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My new goal is to have hair so big and wild that my head looks five times the size of my body. Goodnight.
I just killed a centipede and I'm not okay. Omg it was so huge. Like black dick huge.
Oh dayum these girls don't need no man!! #frozen #frozenlivetweet
I've realized that #frozen has been an accurate representation of winter in New England.
Son of a bitch! I KNEW sideburns prince was a shit head!!!! #frozen #frozenlivetweet
Stupid sideburns prince! Elsa was about to smash those fools! #frozen #frozenlvetweet
Omg the gospel breakdown in the troll song. I can't #frozen #frozenlivetweet
Omg the gay shop owner. I can't. Woo hoo! #frozen #frozenlivetweet
And ice gown!!! Elsa = fiercest betch makeover award. #frozen #frozenlivetweet
She making her own fucking ice palace!!! #frozen #frozenlivetweet
Officially obsessed with Elsa. #Frozen #frozenlivetweet
Not down with this prince's sideburns tho. #frozenlivetweet
Uh queen Elsa is pretty fab. I want platinum hair again. And ice magic. #frozen #frozenlivetweet
I'm about to watch frozen for the first time. It better be as good as all you little shits say it is.
uma thurman in "nymphomaniac" is fucking glorious. this entire movie is actually outstanding.
"for me love is just lust with jealousy added"
my mom and dad literally just said "peeps don't b jelly, they r just haters." 😂@palesprinklee
Retweeted by ry I love that her friend's reaction is second-hand embarrassment. "Oh my god get up"
i can't even handle kimye on the cover of vogue and i love that @RealSMG is pissed about it.
old gays who are angry that they are alone and ugly are like the saddest things on earth.
I can't even with nick cannon as a white guy. He looks like justin bieber circa 2010 in the final stages of aids. #retireyourself
Did anyone see that terrifying lays commercial where mr. and mrs. potato head are condoning cannibalism!? I'm never watching toy story again
Does anyone watch Chrisley knows best on E!? He's like 110% sucking mad D on the DL right?
I'm already getting my gypsy caravan ready for this. Can't. Wait. #ahs #AHSFreakShow #AmericanHorrorStory
As much as I hated the gaga sxsw vom thing she redeemed herself with the G.U.Y. music video. I screamed with the real housewives and @Andy
"Turkey bacon song" needs to be my ringtone. #BloodSweatHeels #bravo
elena needs her own show immediately. #elena #BillyontheStreet
if the oprah chai tea doesn't give me superpowers i'm gonna be pissed.
I just realized my grandmother is a clone of fauna the green fairy from sleeping beauty. Photo evidence coming soon
If one more person tries to start a fight with me this week I'm leaving society and becoming a sheep farmer.
"maybe kelly bensimon is your ghost writer" #burn @CaroleRadziwill is my favorite housewife. ever. @Andy shady boot moment fo sho! #wwhl
"One leg, but eyes." I can't. #RHONY
Just when I think I have black people figured out.
I had an emotional connection to this fish today and I can't even explain it.