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Rush Limbaugh
The .@dccc lie about .@rushlimbaugh in .@politico: Don’t let them raise funds this way. Spread the word.
Rush Limbaugh's historical fiction tale for kids, RUSH REVERE AND THE BRAVE PILGRIMS, is now available for pre-order
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Jason Richwine's Doctoral Thesis. Passed with flying colors at Harvard. Now he's under assault from left and RINOs.
Benghazi Timeline from the November 2012 Limbaugh Letter: WHAT DID OBAMA KNOW AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT?
PRT Give to our Leukemia & Lymphoma Cure-A-Thon. Beat blood cancers, save lives #RushCureAThon
Spread the word. The media can't find these sound bites of Obama condemning and blaming America for imposing freedom.
The Media has not covered Romney's whole speech, and everyone should see it:…
Tune in tomorrow at Noon ET to hear the whole story of the picture attached...
Obama's Child Rearing Technique exposed: see attached
Improving Time's cover: Replace the mother with a Statue of Liberty... and you've got the Obama platform. #rushbabes
Rush Babes are showing support for Aimee Copeland, in grave condition after being attacked by flesh eating bacteria:
Rush Babes for America: Bill Maher can conduct his own War on Women, as long as it's against conservative women.
Obama's Orwellian Unemployment Numbers: Today's numbers are truly bad- Chart 3 attached. for more.
Obama's Orwellian Unemployment Numbers: Today's numbers are truly bad- Chart 2 attached. for more.
Obama's Orwellian Unemployment Numbers: Today's numbers are truly bad- Chart 1 attached. for more.
Our final hour... Help us help LLS cure Blood Cancers. @rushlimbaugh Radiothon: #RushLLSRadiothon @limbaugh @LLSusa
Hour 2 is on! Help us help cure Blood Cancers. @rushlimbaugh Radiothon: #RushLLSRadiothon @limbaugh @LLSusa
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More @mmfa astroturfing and intimidation by way of @michellemalkin. Sad day for Arby's. Business Killers will fail.
Some say yesterday's first hour was the best ever. A stretch, but check for yourself. Free Dittocam:
Standing up against advertiser intimidation by @mmfa. They will fail. You can help small business by going to
Alert: The Plot to Get Rush by Jeffrey Lord @mmfa will fail. Pls. RT. Thank you @AmSpec
Thanks for your good wishes...I'm fine, folks. @mmfa is like jock itch. An irritating chafe. A little baby powder and voila!
Must see video: Left-wing intimidation, showing up at people’s houses to harass families. They will fail. @EWErickson
From @JeffPoor: @GregGutfield on @FoxNews calls @mmfa tree house of trolls. Rush excels at exposing tools like them.
O’Reilly: Far-left is a primary source of censorship in America… they do not want to hear opposing points of view @mmfa
Media Matters Un-American Assault on The Show. They will fail. @mmfa @BigJournalism
Our Op Ed response to @mmfa lies in Politico. A must read and pls. retweet. This one is big.
Fox Business: This is not a boycott. (It) is a polite term for an organized terrorist activity. Watch: @mmfa
How @mmfa @thinkprogress Dem Operatives astroturf the boycott Pt 2. See screen shot @StopRush #demastroturf
Most Americans remain conservative, unaffected by @mmfa dem operatives: @ntsmediaonline
Does the WH coordinate with @mmfa? Connect the dots in @Commentary. Pls Read and Retweet: @alanagoodman
Good story by @jeff_poor @DailyCaller. He gets it right, @mmfa wrong as usual. Read and Retweet:
Here's how the opposition astroturfs advertisers. Smart piece from @LegInsurrection Pls. Retweet @mmfa
Blitzer: Maher is a "Casualty" of Limbaugh: RUSH: It's kind of funny to ponder the question: "Will Bill Maher be...
Rush's Stack of Stuff: Do Your Show Prep: Everything Rush reads to prepare for the show. Some of the topics we'...
Obama's Laughable Statement on "Lean" Government:
White House Shaken by Poll Numbers: RUSH: They are begging for more money off of those poll results yesterday.
Liberals Dismayed That Southern Women Voted for Santorum and That I Still Exist: RUSH: She can't believe that th...
CBO Analysis: 2014 is When the Real Obamacare Excrement Will Hit the Fan: RUSH: The Democrats from Obama on down...
GOP Accused of Waging "War on Women," As Obama Negotiates with the Taliban: RUSH: The Taliban, by the way, throw...
An Assault on the Symbols of America: RUSH: There is nothing sacred anymore.