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Apple released its first candidate for the Golden Master build to developers
After 12 years together, eBay and PayPal will separate
Reddit raised $50 million, and somehow plans to share a piece of it with the community.
Pinterest is unveiling some changes that will make it behave a lot more like Facebook, if users choose to opt in.
Jawbone UP, and Misfit meet in one smartwatch, the updated Pebble
eBay and PayPal are separating, a move expected to be completed in 2015
Microsoft has finally shown the world its plans for Windows 10, the one that will succeed the much-maligned Windows 8
No more command line input or complicated workarounds: Apple has released a patch for fixing the bash bug
Selfie is a terrible name for a sitcom. But, like the show itself, it could be worse
Intel's Basic Peak is a fitness tracker to make your heart race
Reddit raises $50 million, says community will get some shares
FireChat doesn't require the net, so Hong Kong protestors are using the app to communicate off the grid
Dear Barry Bonds: Stop Trying To Make "Glassing" A Thing… by @StephEllenChan
Microsoft will also let anyone download a prerelease version of #Windows10 tomorrow at I'll be in line
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In the battle to own the Internet, Facebook is going after Google's digital ad empire, using your info as ammo
thanks for the heads up. @RWW: @Pinterest May Start To Act Like Facebook, If You're Not Careful by @laureninspace
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Google's Schmidt says he always clears the air for a women's opinion RT @RWW:Colbert interview
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#Ello may very well be the next #Facebook, if that's the case, it'll be the next Facebook in more ways than one @RWW
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Pinterest May Start To Act Like Facebook, If You're Not Careful by @laureninspace
Microsoft Shows Off Windows 10 And The Return Of The Start Menu by @david_hamilton
We asked 6 entrepreneurs how startup CTOs can find trusted advisors
Mac OS X Yosemite Takes Another Step Closer To Launch by @adra_la
Stephen Colbert extracts some secrets in his interview with two Google execs
That's it from #Windows10 ... for the moment. I'm sure the "conversation" will continue. By next year, it may well be inescapable
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Not a lot more detail than that. @tmyerson stumbled a bit even getting that out #Windows10
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Also from @tmyerson on #WIndows10: "We have tested it with many people, and it was a name that resonated best for what we'll deliver"
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Why #Windows10? From @tmyerson: "It's a more appropriate name for the breadth of the product family that's coming"
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#Windows10 will be the next OS for WIndows Phone, too
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#Windows10 will change modes from desktop to Modern depending on whether you've attached a keyboard. Prompts users before making the change
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Modern UI (i.e. Metro) apps will run in windows on the desktop in #Windows10
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Some "selfielapse" pro tips to get your best selfie ever
Belfiore: Windows 7 = 1st gen Prius; Windows 10 = Tesla. #windows10. (We’ll see. I hope so, for my biz pals.)
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“The familiarity of Win 7 with elements of Win 8.” Translation: Metro’s getting wedged into Win 7’s start menu. #windows10
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The start menu is back in #Windows10. It's customizable, resizable, and you can type commands. Plus tiles!
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Pebble: It’s A Real Fitness Tracker Now And Cheaper, At $99 by @adra_la
FORGET NINE, LET’S GET TO 10! - Microsoft, and also me in 5th grade.
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Microsoft PR people are saying this #Windows9 event is the start of a "series of conversations." Translation: Manage your expectations
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Macs may actually be in the minority among the press corps here at the #Windows9 event. Lots of Windows laptops
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Now seated in a small retro-industrial space off Market Street, waiting to see what Microsoft has in store for us re: Windows 9
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You're on Ello! ..So what do you do now?
Ello was briefly over—for almost an hour by @laureninspace
eBay is spinning off PayPal. Good riddance: At this point, eBay is just a reference customer.… by @owenthomas
"Selfie" is the TV show about social media we deserve, but not the one we need by @HelenASPopkin
Jawbone's new fitness app ditches the wristband by @adra_la
The Basis Peak is a major improvement over the B1. Will it make Intel a contender in fitness tracking?…
Some highlights from Colbert's interview with Google execs