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Samsung Mobile US
The #GalaxyS5’s battery superiority means never having to say you’re sorry. (For making everyone wait to charge your phone.)
Color gamut, sharpness & contrast automatically adjust with Adaptive Display (so you don’t have to look up gamut). #GalaxyTabS
Easiest way to take great pics at the show? Have great seats. The Owner’s Hub gets you VIP rewards.
With HDR Preview on the #GalaxyS5, not even the sun gets to outshine your daughter.…
How long have you gone with Ultra Power Saving Mode? #GalaxyS5
One last epic summer weekend. Photographed with the water-resistant #GalaxyS5.
.@OneRepublic in Mexico City makes for a memorable night. Check it out in our Owner’s Hub.
“My photos are better than yours” - What every #GalaxyS5 owner is secretly thinking about your Instagram feed.
So you’re saying I can watch the game and answer emails? #Score. #GalaxyTabS
Discrete enough to sneak your favorite reality shows, but clear enough so you revel in watching them. #GalaxyTabS
We asked people on the streets of NYC to take the #GalaxyTabS for a test drive. Check out what they had to say:…
Mom just called? Don’t worry, these headphones last for up to 15 hours of talk time. #SamsungLevel Over
Show your friends who really has the best commute by tracking your steps to work – 2,873. #GearFit
Look ma! No hands. Send texts with S Voice on #Gear2.
Let's get kraken. HDR on the #GalaxyS5 can lighten up your darkest subjects. #GalaxyVine
#GearFit lasts up to 3 full days on a single charge so you can go for a run and, for no particular reason, keep running.
Don’t get caught obsessively checking your phone to see if she replied. Play it cool, just “check the time.” #Gear2Neo
“Wait, so Samsung gave me great seats … just because?” Yep. (The Owner’s Hub is your VIP pass.)
Doodling helps you remember stuff. Scientists researched it. It’s true. #GalaxyNote3
15-hour dance party without a recharge? We’ve got the battery, you bring the moves. #SamsungLevel Box
Balancing act with 340 tons of granite. Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass at @LACMA. Captured with the #GalaxyS5.
Where’d the summer go? Send us your sweetest summer shots. We’ll RT our favorites.
NFC on #SamsungLevel Box lets you tap to connect. It’s that easy.
Get an inside look at #Mockingjay – Part 1, only for the #GalaxyFamily. @TheHungerGames Movie Pack app is here.…
Down to the wire and low on juice? Ultra Power Saving Mode has your back. #GalaxyS5
More of the music you love to start and hate to stop. #MilkMusic
You could listen to the radio, or you could become a radio. Metaphorically speaking. #MilkMusic
RT if you’d rather be poolside (with the water-resistant #GalaxyS5).
Get in that last minute summer fitness. #GearFit
The S Pen has a similar effect on your Snapchats as spinach does on a certain cartoon sailor. #GalaxyNote3
Selfies taken in Beauty Face Mode = guaranteed swipe right. #GalaxyS5
Never skip a beat, check your emails before your next 305 class with #GearFit.
It’s all about “me time”. Mute the noise and level out. #SamsungLevel
Take the call and the check. Phone roulette.
One screen, two windows. Perfect multitasking. #GalaxyTabS
Need surround sound at your desk? We do too. #SamsungLevel
Selective Focus on the #GalaxyS5 will take your sea urchin ceviche pic to the next level.
Remember that one time you begged the bartender to charge your phone? We can’t either. #GalaxyS5
Four times the pixels of an HDTV? We’re staying in tonight. #GalaxyTabS
Don’t go chasing missed phone calls, just tap your wrist and it’ll answer for you. #Gear2Neo