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The Big Guy
The Big Guy Gym is almost complete. Old glory up and 1 more Arnold poster on way with one ultimate machine! #Ryback
I needed that. Thank you Sin City.
Rough night for The Big Guy. An arrow has to be pulled back before it strikes! Someone please post the whole Sheamus match. #HeGotLucky
Everyone should watch the WWE video of Connor. He was an amazing boy.He was so happy and positive! Thank you lil guy!
I wear this Connor the Crusher arm band everywhere. It gives me even more energy. #UnlimitedEnergy my lil buddy!
Connor surprised me today showing up at AXXESS. Flexing his muscles showing the world how strong he truly is!
Met the biggest lil Ryback fan today at WWE 2K14 Booth. Thank you lil guy!
With Connor at last Monday's Raw. A beyond strong and highly entertaining human. He helped me more than he knows.
To all the negative ones read my shirt. Oh and 325 lbs for a set of 30.
So @Schwarzenegger is at #Raw next Monday. As long as he addresses me as The Big Guy and is ready to give me the Terminator role all is good
Want to stock up on Ryback bar and game room items. Go to and type in Ryback.
Energy. The more of it you spend the more you get. - The Big Guy #UnlimitedEnergy
Was just kicked out of mma class. Apparently power bombs are considered illegal during sparring. Go figure. After one month nearly 850 thousand Unlimited Energy shirts sold! Lets get to 1 million. The Big Guy wants more!
In 2012 The Big Guy and Wade Barrett discussed coming together as a tag team as Just US. Our Catch phrase would have been Whose Nex!?
It is not about winning and losing you #FeedMeMorons it is about longevity. #KANE
@StroudRounder: Who spelled Minneapolis for him??? Thank you The Big Guy as a Lil Big Guy was 3rd grade spelling bee champion. #KingBigGuy
Thank you Minneapolis for the roaring ovation for me The Big Guy on my entrance! I know by chanting Axe you meant Ryback. Thank you!
@Ryback22 you were awesome last night @ #WWELasVegas . You don't get the love you deserve brother. Keep up the great work Big Guy.
Retweeted by The Big Guy For all the Keyboard Tough Guys!
@Michael_Haig: @Ryback22 Still a poor wrestler..” Did you mean really really rich bad wrestler???
Daniel Bryan once told me I could not dead lift 325 lbs 30 times. I did it 30 times in 1 minute 1 hr before a tv match no warmup. #THEBIGGUY
@dougkswag: @steveaustinBSR I wish you could get @Ryback22 on the podcast.That'dbe a helluva show. Protein shake for the workin man” I'm in
At Gold's Gym Venice easily the top The Big Guy here. Body feels better than ever, young and smoking hot. #Terminator
Ryback Rules Blazing Wing Contest at halftime! #TheBigGuy
Big Guy Big House Big Poster
Internet I officially delete my career to this point and now proclaim myself The Best Big Guy In The World!
@Abyss84Jigsaw: @Ryback22 What? No Anaconda Vise????????????”That is too complicated...
I call dibs on GTS, Pepsi Plunge and running knee in corner. I am sure Sheamus will take the rest.
@WWERAWDANIEL: any tips on how to get as big as the big guy? Been trying for several years with no avail." Put posters of me everywhere.
Feed Me Morons it has arrived the new Ryback Unlimited Energy shirt is on wwe
Moving into my new million dollar house today. Thank you internet community I love you and I love myself. You Feed Me Morons are amazing!
FEED ME MORON: 1) Internet community members who believe the lies they read. 2) A #STUPID Internet community member who has 2 many opinions.
Worcester I thank you I have had many tasty great steaks because of you guys. You are partly responsible for The Big Guy.
"@tastemyrizzo: I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE #THEBIGGUY @Ryback22 AT #SMACKDOWN #WWEWORCESTER TONIGHT!" Is ur hot sister with u? #BeersAndBiceps
Last night at my last show the crowd chanted Ryback and Ryback Rules clap clap clap over and over. I thank you it will forever be remembered
Only thing I ask from all of u the great internet community is follow me get me to a million followers and declare me your king. KingBigGuy
Just got a call from Norm McDonald and Chubbs from Happy Gilmore. Very excited about these new projects we r working together on. Stay tuned