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Chris Sacca
I just refreshed a couple times with no new Tweets in my stream. So Twitter suggested I instead listen to new music. In Twitter. So good.
Sleep well, tonight! “@pourmecoffee: "Puppy-Sized Spider Surprises Scientist"…
Why did scandinavian design happen? Influential designers who happened to be there? Or is it an inevitable consequence of the culture?
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We decided to make a bunch of our internal Medium memos public: “Hatching Inside Medium”…
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It's only fair: If you tell me shark stories when I'm at the beach, I'm telling you bear stories when you're in Tahoe.
My daughter is upset because baby sister took her toy. "Can she share it with you?" "NO!" What if she buys it from you?" "Yes. That's okay."
We’ve tightened up our story with help from @sacca, @andrewmason, and @nazraf. Here's the one tweet pitch:
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How actor Edward Norton became the first-ever Uber passenger in LA
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It's shameful that @DrDeasyLAUSD was forced out. Chalk up another one for the tyranny of the status quo. Politics before kids.
Everyone is sleeping and my Tweet stream is slow. Perfect example of when I want Twitter to give me more and more to read.
gun sales have risen since the ebola outbreak forcing the CDC to advise any unarmed black people with allergies to move to Canada
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100% agree "One of the biggest reasons that there are few women in tech is because they have no mentors" @WalterIsaacson #GSInnovators
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I'm grateful to @WalterIsaacson for the opportunities he made possible for me. Read his new book last night. Legit:…
.@mcuban @TheSharkDaymond Me? I'm just busy helping founders make platforms that foment revolutions and create new economies. No biggie. ;)
If you wanna get why Taylor is beloved, watch THIS ----->… Keep it real, @taylorswift13. At your houses, no less.
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Are you serious, @ABCSharkTank? Puke bibs for kids? Come back to the big boy game, @mcuban & @TheSharkDaymond. (Never mind, @kevinolearytv)
Lady just chilling at Dulles in her homemade Hazmat suit
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Between our commerce initiative and this new audio card, Twitter is now THE platform for artist-to-fan distribution:…
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Our new Twitter Audio Card lets you discover & listen to audio directly in your timeline:…
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Interviewer: "Sheldon, thank you for being here today." Sheldon Adelstein: "Well, everybody's gotta be somewhere." #GSInnovators
HOT !!! Here is the @robin_schulz remix of #Dangerous !!! I really love it. Click below to listen to the track ;)…
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"Eighty percent of our money is made from baccarat." - Sheldon Adelson #GSInnovators
The California drought is an emergency. But it really hit home today. The Truckee River has stopped flowing:…
"ISIS is a non-Islamic non-state." – @DMiliband #GSInnovators
My favorite question to ask when I first hop in an @Uber - "so, what's going on in the city?"
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Maybe the best list of company values I've ever seen. From my buddy @BadgerJake who leads @TeamRubicon :…
Reed Hastings: "I was getting 14,000 customer emails a day telling me I was an asshole." Lloyd Blankfein: "Is that a lot?" #GSInnovators
I've always admired Reed Hastings. What a special day to hear from him. The slide title says everything.
15 yrs+ in venture has numbed me to "partnerships", until spectacular happens @docker and @Microsoft :…
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Our government lies to veterans. "The Secret U.S. Casualties of Iraq's Abandoned Chemical Weapons"
BREAKING: We could prevent hundreds of thousands of American deaths, but we'd rather freak out and be distracted.…
A little more on @nuzzel. I use it every day.…
I love @nuzzel and the view of Twitter it gives me. Now you can get digest emails of that same view.
"Y Combinator and being a mom" I couldn't be prouder of @suz21. Also: @womendotcom is blowing up.
This is something I need to do better. “@photomatt: Listen Completely
Holyshit, all one word. This happened!
FYI: When wiring money, only the account # is matched. No other info. Typo? Tough shit. You just lost the cash. Banks can't die soon enough.
One of the most special days of my career was speaking at 1st #StartupSchool in '05. Thanks @foundersatwork & @paulg…
Uber is getting 1,000 walk-ins per week in NYC from people who want to drive for the company #svbmashup
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Bryan Stevenson (@eji_org) is one of America's greatest ever freedom fighters:… Donate here:
I hate the head injury stuff in football. But I hate the @Patriots more. #gobills
Today in St Louis RT @KoranAddo: Young Nigel waits for the rest of the #FergusonOctober marchers to catch up.
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It's never too early to start practicing your funny faces.
Love these images of what kids around the world eat for breakfast.…
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Asked 3yr old daughter what she wants to do for a job when older. "Drive a car and get money at the ATM." @Uber inspires today's youth.