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Jeb Blount
The only thing that trumps procrastination is desire. How bad do you want it?
How to Make a Deal With Your Entitled Customer via @jeffshore
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@SalesGravy the power of a #reference is only as good as how you #coach them. Don't leave them in the #dark.
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Use this Sales Hack to reach hard-to-reach prospects:…
Never give a reference to a prospect if you have not called that customer in advance to let them know your prospect will be calling. #sales
Do as I say, not as I do. Socialists push for $20 p/hour minimum wage, offer $13 p/hour for web developer.…
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@StitcherRadio: Listen to Sales Hack: Salespeople help, salespeople now, on Stitcher:…
36 Unconventional Business Lessons For Winners. | Dan Waldschmidt | Sales Gravy Blogs…
Having a hard time getting to the right contact in at a prospect? Call the sales dept. and ask for help. Salespeople help salespeople.
Before Your Small Business Jumps into Content Marketing, Read This via @CoachLee
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Folks, DO NOT make jokes about Ebola while on an airplane. It's a fast track to getting pulled off the plane by men in hazmat suits. #Ebola
Efficiency + Effectiveness = Excellence
From @scoremoresales: Sales influencers STAND OUT. They’re evangelists; champions. They're that person who everyone wants as a speaker.
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@SalesGravy says: My product or service is not the differentiator. I am. You go from being a commodity to being a problem-solver.
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3 Tips on Emotional Intelligence (Sales) | Colleen Stanley | Sales Gravy Articles…
Dreamforce Day 4: Thoughts from the Executive Summit via @TheSalesHunter
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Those who rise in #leadership are those who are willing to stretch themselves and add value beyond what's asked for.
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Pre-Sales Engineer – Security Software – NY/NJ – 814867 Base: $140k (DOE) OTE: $200k -
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Leaders must not allow themselves to mistake intentions for accomplishments-Jim Rohn #wpnw
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Your most important role is helping your customers reach their goals @SalesGravy
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"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." - Mohandas Gandhi
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Sales Leadership: 5 Steps to Exceed your 2015 Quota | Ken Thoreson | Sales Gravy Articles…
Opportunity is impatient. While the meek wring their hands in fear, uncertainty, and doubt, opportunity weds itself to the bold.
@SalesGravy Congratulations! You are on WP's 100 Sales Influencers list Thanks for helping the sales community grow
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Do us a solid and take five minutes to add your voice to the Sales Hiring Trends survey:… #SalesforceLIVE
Prospecting with Social Media, Email, and Phone
The One Principle of Leadership Every Sales Manager Must Get
Add your voice to the 2015 Sales Hiring Trends Survey:… #sales
It's not about what you HAVE done. It's about what you DO today!
You're Just a Quitter. | Dan Waldschmidt | Sales Gravy Blogs…
The Hustler's Playbook - Hustlers Don't See Themselves As They Are
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How to Use Better Tie Downs | Mike Brooks | Sales Gravy Articles…
If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, no one else will, either. #sales
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Up To A Point: What We Really Need Is a Nobel War Prize (funny satire)… via @thedailybeast
@SalesGravy following the sports analogy...weak team members need to be cut.
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#AUvsMSST Go Dawgs!! Keep driving.
#AUvsMSST More cowbell - total domination.
Training your salespeople once is a violation of logic. It's like a sports team having only one practice before starting the season. #sales
Texting is a powerful channel for getting the attention of prospects. But timing and technique are essential for effective text prospecting.
Mindset shift: Sales professionals are the elite athletes of the business world. #salesforce
5 Stars. “Understanding Venture Capital is a great book for entrepreneurs seeking funding.”...…
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Being money conscious is okay as long as the money you make is in direct proportion to the service you give. #sales
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