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Stephen Colbert interviewed some Google guys, and this is what happened
Six entrepreneurs share advice on how and where to find a trusted advisor
How Hong Kong Protesters May Evade Internet Blackouts With FireChat by @selenalarson
Get your most epic selfie with Instagram's Hyperlapse
There are lots of reasons to hype Docker. Having a cure for ebola is not one of them
Why Ello is not as amazing as you might think
Listen to this ep of Internet History Podcast, where our own Owen Thomas talks about working at HotWired and Suck!…
Travel is getting more mobile now that HotelTonight is dropping the "tonight" requirement
You mean its not already? @RWW: Facebook wants to be creepier than Google with your data.
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Favorite tweet: NoSQL databases are going mainstream—they actually have paying customers. — ReadWrite (@RWW) S...
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BitTorrent's first "paygated" BitTorrent Bundle is Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke's first solo record in eight years
Facebook wants to be creepier than Google with your data. (Are Google's ad cookies about to crumble?)
Interesting read. "Big Data's Fence-Sitters Are Starting To Experiment"… via @RWW
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6 places a startup CEO can find a mentor by @scottgerber
New Security Flaws Render #Shellshock Patch Ineffective. via @RWW
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AND I JUST PATCHED IT RT @RWW: New Security Flaws Render Shellshock Patch Ineffective by @laureninspace
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Researchers Discover “Superdialects” Through Twitter Study @selenalarson @RWW
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"Facebook killer" Ello does not fart rainbows and unicorns. by @HelenASPopkin
Take your best selfie ever with Instagram's Hyperlapse by @POPSUGARTech
New Security Flaws Render Shellshock Patch Ineffective by @laureninspace
Docker is a great development tool, but it's not going to cure Ebola—brace for the backlash by @mjasay
ICYMI: A pink, sparkly selfie hat is a thing that exists.
How the BRAID initiative hopes to help diversify university computer science classes
NoSQL databases are going mainstream—they actually have paying customers.
Want your audience to ask you anything? Here are some tips to hosting a Reddit AMA.
Humans are key to understanding Big Data.
Here's a guide for the newly Elloed
Why there are so many new kinds of messaging apps
Fitness app developers are growing wary about HealthKit
Liven up your weekend by building this mobile drinking game.
An Insider View Of The Next Operating System For The Cloud by @RWW #cloud #opensource #paas #iaas #saas
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And not in Spain! "@RWW: Where in the world is the fastest broadband? Certainly not the U.S., @adra_la reports.…"
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Seriously Apple, get it together.
You can try your hand at building your own soft robots, thanks to this open source toolkit.
Hey young people, here's why you'd be insane to skip college for startup dreams.
If you don't know what Ello is, read this.
So you signed up for Ello. Now what?
For the first time in years, the Big Data fence-sitters have decided to get into the action.
The iPhone's technical woes keep mounting.
BitTorrent thinks it can get people to pay for torrents.
Don't believe everything you see about Ello.
How to Ello in 5 easy steps—a guide to the Internet's newest social network by @selenalarson
Will Apple's iOS 8.0.2 Brick Your iPhone?
Ello may very well be the next Facebook, and if that's the case, it'll be the next Facebook in more ways than one.
Warning: Following Apple’s approach to iPhone problems could give you whiplash.
The Bash Bug Makes Every Mac Vulnerable; Here's How To Patch It
Is the Suitsy the "Yo" of clothing?