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tanya shuckhart
Love when my in-laws invite me for a lunch date :). #marriedlife #blessed #family
In case you're wondering if it hurts to pass kidney stones - the answer is - hell yes. That is all. #smallmedievalobject
7 Tips for Using Social Media During Conferences… via @mashable
Logged 18 miles last week. 5 today... No way to ease back into #running. #JUSTDOIT #runchat #stayhealthy
How Empowering Women Improved Our Agency
Love it when the hamster gets out if its cage and hides behind baseboards under my sink. #atleastitsahamster #mondaymorning #whyisthisathing
So in love... And she has my puppy love... He is 42. #Love love love .... #happymama
Be you. Every day. Authentic you. #alignment
What's your heart telling you today? Not your mind... Your heart. Listen... Then align to make it happen. #alignment
Seems to be a popular kid resting spot. #homesweethome - night night tweeties. #familyfirst #LoveIsAllYouNeed
@mediatanya What a great example of a family U all R in your pics - lovely to see!
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I can't get the repetitive (actually painful) sound of the air compressor + nail gun out of my head. Tranquil quiet wknd starts now. #peace
Let's see:) Why Training for a Half Marathon Will Make You Better at Your Job via @megannenicole for @PRSANewPros
@mktgchris: @mediatanya did you frisk him? He looks shady ;-)” I frisk him every chance I get ;)
I'm handling puppets & wearing a burka. This & more sentences never before uttered #GottaDoIt Wed 9pm #SGDI only @CNN
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It's probably time to pack it in for the night when kids start laying on my "desk". #WorkFromAnywhere
Surprisingly productive morning despite the musical chairs of having to work from different rooms whilst roof project underway. #earplugs
It's Women's Small Business Month! Today we celebrate women that help other women RT @ someone you know! #HerOwnBoss
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Melissa Gilbert pens 'My Prairie Cookbook': Turns out Half-Pint can cook! |
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So thankful tonight for my wonderful husband. He fathers, loves, leads, nurtures, provides. He also makes me coffee every morning :). #xoxo
Three days without hearing from these handsome princes. Sure hope they're ok. #parentalalienation
@mediatanya omg, I was totally on that conference call!
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From the RSVP to the handshake goodbye: 10 tips for your next networking event. @DianeGottsman
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LOL - @mktgchris this is awesome:… - A conference call in real life... Go ahead - laugh :)
I'm pretty sure this means I've given @RobertDowneyJr something to think about. I told him "The Judge" was the...
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Get some inspiration to take your home office to the next level: @ZoeLaHenry
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Feeling indisposed while at work = unpleasant. Feeling indisposed while working from home = less unpleasant. #silverlining
Ban smartphones in meetings? Wait just a minute - @Concur Blog
Where to Eat in London - Concur Blog
"People want to be in marketing because it has become a technological and analytical business" Ann Lewnes (@alewnes) #MKTGSUMMIT
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I woke up to this :). It's ok, you can be jealous - it's just my type ;). Happy B-day indeed! #writerwednesday
Best. Birthday. Gift. Ever. #writer thank you my gorgeous, loving, brilliant, husband. You are…
There's always a #SilverLining... For us #Family dinner nights resume - Loemeli's in OC. #shuckslove
Choir over soccer. Good choice mom of the year. Two down. One to go I guess. #ParentalAlienation
A little under the weather tonight and missing my hubby. My little broccoli lover is taking good care of me :).
Things you *never* hear ur kids say... Ok except maybe that one time five minutes ago: "Mama, can I have broccoli for snack?". #VeggieHour
The @onceuponatime cake was *almost* too pretty to eat - but we acquiesced didn't we jblackburn2001 xoxo
@mediatanya give her a big hug and kiss for me ! Happy birthday Jay! Love you pretty girl 😻😽
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