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πŸ’¨βœˆοΈRT@N_C_BB: Barack better be getting on a plane.
What is there for me to be scared of? Humor me RT @KGeezy93: @Royceda59 or are you just scared of Cassidy?
πŸ˜† I thought you was just saying waddup RT@OfficiallyIcee:@Royceda599 only person I know that spends $420k just cause he's bored.#Hollywoodd
Styles make fights.. Don't see the sell there RT @Joe_FFS: @Royceda59 Any reason or......
Nah RT @Joe_FFS: @Royceda59 Would you battle cassidy?
🚢✌️ RT@OfficiallyIcee:@Royceda599 bruh. I saw u last month and asked u bout that purchase and you're reply was, "U know I be bored."
We gotta come up with a new nickname for me now bruh. I haven't bought anything RT @OfficiallyIce: @Royceda59 what's good Hollywood?
Now who's the genius that's gonna step up n give a logical explanation as to why tear gas is necessary?
Smh RT @OfficiallyIce: 😭😭😭😭😭
Is Marshall n Rih done bodying Met yet?
Hahahaha RT @parksmusic: So β€œ@UberFacts: On average, shorter men live about 2 years longer than taller men.”
I'm good my brother, thank you RT @peterschmader: @Royceda59 Definitely call. You can DM me, too.
No need to cock back and throw the kitchen sink eem.. Short and concise πŸ’₯οΏ½
😐 RT@nytimess: Breaking News: Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6
This Ferguson situation is making me wanna take a drink.. I'm calling my sponsor
I fukin love that hook RT @RealHighzenberg: @Royceda59 no flex zone? Lol like a children's version of niggas in Paris
Anything beyond logic is the illuminati RT @NORTHTRENTON: You're logically correct @Royceda59.
No in the condition I was in RT @Dopemannn: @Royceda59 you're supposed to sing the ending of the song & usually it'll help
I got drunk and couldn't sing you the hook to Lighters a few times πŸ˜‚
If a song gets "stuck in your head" it's your Brain, it ain't the song
Ha! Riddle rap RT @ICEMAN7270: Emcees still saying "get it? " after punchlines or nah?
I dunno why people think that when a song is stuck in their head, it's a hit..
Somebody sent me a beat with a singing hook on it that was so garbage, it's stuck in my head now..
Become willing to make a sincere apology, know that you'll feel calm and relaxed about that person once this part is accomplished.
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