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Russell Brand
Me and Hackney football team Rainbow FC - check the sponsor on the shirt.
Sexism, Chemtrails, Immigration & Stuart Little all covered in today's #trews questions&comments edition. Watch here
@Scroobiuspipyo: @rustyrockets would you please stop hitting on my mum...” We need to talk... Son.
Bet you've always wondered what you'd look like made from rice and broccoli, fear not @rustyrockets quite delightful
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"Russell, you dress like a teenage girl" This & more of your delightful comments&questions covered in today's #trews
Tonight's rather late #trews concentrates on coverage of the Middle Eastern conflict. Watch it here
Go see John Carney' movie Begin Again! And I am not just saying that because @JuddApatow asked me to.
Rupert Murdoch has stakes in oil companies. What could he have to gain by denying climate change? Tonight's #trews
I've not used for 11 years but criminalising drugs is insane. Even The World Health Organisation agrees.
Glenn Beck's hordes are flooding Salem MA city offices with anti-LGBT calls. The mayor's response is awesome.
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In today's #trews I respond to more comments & questions. Some continue to be about the Illuminati. Which I'm not in.
Fans of Matt Morgan, his brain baby The Mimic is on C4 tonight at 10, let's watch it together and torment the berk.
Should I become a vegan? In tonight's #trews I respond to comments&questions put to me. Some are intense. Watch here
Go see Sex Tape. It is crazy funny. And stars @CameronDiaz and this guy.
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Thanks to whoever made this and made me seem like a smashing chap. (NOT TO MENTION PROMOTING UNITY)
Are Fox News starting to sound like the Nazis? Watch the #trews here
Fox News has a solution to the immigration "crisis" - see if you think it sounds fair in today's #trews analysis
My friend/virtual lover @matthewstoller has written this piece, read and RT please, thanks.…
What is this music? This ceremony is nuts. It's like the end of Star Wars.
The Lionel Messi award for being Lionel Messi.
The Michael Jackson award for best goalkeeper.
Shit. Now what? I hope nothing's kicked off in the Middle East during this tournament.
Perhaps Germany ARE just better than the rest of us. Well done