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Chris Sacca
1/We talk about VC bad behavior all the time & much is valid. However, new founders are f#$%ing up too. For example...
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Raise your hand if you don't have an angel investing fund/syndicate nor have announced plans to launch one soon. [crickets]
Really proud of the @Chartbeat team for getting certified to measure attention.…
More amazing images coming in from Hong Kong. Tap #hongkong , filter by photos ( icon in the search bar), grid view
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It is easier to stay out than get out.
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"US Veterans Send Fox News An Open Letter About 'Boobs On The Ground' Joke"
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In case you were wondering how the Big Bird costume works, here you go.
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When in Vegas, I remember enough math to never gamble, but I ignore enough biology to make multiple buffet trips in an hour.
New marathon world record today, 2:02:57! For context: go run a 70.4s lap around a local track... then run 104 more.…
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Multi-tasking is cognitively exhausting — when we do it by choice, being asked to stop can come as a welcome change.…
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If you buy a handgun, the odds of being murdered increase by 240% - @NickKristof n @nytimes
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I used to wonder who the guy is that gets a full night of sleep in Vegas and then calls the buffet at 5:50AM to ask when they open. Sigh.
OH: "So if everyone could raise a glass... Aunt Leslie, put yours down." – Paige, 16-years-old, drops the mic on her wedding toast
Best wedding ceremony program FAQs ever. #thekalmans
Good phone call with Foriegn Minister of Iran @JZarif discussing open access to Twitter in Iran.
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F*ck You and Your False Patriotism. Jon Stewart on fire as usual. Word.…
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Father-in-law is schooling me on the seedy underworld of pool hustling in Virginia's assisted living senior centers. He needs a blog.
One of the best things about living in LA? I went all week without seeing or hearing about the new iPhone.
New cities feel less distinct to me as I now see them through the lens of the same apps in each place.
Latest CFSv2 winter precipitation anomaly forecast has turned much wetter for California. Make it so. /cc @sacca
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Stripe is working with Facebook to enable purchases in the News Feed:…
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#FreeBillSimmons@AP: BREAKING: Law enforcement official says he sent video to attention of NFL security chief Jeffrey Miller.”
Classic Photo: Derek Jeter, Oakwood Little League, Kalamazoo, Michigan (1981)
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"Anyone who works in finance will sense, at least at first, the pressure to pretend to know more than he does."
If you ask for an email introduction, and someone makes that intro, it is up to you, the requestor, to write the next message. Cool?
After seeing this, I'm never going to hang out with people again. Eat shit, humans in public with colds:… (via @abdur)
Military Vets make the best drivers. Come help move people from point A to point B driving your own car with Uber.…
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If you shake my hand telling me you "just have allergies" but you actually have a cold, I reserve the right to call the cops.
Tennis great @rogerfederer asks Twitter supporters to photoshop him into places he should visit during trip to Delhi…
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Another white cop shoots an unarmed black man. This video scares the shit out of me.…
Please read @ShaunKing's collected thoughts on the injustices in Ferguson and elsewhere. Very powerful messages:…
I like to invest in stuff that I use every single day. Examples you should check out: @Streak, @nuzzel, and @Optimizely.
So. Messed. Up. “@BuzzFeedNews: Missouri Police Wear “I Am Darren Wilson” Bracelets To #Ferguson Protest…
Just saw @SophiaBush in a promo for @NBCChicagoPD. What a badass. Gotta watch that tonight.
I don't care about baseball. But my pal @jrjohnson makes a compelling case for listening to tonight's @Dodgers game.…
Nice! RT @AravinthUSA: Love this pic so much:when was last time u saw women scientists celebrate space mission?
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Study shows Uber makes cities more productive/less congested. (Also, 37% of taxis take longer than 20mins to arrive!)…
LA people see me tonight at 10:30 @TheComedyStore with @JuddApatow and other surprise guests to benefit MS tix here…
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I’ve seen many photos taken of people’s food, but until today I’ve never seen anyone bring in portable fill lighting.
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The princess industrial complex is out of control and harmful to our girls. This is a must-read:…
Didn't expect how much I would dig this Jack White live jam inside Château de Fontainebleau. The echoes make it:…
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Dear TV stars: get a 228% boost in followers when you livetweet your shows RT @Adweek:
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