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Since 7am, have made frittata and veggie chili, visited parents, done grocery shopping, fixed lunch, and play camped. Have EARNED a nap.
Just made my first frittata. Not perfect, but not bad either. Feeling VERY domestic. Temporarily
Playing we're in jungle in tent reminds me of all the #NakedandAfraid I've been watching. Although this is more like Early and Sleepy.
Sunday, and my husband just set up his camping tent upstairs for daughter to play with. I wonder if I can get away with a nap in this game..
Embarrassed how addicted am to #NakedAndAfraid on @NatGeoChannel. And I am person who HATES camping. Happy watching survivalists from couch.
Okay, you guys have again reassured me, this time about Disney. I will exhale and know I've done enough. THANK YOU. Now, wine and the couch.
Most worried about dining. Made reservations for dinner each night, plus one lunch and one breakfast. Enough? Not enough? *bites nails*
I do not have a guidebook. Or a folder. But I DO have @rainbowrowell, without whom I'd be totally lost. Do I NEED a book? *worries*
Last night, bumped into friend ALSO taking her family to Disneyworld for first time in coming months. She has guidebook and a folder. Um....
Also the cake was chocolate with chocolate icing, and my kid had a HUGE piece. Which probably explains why she's jumping on the couch now.
Home from family dinner, where we celebrated great-grandfather's 85th birhtday and cousin's 27th. And the cake was delicious. #happy
XO..RT@SallyAnnWWL: Robin celebrating her 2nd Birthday today! Thank you Lord for giving our sister new lease on life!
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Recommendations! Best place to watch the sunset in Manhattan on a whim? Bars, bridges, restaurants all awesome.
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Just totally got into it with my kid about how NO, she CANNOT wear her pajamas to family dinner tonight. Nice try, though. #admirable
After morning spent painting pottery, we are now about to embark on a sewing project. When did I become a pioneer woman? *wonders*
With winter coming, need all the cheeriness I can get. Especially in the morning. #summergirl
Spent morning at paint your own pottery place. Made a sunshiny yellow mug, bright blue inside. My coffee has a good home!
Fave: "A problem is something to solve. If there's no solution, it's not a problem, so stop treating it like one." #ThisIsWhereILeaveYou
So hoping to get to see This Is Where I Leave You this weekend. It's one of my VERY favorite books. So many great quotes.
My Twitter policy re: mean tweets is I don't retweet and don't acknowledge. But sometimes, due just to their ridiculousness, wish I did.
Amazing to me that I tweeted about an (apparently) controversial celeb 2 days ago and I'm STILL getting mean replies about it. Had no idea!
Hey @poppunkcutforth. I've been told it's your birthday!! Hope it's a great one!
...all of us tucked into beds in one bit house, like the Waltons. What a crazy house THAT would be. Good night, John-Boy!
"And all the authors and illustrators," she'll say, as if she KNOWS them. I picture @maureenjohnson, @jennyhan, @siobhanvivian and others...
Recently she's started doing MY Goodnights after. Starts with husband, grandparents, dogs, etc. Then, goes wider. My favorite right now?
Ever since daughter was little, we do what we call Goodnights before her bedtime. Name everyone who loves her, all in a row, a list.
Update: now 7:12pm and I have put on pajama bottoms. This might be a new low for me. Or...a high? #Friday
Friday night and I'm already having fantasies about going to bed at 9:30. If I ever doubted I was more. Oh, well.
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COLUMN: Henry Gargan reveals the glamor and panic that is a day in the life of an opinion editor.
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This summer girl does not want to put her flip-flops away. There are officially 4 days left of summer. I'll be flip-flopping all over them.
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I think having to stick to the truth (i.e. writing about real life, not made up stuff) is just more exhausting for me. Or something.
Also, have been working on some essays and am AMAZED at how much work it is. I used to blog SEVEN days a week. How did I DO that?
Went to hit light switch and slammed my finger into the bookshelf. Now digging for band-aid to avoid BLOOD ON THE KEYBOARD. Like bad movie.
We get to just request stuff? I want to marry Jon Hamm. RT @defamer Kim Kardashian would like to be on Downton Abbey.
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Aside from obvious gender differences, I'm at a point in life where I can relate to the lyrics of "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman".
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Leaving for bus stop armed with THIS article about how to REALLY get info about school day. Thanks, @melissacwalker!…
I would rather have a note attached to a brick and thrown through my window than be included in a group text.
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Least researched PR email ever: "Are you a fashion enthusiast? Do you have a blog or a website?"
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Nothing better than knowing EXACTLY what you want for lunch, then getting it and it is JUST as good as you hoped. Yum. #happy
Happy happy birthday to @morgan_m! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
"Just looking" at shoes led to a new pair. And a bag. Whoops. #predictable
Can't hurt to just go LOOK at shoes, right? #famouslastwords
These @jimmyfallon clips are the PERFECT thing for your Friday. Also: I LOVE Paul Rudd.…
Getting to watch the last half hour of @GMA alone, with my coffee, is the BEST way to kick off the weekend. *slurps*
Went for a run instead of taking a nap. Now feel virtuous! And still a little sleepy. But virtuous! *pumps fist*
Been 2 yrs since my bone marrow transplant. Coming up @GMA we introduce you to someone who also knows that great feeling. #FeelGoodFriday
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So tired of waking up tired. Every morning I consider the post school dropoff nap. Today I might actually do it. #exhausted
Watching @MASTERCHEFonFOX finale (late). Dying to know who the chef representing NC was. Anyone know?