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Notes on all the fabulous food I ate in Melbourne- and all the wonderful new friends- coming soon. Too much fun!
Leaving Melbourne. So sad. Final breakfast at the airport: congee. On to Auckland!
Another great one gone: my TCM colleague James Oseland is leaving Saveur.…
You should read this beautiful, heartbreaking story by @jdocwill
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On my way to Melbourne. Where should I eat? (Back in Auckland next week….)
Impressed. Just landed in Auckland on an Air New Zealand flight. Terrific food. Wonderful service. Was actually sorry to disembark.
Sea Urchin guacamole? Yes indeed. Notes from my dinner at Elan:
Sean Brock! April Bloomfield! Zak Pelaccio! (And that's just for starters. Notes from a meal:…
Strange eerie light. Wind. Edgy weather. Ginger tea. Gently coddled eggs. Splash of cream. Warm biscuits. Fresh raspberry jam. Better now.
As promised: milkweed information, photos, recipes:
Impassioned voice of a farmer. Worth reading:…
Beer muffins. Dandelion dinner. And other odd old recipes.
So bright. Blue sky. Green lawn. Monarch butterflies fluttering about. Warm beer muffins, just out of the oven. Melting butter. Apricot jam.
"The food movement (led by chefs, journalists, and NGOs) is missing the people doing the actual work."…
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Dry-aged beef at home? An easy, useful little trick:
Blazing heat. Fruity complexity. A fantastic sauce I never want to be without:
Fantastic haul from this morning's Hudson Farmers Market:
Bright. Fresh. Single cloud floats across a bright blue sky. White corn kernels scrambled into eggs: tomatoes, scallions, chiles, cheddar.
wish i'd written that dep't: What Toledo’s Water Crisis Reveals About Industrial Farming:
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How we've changed! (And how we haven't.) A few gems from Gourmet's first year (1941).
Clouds racing across pale sky. Unsettled weather; will we see sun? Raspberry omelet: ripe red fruit wrapped up in eggs. Sweet surprise.
Cool. Fresh. Beautiful. What I ate for lunch today. Recipe:
Love this book I'm reading now. Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett. #IReadEverywhere @nypl.
Sunny. Bright. Warm. Ecstatic birds swoop through the air. Mint-laced lemonade. Peaches, blueberries, cherries in a yogurt tangle. August!
Insane water crisis in Toledo, OH—ppl told not to even wash dishes from tap. Possible cause: toxic algae, Lake Eerie…
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More notes on a strange and wonderful new vegetable:
Gray. Still. Owl hooting in the woods; such a mournful sound. Coffee. Black beans. White rice. Fried egg. The wakeup blare of chiles.
Researching my latest book, I came upon this absurd recipe from the first issue of Gourmet:
Sometimes, almost by accident, you bake something really special. Last night I made the most wonderful pie. Recipe:
Food stamp program reaches 60 percent of food insecure. Other 40 percent just make do. Learn why: "The New Face of Hunger" @NatGeo...
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The F.D.A.’s Blatant Failure on Food, via @nytimes and @ruthreichl Terrifying and infuriating.
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A fantastic little tidbit from the first issue of Gourmet:
Storm over. Clear air filled with Monarch butterflies. Purslane, tomatillo, chile. Melted cheese. Corn tortillas. Summer food: so fresh.
Gentle rain. Mysterious mist. Comforting trill of wood thrush. Lemon tea. Buttered toast. Fresh raspberry jam. A perfect day to write.
My kitchen smells delicious: perfect project for a rainy afternoon. Warm, caramelized, bourbon peaches. Recipe:
Storm coming. Sky dark; thunder rumbles. Black coffee. Charred sliced steak piled on buttered bread. Scattered Maldon salt. Waiting.
Celtus is also known as "stem lettuce." You peel it, thinly slice the stem, briefly parboil and stir fry. Very common in Sichuan cooking.
For everyone who's asked: the thick green stalks are celtus.
A terrific new discovery. Things I Love:
Glorious morning. The red birds have arrived, flitting through the air. Buttered rye heaped with ripe tomatoes. Shower of salt. Juicy.
Thrilled to say that @ruthreichl & Linn Ullmann will be teaching at Iceland Writers Retreat 2015! #writingworkshops
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Still morning. Outdoor shower. Corn, tomato, basil scrambled into eggs. Big bite of summer. Heading into town: trying to beat the rain.
Sun coming out. Bright red bird flits across the sky. Outside with a perfect peach: sticky fingers. A few sweet things on a bad news day.
Thinking about last night's dinner. This is how to cook a perfect piece of salmon:
“Drakes Bay Oyster Company should be held up as a model of how sustainable…” —@david_sheff… @AliceWaters @ruthreichl
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