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Russell Brand
What are the answers?
Who's in the Big Fat Quiz audience? Me and @noelfielding11 need advice/answers help us!! #GothDetectives
@anotherquaalude: "The only thing id like to say to @George_Osborne is fuck off" @rustyrockets” Yes good, that.
Are you a person? Come to a @pplsassembly event that I'm participating in. Come!
Lives are being lost as a result of government cuts to the Fire Brigade, so why aren't the media covering this? Trews
Jasmine and adored Sam, Mothers taking control of there own lives against corrupt politicians @FocusE15
@rustyrockets Killing people rarely kills their ideas: my thoughts on #Iraq debate - wish more MPs had opposed war
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There's a little African child trapped in me.
Watch Part 2 of the Trews with the inspirational @FocusE15 mothers who've ignored Westminster & taken radical action
The only selfie that David Bailey has ever taken. #brightfuture
If you're near Southbank in London today come to @FBURingOfFire 12-3. Lots of great acts including @rustyrockets, @ShappiKhorsandi & me!
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Proud of this trews with @FocusE15 Mums and @dmolly82 and New Era Mums-protesting against corruption
Today we had a visitor. Thanks for the solidarity & all the food shopping, Russell, see you again soon @rustyrockets…
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For real politics ignore Westminster - do it yourself. Follow the @FocusE15 single mothers and organise. Watch Trews
Support @FocusE15 as they take empty homes and empty politics and build something beautiful. #Trews
@rustyrockets pretty please can you RT and help to raise awareness for this gorgeous boy who needs help to walk @footsteps4louie much lovex
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@rustyrockets Was awesome meeting the wonderful Russell Brand at The People's Climate March this weekend - inspiring!
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So Obama plans to spend $1 trillion on nuclear weapons. Is it time for him to return his Nobel Peace Prize? The Trews
Tricksters! Sign up now to and become a trickster and be the first to see the cover for "The Pied Piper of Hamelin"
Go see the beautiful, tender and hilarious @SimonAmstell he's my favourite.
There's a common argument that welfare is too cushy. Watch today's #trews "Is It Your Fault You're Poor?" here
Tony Blair says British ground troops in Iraq shouldn't be ruled out. Should his face be on milk cartons? Watch Trews
@unlocolocolindo: @rustyrockets "We've Got To Do Something" by Aldous Snow and In…:” Perspicacious.
Ginge and R Brand after #LFC. More importantly, can anyone decipher the tactic board? Little help, @rustyrockets?
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And I think that stops Chelsea chanting "Super Frank..."
"YOU ARE FREE! (to do as we tell you)." Bill Hicks #WalkTheWalk today.
Stroke the furry wall.
Neil Lennon's eyes look like they can see into another dimension #MOTD
@VerityMay4: GET HIM TO THE GREEK IS ON YESSSS! @rustyrockets” toon in!
1-0 and I'm still on Green Street... #COYI
@mrmarksteel: As it's Saturday, I'll put my Scotland column up here again. Now you'll be able to read it twice.