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Mr. Carter
hiphop music music producers 3,055,128 followers
Congrats Toronto on a hard fought series. #spreadloveitsthebrooklynway
That was fun, Peace all #factsonly
RT @vincearlia @S_C_ what are you doing at 7:10? [Chunckin'the dueces]
RT @Odd_Bear @S_C_ are you still spening money from '88? #MCHG [WHAT!! #my voice]
RT @duhNasia @S_C_ time is almost uppppp *cries* just tweet me any letter or something #MCHG [jjaajjajjjjjjaaajjjjj voilà]
RT @plantaindealer do you think the album showcased a new era in hip-hop? #MCHG [only time will tell, let's hope it starts a dialogue]
RT @StephenGHill I thought my shit was wierd??? WHAAT?
RT @SoSincerex @S_C_ if you could listen to one album and one album only for the rest of your life, what would it be? #MCHG [just kill me]
RT @smearedMASCARAA @S_C_ what's your opinion on gentrified Brooklyn ? #MCHG [ buzzkill but, the world is changing, for better AND worse]
RT @MelissahPrato If @S_C_ RT's/Answers me, I'm getting a bodyguard and I'm only speaking to people on appointments. been there done that ha
RT @pfrank10 Us fans here in Alaska would like to experience a Jay-Z it possible? #MCHG @S_C_ [turn up the heat, I'm there]
RT @_unknowncanvas What would you say to people who don't like the #MCHG ? @S_C_ ["You people don't like Xmas or ice cream either I bet"]
RT @rajvosa7 you and me both!!!!
RT @683bibi @S_C_ got my finals tomorrow..purchased #MCHG today, gave me so much power.Please wish me luck!#GERMANY [GLück]
RT @A_ZucK36 @brendohare@brendohare: @S_C_ When are you gonna put out a new album” [I'm so good I can put it out, say, TOMORROW #MCHG]
RT @SomeAhnBai @S_C_ who is talking in the beginning of la familia? And what is being said? #MCHG [Timbo the King's daughter REIGN]
RT @yaddss Is Jay-Z drunk??????????? [no, you buying????]
RT @MileyCyrus Call it what you want. But I don't see Mr. Carter shoutin any of you bitches out. #twerkmileytwerk [#factsonly]
RT @JStormKravetz @S_C_ what's your favorite movie? [Cliche, but, really great. Godfather2. True Romance is high on my list]
RT @DJSqyrd @S_C_ HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BREAK THE INTERNET? #MCHG ["oh what a feeling, ah fuck it I want a Billion." like that]
RT @PimpNamedGator @S_C_ how would you define success? [Your way, your terms #newrules]
RT @joanaadriano1 @S_C_ what happened to "fuck hash tags and retweets" ? [lighten up, who spilled champagne in your cereal? #mylaugh]
RT @kuhRISSten can i live in said unchecked side of the house i promise you won't know i'm there @S_C_ drives over to check if Rick is there
RT @CNOBullshit @S_C_ what brings you peace. Whats a tip to find it?[acceptance.]
RT @mernaa_ @S_C_ Do you have any regrets? [see: album 1 track 14 #factsonly]