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The iPad’s demise has been greatly exaggerated! Here's why Apple’s sad iPad sales don’t spell doom.
YouTube Is Chasing Hollywood—But It Should Worry About Its Homegrown Stars by @StephEllenChan
YouTube Is Chasing Hollywood—But It Should Worry About Its Homegrown Stars by @StephEllenChan
"Poverty, thy name is mobile app development."
8 Things You Need To Know About The Amazon Fire Phone by @adra_la
Why Apple’s sad iPad sales don’t spell doom.
Here's what you need to know about those "backdoors" in Apple's iOS
LinkedIn acquired Bizo for $175M, & it could mean more ads for LinkedIn users.
Raspberry Pi can Rick Roll your Chromecast. Here's how:
Beyond confusing information, there are 6 factors which impact the broadband speed and cost in the U.S.
The indie developer may soon be a relic.
"There's no way [gender inequality] will be balanced by the time I'm coding." Dana, 14
Here's what’s hard to swallow about Soylent's crowdfunded smoothie
The iPad’s Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated by @adra_la
Indie developers may become a thing of the past
Anna is determined to become a computer engineer. Read more about teens in tech from @RWW:
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There's a Raspberry Pi–based gadget that can seize control of Chromecast, making it easy to Rickroll Chromecast users
At Microsoft, The Cloud Truly Does Come First by @Dan_Rowinski
LinkedIn Just Bought A Company To Get Better At Ads by @selenalarson
ReadWriteMix with Flipboard's Mike McCue on Aug 13!
A lot needs to be sorted out before we get decent Internet connections at an affordable price
Those "Backdoors" in Apple's iOS: What You Need To Know by @david_hamilton
Yahoo acquired Flurry Mobile, a leading analytics and advertising company. The deal could be a big one for Yahoo
No respectable obituary for James Garner is complete w/o reference to the answering machine from The Rockford Files