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Sarah Cawood
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Still left to do: 1 more wash load, ironing, new sheets onto bed, washing up. Best get to it since I have to go to bed at silly o clock...😱
There is really no end to chores is there? I am not ashamed to admit that if I had the money, I'd totes have a housekeeperπŸ˜‰
MASSIVE competition with @HeartEastAnglia look up to the sky and you may have a chance to win Β£500
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So good to know I'm not alone! I'll let you know how I get on with this when it arrives… πŸ™
...anyone read it? Any good? Do I just sit this out until he gets through it? 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
...I'm just worried he'll always be fussy and miss out on the beauty of food as he grows up. #witsend. Have ordered War & Peas from Amazon..
...I smuggle veg into his pasta sauces and onto his toast as "pizza" plus he'll eat banana and grapes so is getting done goodness...
The toddler is still well fussy about his food😞. When will it pass? He will eat pasta, toast, sausages & chips but that's it really..tbc..
Morning KIDZ! So, it's the school holidays: what's gone wrong already?πŸ˜†
....drinking Lambrusco on the meadows and hoping we'd bump into Gareth, Matthew and Nick Pring in townπŸ˜‰
What do you miss about school? Most schools break up today and I'm feeling nostalgic for my Stamford High School days....
I think maybe a new wardrobe: I always think he looks a bit "little lord Fauntleroy". Maybe some baby combats and a Sonic Youth T shirt?πŸ˜‰
So it's Prince George's 1st birthday tomorrow. What in hells name do you buy the 3rd in line to the throne anyway? Ideas? Funny ones;)
Oh, and yes, i have discovered the emoticons. And yes, I will be using them to an annoyingly high levelπŸ˜†πŸ˜œπŸ˜
Everyone is asleep except me! There is nothing lovelier than a lazy Sunday.😊. Trying not to have Monday thoughts. 😩
Kate will be reflecting on her first year with George - just as @sarah_cawood is doing with Autumn @sarah_cawood
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Just watched the opening menu on Newsnight. Feel so demoralised by humanity am taking myself to bedπŸ˜•
So this (via @InFullDisguise) is what the new Minister for Education needs to know about how British Schools can be.
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I LOVE @SarahMillican75. Very few women are really bloody funny. She is. 😝
Watching 56up. Kinda heartbreaking😞