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my upper middle class guilt costume is on point this year.
Ebola nurse checking me out at the grocery store
It's my favorite day of the year and I'm spending it at a doctor's appointment followed by grocery shopping. Just put me on suicide watch.
Advice for talking to me : don't
I have a long list of celebrities I think I'd be best friends with if I had the chance to meet them.
Snoop be lookin like the taco bell dog with a face lift
Kathy bates is a fucking gangster #wwhl
Sarah Paulson just said "my womb is quaking" I'm screaming #WWHL
Omg all the ahs girls on #WWHL dyingggggggg
Michael j fox on watch what happens live. Shit is about to get really awkward.
Let's be honest for a second. Dandy just needs a good dicking to knock that crazy out of him. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
That lip bite at the end made my legs weak. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Omg he killed mama patty!!! #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
He can't pick them up you dumb little bitch fuck yo brownies! #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Ryan Murphy can pay for the lifetime prescription of xanax I'm gonna need after this season. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Plot twist: mordrake is actually a plastic surgeon. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Twisty sounds like Patrick from SpongeBob and I can't even.#ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
I'd pay a million dollars to have Jessica Lange spank me #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Holy shit. He just punted her. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
I'm already mad that this episode of ahs isn't an hour and 20 mins. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
When you see your ex with their new bae lookin like...
I've slept with socks on for the past two nights. This is not okay and is a really big deal. #foreveralone
Is it racist to say "ebola is the new black"?
God's and monsters!? I can't fucking breathe #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Where can I find this viking guy's porno? Like seriously. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Yes viking prostitute can get it. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Miss patty serving up all the attitude #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
I love Emma Roberts but i wound have loved seeing the long Island medium do that same scene. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
"Curfews are for the poor people" #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Pattie labelle as woody woodpecker is EVERYTHING #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
"What a bunch of bunk" is my new favorite phrase. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
So have we figured out if the person playing the tall woman is actually a woman or a tranny? #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Living for Emma Roberts' Sci slut chic #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
#ahs live tweet begin!
it's 2014 where is the six pack pill? i'm done waiting.
i hate myself but i still think i'm better than everyone
everybody's about that gettin high life and i'm all about that gettin pie life
"You are who your friends are" I'm a laptop
Am I the only person who says blatantly mean shit and people think I'm kidding?
it's my birthday. if @MsSarahPaulson wishes me a happy birthday i'll delay my plans to join a clown and help him terrorize a freak show #ahs