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Chris Sacca
This likely means happier users, and more money, but fewer Timeline Views:…
@sacca why not include logged out and 3rd party app users in MAUs. Counts all valuable users, including all that could be monetized.
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Example of why Timeline Views are bad measure: When TWTR brought actions forward (meaning favs/RTs upfront) no more refreshing each time.
Timeline Views is a worse metric than MAU. Every time they make the stream work better, it requires fewer refreshes.
Someday, I swear, Wall St. will learn that an MAU is not an MAU is not an MAU. In the meantime, I have never sold a share of Twitter stock.
Love... "Turn Your Princess-Obsessed Toddler Into a Feminist in Eight Easy Steps"…
I like this a lot --> "Twitter Becomes Its Own Second Screen With Dockable Videos That Play While You Browse"
How Uber helps black riders bypass the difficult and often humiliating act of hailing a taxi……
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Warning! Cathartic tears will be shed. Watch at your own risk.
The big secret in #webdev? Nobody really knows what they are doing, not even the experts #wcsf #wcsf14
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My new blog post "A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Chris Sacca About Venture Capital" is now up at…
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The best thing New Yorkers can do for their health and the health of their neighbors: Get a flu shot.
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What happens when the cops have a 'front door' to your phone? They steal nude selfies and trade them (via @flamsmark)…
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Americans killed by Ebola today: 0 Americans killed by ISIS today: 0 Americans killed by guns today: 86 Source:…
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I "grew up" at Google alongside @sundarpichai. Even ten years ago it was clear he knew how to get shit done.…
My weekly post drops tomorrow morning (~ 8AM PST). A Dozen Things I've Learned from Chris Sacca ( @sacca ).
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Nothing like a good ol' threatening welcome to @Uber from the Vegas cabbies:…
Google's Alan Eustace is one of the great executive managers of our time. But I had no idea he was also such a badass…
Yo'leven! Uber is now in Vegas!
It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @sciencemuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.
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Watching our backyard coyote stalk two housedogs. Together, those pooches are safe. Separate, they are breakfast.
Muslim-American emails councilman about free buses for election day...He asks about Islamic militants and Sharia. 😒😒
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Justice League of Angel investors would be @tferriss @kevinrose @garyvee @Jason @mcuban @sacca; imagine that tweet storm for a new app!
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Deputy Chief of Staff for Ted Cruz tweeted and deleted this:
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You looking to get weird tonight? Start with some @pattonoswalt then stir in a little Werner Herzog:…
Why, yes, I'm deeply conflicted by tonight's hockey game between the @LAKings & @BuffaloSabres. I've strayed so far from home.
The only virus I am worried about is the one that is infecting CNN and other cable networks.
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.@hunterwalk Plus, CS curriculum so intense kids couldn't study abroad. No exposure to how most of the world lives. An ivory tower of bits.
.@hunterwalk When CS degrees became subsidized, kids no longer got jobs to pay for school. Thus out of touch with the human condition.
Very cool that @ProductHunt launched profile pages. Here are some products I dig:
It doesn't get better than Between Two Ferns. In this episode, Brad Pitt and @louisck
Flu season is just around the corner. Luckily, #UberHEALTH is bringing back house calls:
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When you've got a lot on your plate and you know it'll be hard to get to sleep so you cook a chicken in a clay pot.
On Sunday, we asked a very handsome guard for a picture with my friend visiting from Cali - RIP Nathan Cirillo
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Twitter's new Fabric SDK extends its reach in China, already being used by Alibaba and Baidu……
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Want to understand more about Twitter's newest announcement, Fabric? See @mat's smart take in Wired.…
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Is then when bandwagon World Series baseball fans ask why there isn't any instant replay in this sport? Asking for a friend.
A lot of well-deserved love for @kevinweil and @aroetter, two of the most important drivers of Twitter's success:…