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Russell Brand
Who wants us to live in fear&hate? @FoxNews and @greggutfeld or ol Russ? Here is the trews
@lovekindmagic: Waiting patiently for today's #trews @rustyrockets” trews is coming about @FoxNews and @greggutfeld - his name says it all
Fox News is not racist says @greggutfeld - the trews will help you decide
Today's #trews "Independence, Yes. But Not Just For Scotland" reacts to the 2nd Alex Salmond/Alistair Darling debate
.@noelfielding11 I will shave my pubes into the shape of a crow and start smoking opium (again).
.@noelfielding11 we must reunite for Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 10 year special. We must revive Goth supremacy. Good luck with Luxury!
Used to be religious holidays (holy day) and now they're "bank" holidays- when did the banks become God? #fishy #revolution
Today's #trews 'Can We Take Money Out Of Politics?' is a comments edition, where I respond to your questions
"Seriously though. Moyes was alright. Did anyone keep his number?" #unitedbench
Fox's Sean Hannity continues his relentless bullying in today's #trews. Watch it here
Watch today's #trews "Ferguson: Is White Supremacy The Real Offender?" here
I have received, accepted and resent @jamieoliver's ALS ice bucket challenge. Good cause, good opportunity to nominate...
Watch highlights of my #trews collaboration with @TheYoungTurks here
Wrote this about Gaza, Ferguson, Iraq and all of us lot…
Just finished @KidsCompanyUK with guest appearance @rustyrockets ... C if u can spot him! (Behind us)!
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Michael Brown had marijuana in the 40 days that preceded his shooting. And as we all know marijuana makes us violent.
My mate @harrystourton and Director of ConAir & LaraCroft Simon West are crowdfunding a new film, become a mogul now