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Chris Sacca
Man, stock market traders seem really hesitant to commit today. Have yet to see anyone agree to exchange any shares at all.
Today we launched a way to run ads on & off Twitter to 1B+ devices. If u stack 1B phones, it would be 6,000 miles high.
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Advertisers now get access to around a billion potential viewers of their ads — the same size audience FB can offer.…
@sacca twitter is a $100b company hidden inside a $25b company. So many more opportunities to come.
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Starting to get a sense of how big Twitter's business really is? Here's a hint: One. Billion. Devices.…
Twitter Introduces Mobile App Install Ads And Integrated Ad-Buying With MoPub by @anthonyha
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On today's launch: Unparalleled scale. MoPub reaches more than 1 billion unique devices & handles 130 billion+ ad requests every 30 days
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The Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Chile today, and in the 70s :)
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Six helicopters all hovering above us near La Cienega and S Fairfax. What's going on? Either way, this feels so very, very LA.
How many workouts in a row do I need to constitute a fitness streak? (Acceptable answers: 2.0-2.5)
How important has accuracy ever been 4U, sir ? RT. @RumsfeldOffice: That I have no idea whether our taxes are accurate tells us something
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I have my daughters listen to conference calls now so they'll grow up to choose careers as artists/poets/railway hobos. Anything but VCs.
Stunnning pictures of a 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia
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Twitter is quietly building a $100 million business in big data
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This is a smart deal for Twitter. Unparalleled insights by having this in-house.…
"Grampa, what's this dot?" "Well kids, back in the day, we refused to let cameraphone inadequacy keep us from taking futile night sky pics."
This is literally the most misleading chart I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of charts.…
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Looking for a cool hotel in NYC? Here's one suggestion. I'd love to hear more:… via @usetrippy
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.@sacca, Rizvi, @jpmorgan, @IVP, @jack, @ev, @dickc, @benchmark don’t plan to sell Twitter shares when lockup expires
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This company is just getting started. “@nytimesbits: Twitter’s Biggest Shareholders Say They Won’t Sell Stock
We have no plans to sell or distribute our Twitter shares upon the lockup expiration.…
If you've ever wondered why I work from home, I have two young daughters and, well, this...…
Deep respect for @dickc, @ev, and @jack. This is what longterm company-building looks like.…