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@JessieJ so awesome I got denied my meet & greet bc I had to get out of line after an hour in 30 degree weather because of an asthma attack
Retweeted by ry
Wanted to meet @JessieJ today after having meet/greet tix but apparently nobody cares about people who have asthma & can't sit in 20 degrees
That was a really trippy season finale of Girls. #PeterPanLive
The dog was the best actor in this entire production. #PeterPanLive
I want a gif of Captain hook throwing the teddy! #PeterPanLive
This swordfight is so intense guys. #PeterPanLive
Christopher walken just turned into a Jewish grandmother. #PeterPanLive
Lady Gaga himself couldn't play a more fab captain hook. #PeterPanLive
Peter pan really doesn't give a shit about tinker bell drinking poison. #PeterPanLive
Wendy definitely secretly hates gays. #PeterPanLive
Which girl from teen mom is playing tiger lily? #PeterPanLive
These cutscenes of christopher walken holding a note are giving me life. I need someone to mash them up kthx. #PeterPanLive
What just fucking happened. #PeterPanLive
I can't wait for christopher walken's ArtRave tour. #PeterPanLive
I can't help but think how much better this would be if beyonce played Peter pan. #PeterPanLive
Christopher Walken is making me feel like I'm watching alcoholics anonymous the musical. #PeterPanLive
The Lost Boys aka all of my ex boyfriends. #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by ry
Woah. Lost boy in the top hat can get it. #PeterPanLive
I think I've seen Smee in a gay porn. #PeterPanLive
Oh thank god Christopher Walken just saved this borefest with his attempt at an accent. I'm crying. #PeterPanLive
The Melissa joan heart Walmart commercials are cracking me the fuck up. #PeterPanLive
Is Lena Dunham playing tinker bell or am I wasting my time here? #PeterPanLive
Wendy used to sell me coke from her bedroom window #PeterPanLive
Leave nana the fuck alone, hitler! #PeterPanLive
Peter pan live tonight. I'm so fucking ready for my annual holiday secondhand embarrassment.
Dandy's ass.
Angelina Jolie starring in the latest blockbuster hit, "Elsa Mars"
"People are like 'how could you watch porn?' And I'm like 'how could you not?'" Preach! Love @lisarinna
It's world aids day everyone be careful. username: merwitch #askfm #f4f #followback
I want to open a restaurant called "this food sucks" where people could go & order blowjobs with their burgers. The first restaurant brothel
Half of my twitter feed is praising the one direction sweep at the AMAs and the other half is talking about ferguson. I love the internet.
Taylor swift is going to have nightmares for weeks from @JessieJ terrorizing the crowd with her riffs and wails. #Slay #AMAs #AMAs2014
Okay j lo lose the price is right music already. #AMAs #AMAs2014
Just because you are a country singer doesn't mean you have to look like a meth addict who lives in a trailer. #AMAs #AMAs2014
Zayn is giving me serious young John Stamos vibes tonight and I'm not even complaining. #ZaynMalik #AMAs #AMAs2014
Fergie is Iggy Azalea in 20 years.#AMAs #AMAs2014
Who is that spazzing bridge troll next to taylor swift during lorde's perf? #AMAs #AMAs2014
Pitbull has Spanish tourettes #AMAs #AMAs2014
The little Indian cherub!?!? How could they!? #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Jimmy's little oven mitts just made me envision him on a cooking show on food network and I can't stop laughing. #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
Amazon eve more like Amazon smackabitchdown #ahs #AmericanHorrorStory
People who say "money can't buy happiness" havent been in their 20s counting change on their floor so they can afford to buy ramen. merwitch Come follow me