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Samsung UK
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Here are the top five films you voted to view first on the 105’’ #CurvedUHDTV! Agree?
.@ITV we have your @DowntonAbbey Facebook Party in the diary for Sunday evening. Anything we can bring?
More opportunities for young people to change the world! Samsung & @AppsforGoodCDI announce European partnership
A joke #ThatSucks: Q. Which tennis player has the dirtiest house? A. No-vac Djokovic.
Our M5 Multiroom Speaker goes up to 5 (stars) via @whathifi. Get it here
The weekend is coming, time to get baking in our Cake Off for the chance to win a @SamsungUK tab… #ACityCakeOff
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When you'd have been married a long time ago, if it hadn't been for Cotton Eyed Joe, #ThatSucks
Has anyone tried this pretty cool #Netflix hack for your #smartphone? We’re a fan.
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SHOW IDEA: Simon Cowell judges a selection of carpet cleaners, “X-Vactor”. #ThatSucks
Capture ALL of life’s unexpected moments with the 15FPS continuous auto focus on the #NX1
#ThinkingAhead…technology in your home will be invisible & 'built-in', always learning s
When you start a ‘knock knock’ joke, but the other person isn’t at home, #ThatSucks.
Missed the #GBBO last night? Dough! No worries, catch up via the Smart Hub on our #SmartTV
All these pastry spices! We wish we’d invented smell-o-vision on our #SmartTV for this #GBBO episode.
This week’s #GBBO theme is pastry, all recipes on a knead to know basis (sorry).
It’s Wednesday, it’s cloudy, but at yeast the #GBBO is on! Here all week...
When your #GBBO pastry’s just way too flakey #ThatSucks
When your dog sheds this much hair. #ThatSucks
Make cleaning your microwave easier by boiling a cup of water in it first. #lifehack #cleaning
‘Boris' the robot will be capable of loading dishwashers by next year, experts claim
#ThinkingAhead…what will shape the home of the future?
When your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but they all turn out to be lactose intolerant, #thatsucks.
Samsung's new flagship camera shoots 28.2-megapixel stills and 4K video
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Samsung unveils its new flagship NX1 camera for photo pros by @jackidove
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Can’t wait to begin filming in #4K? Well say hello to the #NX1
When your cat’s got an addiction to licking vacuums* #ThatSucks *This is a stunt cat, please don't try this at home
Everything you need to know about the new @SamsungUK dishwasher with waterwall #TriedTested
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Here’s how you can do so much more than channel surf with the Samsung Smart Hub.
Really, a sign about a sign? #ThatSucks via @Medium & Flickr user Lush
Our vacuums are light enough to take on holiday. If you fancy a clean getaway. #ThatSucks
Finding out you can’t evade a @DurhamPoliceK9 dog by hiding in a cardboard box – #ThatSucks…
Apparently the auto-download of the new U2 album was a pro Bono deal. #ThatSucks
.@VanCommander I want to break free (from flat screen TVs). #QueenTvPuns
The first film I’d watch on my 105’’ UHD Curved TV would be __________.
When you pose for a photo at #NYFW, but it's actually a Vine. #ThatSucks via @VVFriedman
You order your new Falcao shirt and this arrives in the post. #ThatScuks…
It’s time to dust off your sequins because #StrictlyComeDancing is back! Catch up via the @BBCiPlayer App on your Samsung #SmartTV
FILM IDEA: A Samsung vacuum gets struck by lightning, and travels through time, in “ #VacToTheFuture#ThatSucks
Protect your drum and use a pillowcase to wash your trainers in! #lifehack
JUST RELEASED: The I-can-handle-anything-you-throw-at-me #GALAXYTabActive- anti-shock & water resistant.
You’re the most famous #RoyalBaby in town and there’s a new challenger to the throne #ThatSucks
Happy birthday Walter White! Celebrate by watching all five series of #BreakingBad on your Samsung #SmartTV with the Netflix app.
Look. No hands! Introducing the NEW Samsung Powerbot VR9000 #IFA
The HEPA filter in our vacuum cleaners helps prevent allergies. So it’s not to be sniffed at.
When you get a bit too carried away with the #F1. #ThatSucks
When you take a ‘Which Friends’ character are you?’ and get ‘Gunther’. . #ThatSucks
We’re going to need a bigger room… Introducing the world’s largest Curved UHD TV measuring a whopping 105”!
No-one Hassles the Hoff…not even Kitt! Are you #TeamKitt or #TeamSmartHome?