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Rupert Murdoch
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Congratulations to wonderful Anna Patrice Botin on appointment as Chairman of best Spanish bank, Santander. Will do great job.
Scotland. Sun- Times poll has four point lead for No, Guardian two, Salmon folks tiny lead to Yes. Nobody knows.
Shocking! Obama trouble in getting meaningful support for war on barbaric ISIS. Allies distrustful. US history of letting friends down.
Salmond a friend, great politician, man of the people, etc, but I would be much happier with another great Scottish AS - Adam Smith!
New poll disappointing for Salmond, but not a big deal. Still all to play for. But AS had a bad day, promising membership of the EU.
Okay, how would Salmond govern? Socialist paradise no. People need jobs, decent pay, streamline bureaucracy,new investment. No EU.
Congrats to @amplify on their new direct-to-consumer math game Twelve A Dozen, available now. More here
What happened to the Scottish Enlightenment? US owes more to it than England. How would Salmond rule?
Did not mean to hurt Piers Morgan. Piers a friend and a legend.
Piers Morgan seems unemployed after failing to attract any audience in US. Seemed out of place. Once talented, now safe to ignore.
Generations of Scottish preacher forefathers came from beautiful northern fishing village, Rosehearty. Now totally silted up. Sad.
Scots better people than to be dependants of London. Hard choice with real pain for some time. Maybe too much.
Bigger problem! Wrestling with Scottish vote. Scottish Sun No. 1. Head over heart, or just maybe both lead to same conclusion.
Page 3 again. Aren't beautiful young women more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes? Your opinions please.
Brit feminists bang on forever about page 3. I bet never buy paper I think old fashioned but readers seem to disagree.
Old Apple = Steve, new Apple = Tim plus entire executive team working as one. Cultural contrast is stark and good to see.
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Apple A8 processor. Imagine new microchip containing two billion transistors! Yes, two billion!
Apple presentation amazing production. New, much better iPhones, ApplePay, IWatch all beautifully designed. Deserve to be world's No 1 coy.
In Silicon Valley . What a different perspective one gets. Optimism, risk, brilliance, innovation at all ages. Success, failure, no fear.
When Education Secretary tried to correct in some schools Cameron sacked him. General public disgusted.
British six scandal n Rotherham too horrible . Problem in other northern cities endemic. Labour councils cover up Reverse racism.
Australia very similar to US. New world vs. old world?
Muslims 1per cent of US, basically very well integrated. UK 4 plus and France 5, man more joining ISIS and majority far from integrated
Scotland. Now southern parties all promising much new autonomy if vote is No. Problem for them now is credibility. Also too late.
Salmond's private polls predict 54-46 Yes. Desperate last ten days ahead for both sides. Most powerful media, BBC, totally biased for No.
Scottish poll reflects world-wide disillusion with political leaders and old establishments leaving openings for libertarians and far left.
Next week is Apple's turn. Early indications some great innovative products. Still wonderful company.
Yesterday and today meeting, great artist, now turned tech entrepreneur with mind-blowing ideas. Certainly ambitious
Scottish independence means huge black eye for whole political establishment, especially Cameron and Milliband.
London Times will shock Britain and more with reliable new poll on Scottish independence. If right on 18 th vote everything up for grabs
Paul Ryan book story of growth and true conviction calling for new national direction, small but compassionate govt, told with real humility
Publishers and authors all fighting Amazon
Amazon fighting book publishers for higher margins. Result might be cheaper books, but end of all remaining book shops. Monopoly for Amazon
Only way for shared growth and re-employment of millions is massive, even risky, deregulation, allow small businesses to start up and grow.
World's central bankers meet, most with failed policies printing money, causing big inflation in asset values, very few jobs.
Friend of privacy? New planned Google mapping satellites will carry high definition cameras capable of facial recognition!
Recapture of Mosul Dam was great cooperative effort, but further actions await Obama's decision. Tough one but no real choice.
ISIS can only be beaten by policy of elimination and even then with difficulty. This is historic war of barbarism v, civilization.
Looking forward to reading Paul Ryan's The Way Forward. Ryan the most influential Republican in Congress. Will report.
Why are CA jails filled with largely young guilty of minor crimes? Jerry Brown, please. Vast expense, social damage. Overpaid staff too.
Will Congress act on demilitarisation of police when it reconvenes?
NSA privacy invasion bad, but nothing compared to Google.
Barbaric ISIS has few hundred US Brit & Oz recruits, all planning to return. Secret services' no idea of identities. Huge dangers ahead.
US has historic high in people out of work. Major changes needed to open opportunities, fix schools,or face more Fergusons.
In SF just looking many start ups, mixed successes ahead, but Stripe, by brilliant Collison brothers outstanding.
Great to be with @nflcommish at our @FOXSports retreat. Looking forward to another fantastic season of @NFLonFOX
#Europe finished for ten years or forever? Hope not, but they share key enemy to South with Russia. Theory sounds glib, but not impossible.
Asked is my daughter friend of David Cameron? Don't know, but hope not. Really not my business.
At Camp Laurel, Maine visiting daughter. Great experience for kids, new friends, different activities all maturing, teaching independence.
Don't worry,the kangaroos were there, fat and happy! Now back to NY and real work with difficult decisions.