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Rupert Murdoch
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Race to the bottom! Multi-million $ effort by teachers to throw out many reforming governors after gaining control in NY, LA, and DC.
Huge percentage of African Americans now below poverty line. Biggest disappointment of so-called "recovery".
Enjoying brilliant, often provocative, Peter Thiel book, Zero to One. Will buy many and distribute to all senior execs.
Clarifications, crazy tweeters. Editors make newspapers, not businessmen. Court award of $ 800 m belongs to over 100,000 Fox share holders
Endeavour and other spacecraft full of essential computer software. Nothing to power of today's smartphone. Luckily own beautiful IPhone 6.
Will return with more family whenever possible. Philanthropists who made this possible deserve great thanks.
Proud to be an American. Just took son&grandson to California science exhibition in LA fantastic show of spacecraft,other U.S. achievements
Oil down from $107 to $85 as US output rises, broke Nicaragua pumps every ounce possible, Iran increases, etc. Good as Russia gets hurt most
Trillions lost in few weeks on oil, other commodities. Tough, but good for lowering most costs for all, from families to factories.
Potential Ebola crisis needs immediate world-wide thorough precautions, not panic.
Almost unbelievable US treating Qatar as ally when they financing most of our enemies.
Today Fox News' 18 th birthday! Last week No I cable channel, including entertainment, Great achievement by Roger Ailes and wonderful team.
News journals can prosper and live with smart use of digital. Some already doing brilliantly in different countries.
Newspapers suffered mor from radio (60 yrs ago) and tv (30 yrs) than Internet today. What happened to evening papers before dial arrived?
Too early to be sure, but November election shaping up as a Republican wave. Could lead to immigration reform and some economic progress.
NY mayor deBlasio' tax and regulations will soon stop Bloomberg's progressive momentum. Tragic for world's greatest city.
Congrats to Fox folk on Gone Girl, coming this Friday. Terrific reviews of brilliantly crafted suspense thriller. Opened NY Film Festival.
NO tax avoidance by News, Fox or any Murdochs in Australia. Courts ruled, so move on!
US economy mixed at best, saved by massive shale gas finds, lower energy costs. Look at Texas v. New York State.
Elites'policies crushing poor, printing money etc, uneconomic climate investments,all causing higher costs, more inequality. Backlash near
Brit Labour conference a real downer, Tories now shaping up for same. Meanwhile UKIP surge likely guarantees Labour victory next May.
British Justice Secretary tells Scots "get off my lawn". Will Cameron now say the same thing to EU? Needs to, to win coming election.
Most interesting week in British politics in memory. Gordon Brown, a man reborn,most effective. Cameron's solo politics a knock-out.
Proposing Britain becomes a big Switzerland logical outcome of first promise to Scots, is pretty revolutionary. Many doubters, maybe delay.
Cameron's promise of devolution, now for all parts of country, without consulting cabinet, clever politics, but divisions in all parties.
Alex Salmond's sudden resignation makes him most honest politician in Britain. Actually he seems to have changed country's future.
Really proud of the whole team at Scottish Sun for superb coverage of referendum. And grateful.
Exit polls sound very ominous for YES. Now everybody on both sides must ensure Cameron and Milliband keep heir promises and not weasel out.
Nonsense reports alleging violence in Scotland, surprisingly good mannered crowds both sides. May change tonight with pubs open all night!
Scotland now voting. Nobody can be sure of outcome, but Yes organisation likely to make it very close. Either way, UK changes forever.
Huge AUST surprise anti-terrorist raids netted many suspects. Also seems $9m stolen and sent to ISIS.
Just saw the hilarious Simpsons short video on YouTube. Brilliant fun.
Correction. Battle of Bannockburn was June 1314, treaty with England signed in September!
SNP not talking about independence, but more more welfarism, expensive greenery, etc and passing sovereignty to Brussels.
Scottish economy may or may not be ready for independence, but country is ready emotionally and politically. However.......
Coincidence or fate? Sept 18 2014 700 years since Battle of Bannockburn threw off English yoke. But now SNP wants to swap UK rule for EU.
With all- party promises of max devolution, if kept, Britain will be a different place, certainly better managed. Tough negotiations ahead.
That process must continue. Despite English patronising, whatever the outcome, extremists on both sides will fade, warm feelings return.
Foundations continue to lift millions out of poverty. World an Immeasurably better place, living standards continue upwards for billions.
Should remember Scots invented modern world 200 odd years ago with Scottish Enlightenment. Free people, free markets, decent restraints.
Scotland. Have to worry about some of Salmond's allies. Far left socialists and extreme greenies. Must change course to prosper if he wins.
Another ISIS beheading reminds us world's biggest crisis today is war of barbarism v. civilisation.
NO camp counter- productive with bullying and lies,until Brown entered. But most don't knows will vote No, on " better the devil we know".
With hundreds of thousands who never voted before, how can polls with small samples be sure. Mixed forecasts prove nobody can tell.
Unprecedented 97 per cent registered. Everywhere alive with debate. Democracy truly at work. Both sides predicting victory.
Cameron and Brown have promised so much more devolution if No wins, Britain will look like a federation. Bet many Tories outraged.
Tried 24 hours incognito Scottish visit (failed!). No politicians, just street and pub talks. Glasgow, Aberdeen, Rosehearty. Great people.
Congratulations to wonderful Anna Patrice Botin on appointment as Chairman of best Spanish bank, Santander. Will do great job.
Scotland. Sun- Times poll has four point lead for No, Guardian two, Salmon folks tiny lead to Yes. Nobody knows.
Shocking! Obama trouble in getting meaningful support for war on barbaric ISIS. Allies distrustful. US history of letting friends down.