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ReadWrite is ready for its Facebook close-up, fully clothed and SFW.
In the UK, changes to how technology is delivered has upended decades of dissatisfaction with government services.
Instagram's Hyperlapse app is a steadicam in your pocket. Are you using it to record weekend festivities?
A new study shows people self-censor on social media
How one edtech company is making it possible for students to control satellites in space:
Apple's HealthKit could actually be a helpful workout buddy.
In part 2 of our series, we take a look at why we need messaging apps.
Here's why VMware will struggle to embrace the future:
How (and why) Apple may save NFC.
Google challenges Amazon's drone delivery program with Project Wing
ALS charity drops "Ice Bucket Challenge" trademark attempt, after being met with a chilly response from critics.
Find out how many people are interacting with your tweets using Twitter's new analytics:
How Twitch and YouTube are making video games a big business
Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch is quite a looker.
Ever wanted to customize your Chrome browser? @laureninspace shows you how to build your own extension.
Facebook is testing status search on mobile. Here's how to make your past posts private:
The Brits are shaking up government IT
You’ve probably downloaded a Chrome extension or two. But did you know it’s almost as easy to build your own?
Google has been secretly testing delivery by drone
What sort of man shares Playboy on Facebook? We examine it here:
Livestream gaming is becoming big business: it's on like Donkey Kong!
The ALS Association has abandoned its attempt to trademark "Ice Bucket Challenge" by @HelenASPopkin
Samsung's new Gear S Smartwatch looks awesome, but it may be less filling
Apple Might Tap Old NFC Tech For Mobile Payments by @adra_la
Paperback readers, rejoice! It turns out reading books on e-readers doesn’t give your brain the same experience
We demystify Twitter for you: how to RT, MT, #FF and fave like a pro
Watch out: Mobile search will make Facebook stalking easier than ever by @selenalarson
Get ready, Apple is holding an event on September 9!
Apple gives HealthKit a workout
Want to check your popularity on Twitter? See how you can track your analytics here:
Apple execs have been busy taking meetings with fitness-focused developers. Here's what we get:
Google Challenges Amazon's Drone Delivery Program With Project Wing by @laureninspace
Samsung's Gear S smartwatch is a looker. But is it a doer?
What sort of man shares Playboy? The sort who friends his mom on Facebook by @HelenASPopkin
Friday fun: Build your own Chrome extension! @laureninspace shows you how
How Twitch And YouTube Are Making Video Games A Big Business by @StephEllenChan
Want to see a government that really gets open source and modern IT? Check out the UK by @mjasay
Check out Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch
Mark your calendars for Apple's Sept. 9 event.
Ahead of the iWatch, Apple has given HealthKit a workout
Does reading on digital screens make our comprehension suffer?
You can now track your popularity on Twitter. Analytics for everyone!
Apple's next event on Sept 9 could unveil a new iPhone and wearable device
Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch looks great, but may be less filling by @adra_la
Our interview with Puppet Labs founder @puppetmasterd on DevOps & the future of old-style IT
Dropbox antes up in the cloud storage price war, and is now offering 1TB for $10/mo
Why do we censor ourselves on social media?
Comcast, you have some more explaining to do!
Can VMware usher its customers into the future of computing?
If you've ever dreamed of sending a satellite up into space to measure the Earth, Ardusat is making it possible