? I'm IMPRESSED.
20+ yrs ago, driving to school listening to Steve Miller Band's "Jungle Love." Today, came on with kids en route to drop off. Turn it up!
My daughter shrieks for me from the playroom. I look: she's just sitting there. Me: "Why are you yelling?" Her: "I don't know!" Okay, then.
Friday! And it's going to be sunny and warm. So, so happy. #spring #finally
Want to get an early copy of Susane Colasanti's new book? Tweet "I want to read @susanecolasanti's #NowAndForever!…"!
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Brain. Shutting. Down. Just. Want. TV.
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love actually is on sundance now. just saying.
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