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Rupert Murdoch
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In SF just looking many start ups, mixed successes ahead, but Stripe, by brilliant Collison brothers outstanding.
Great to be with @nflcommish at our @FOXSports retreat. Looking forward to another fantastic season of @NFLonFOX
#Europe finished for ten years or forever? Hope not, but they share key enemy to South with Russia. Theory sounds glib, but not impossible.
Asked is my daughter friend of David Cameron? Don't know, but hope not. Really not my business.
At Camp Laurel, Maine visiting daughter. Great experience for kids, new friends, different activities all maturing, teaching independence.
Don't worry,the kangaroos were there, fat and happy! Now back to NY and real work with difficult decisions.
Hundreds of kangaroos did right thing and showed up for great pix.
Relaxing at last. Few hours in magnificent Aussie bush. Ewes lambing, cows calving, great season. Later hoping show off mobs of kangaroos.
Sorry can't buy Trib group or LA Times - cross-ownership laws from another age still in place.
Just had exciting week in Australia with great team digging company out of many holes. Also met great group of young inventors.
Sorry, I have been busy lately with many preoccupations!
Wonderful issue today of WSJ marking 125 th anniversary creating great interest.
Just saw wonderful film The Fault is in the Stars. Beautiful story, amazing tear jerker. Congrats again to all at Fox.'
China's purchases of all possible African natural resources - and elsewhere - alarming. We just GIVE billions not even causing growth.
Anti-Chinese riots and factory burnings in Vietnam serious and may spread.
Our prayers are with the missing Nigerian girls and their families. It's time to #BringBackOurGirls. -mo
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Hard to believe slave trade, not just sex, still prevalent in Africa and large parts of Middle East. UN as-ever unconcerned and useless.
Story of lipped Nigerian girls horrifying. 8 more today! Outrage not enough. Only safe return, justice for perpetrators.
Story of kidnapped Nigerian girls horrifying, Another 8 today! Outrage not enough.only safe return, justice for perpetrators.
Great day at Kentucky Derby. A real American institution. 150,000 people having a great time, but with a lot of tradition.
Warren Buffett complains about Omaha hotel rates moving. Thought he believed in free markets, supply and demand, etc?
Silicon Valley one day, next Miami. What a great country of booming contrasts! Pity most of country in between not so happy.
Google attack on NSA extreme nerve. Google has more data on all of us and uses it. No evidence of NSA doing this. Ethical company?
Just completing week in Silicon Vy. Exponential increase in innovation, not just here but world wide. Implications ( jobs?) unpredictable
Google grows more exciting. Now hiring top academics to work on anti- aging
God bless and happy Easter for all Christians, especially those suffering persecution in many countries.
Yesterday saw mind blowing demonstration of virtual reality developed by Oculus, snapped up for $2 bn by Facebook. Congrats, Mark.
Vegans wake up! Bill Clinton looks incredibly healthy after giving up this nonsense. We all need a little red meat.
Great morning taking young daughters to Rio2. Fantastic animation with nice story, even if politically correct! Idealistic , good for kids
How long before Putin moves further on Ukraine? Kerry sounds pathetic, EU gutless. Neighbours now terrified and seem friendless.
Stock market dive overdue, may have further to go. Means fewer IPOs this year. Meanwhile Alibaba getting hassled by Chinese government.
Who advised POTUS to embrace Al Sharpton on very day new scandal erupted? Sharpton always a rogue disgraces otherwise good causes.
Microsoft moves and options for future fascinate. Need for big clean out of bureaucracy and focus on next big tech wave. Metadata?
Why did Al Sharpton allow FBI to wire him? Patriotism or blackmail pressure?
Repeat Afghan election a triumph. Country bears no resemblance to ten years ago. Taliban reduced to small, ineffective number.
Please join Jon Stewart, Sarah Palin & me in supporting returning veterans in their careers: Via @ACPUSA
Afghan successful, peaceful election, taken with condition of country, will make millions of critics reconsider. Looks like triumph.
Congrats to @CarterBays @HimymCraig & everyone at #HIMYM on an amazing run. 20th Century Fox TV is proud producer
500,000 followers on twitter! @MarkScordo put me over the line. Will have to send him some @FOXSportsAUS gear to say thanks.
40 per cent of early deaths caused by life style. Left alone, insurers would soon educate people eating crap, smoking, etc.
Sick of world being run by central bankers. Where are some strong democratic political leaders? Let rates float and watch people save.
UKIP,Farage still making progress. Without a deal Cameron will be dead meat after 2015 elections. Prepare for Radical Labour.
Signs Obama's pressure on Putin friends is being felt. Should lay it on harder. They only understand money. And warn off Baltics.
US just finished ten days campaign of political correctness. now we should not use the word bossy. We encourage bossy bosses of both sexes.
Where will this end? Guinness pulls out of religious parade bullied by gay orgs who try to take it over. Hope all Irish boycott the stuff
Charter school fight leads to greater understanding and helps all education reformers. Issue will not go away.
de Blasio attack on charter schools major issue. Heat being applied by few wealthy supporters flooding effective tv. National issue soon.
777. Still think this a reminder that US and China should be working more closely on Muslim extremist threat.
World seems transfixed by 777 disappearance. Maybe no crash but stolen, effectively hidden, perhaps in Northern Pakistan, like Bin Laden.