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We were always in the stu together. Even when we wasn't recording. Good times RT @JayStriggles: @Royceda59 What was it like wit blade?
Just having fun RT @KennallTwist: @Royceda59 What Was the energy like in the studio When you and Eminem Were recording Hell the Sequel?
The fight was fixed from jump with that event
😳 RT@AbsolootFLPP:@Royceda599 Money wasnt right... Low fan turnout, artists wasn't getting paid so they walked
Dog... What happened at that Mc Wars battle in ATL?
Death cake RT @MeLaMachinko: Nah RT @jteeDC: Nope. RT @BuzzFeed: This Recipe For Pepperoni ...
Disgusting RT @AlexAMoNey: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½@49antant: bitch tongue got on an away"
Is it gon be a live stream of this battle in ATL?
What must I go thru to show you, shit is real
Terrence Crawford got Nebraska on his back.. Salute
Your simple words just don't move me
RT @itsbizkit: RT @MsMyaG: πŸ‘ in the butt hours ..
RT @BumpyKnuckles: stop lying to these cats OG's and lead them in the right direction. #thegift
And if they're not? RT @TMZ: President Obama's latte salute -- are the Marines cool with it?
I'm just digging a binge watching hole for myself, missing all these TV shows.. Power, Sons of Anarchy etc smh
RT if you need to look at your phone in order to know what day it is..
You know how hard it is for somebody like me to convince a judge that I haven't been drinking?
Cartier consigliere's
What's the most you spent at one time, clothes shopping?
RT @CECE_On_Air: K. Deezy (@therealKDEEZY) Ft. Royce Da 5’9 (@Royceda59) – β€œ#Aintimonit
πŸ˜‚ RT@JoeBuddenn: Don’t mind me, I’m just the captain of the Washedington Wizards.
RT @XXL: Royce Da 5’9β€³ (@Royceda59) On Shady Records And His PRhyme LP With DJ Premier
Lol.. I was reading jokes wondering should I laugh yet, thanx RT @NerdAtCoolTable: Just got in a car accident im good tho. Let the jokes fly
Hurry up and wait
Haha damn RT @TyKumlaude: @Royceda59 that like asking is all rappers real
A lot of Chanel purses in the airport.. These shits all real?
πŸ’―!! RT@BumpyKnuckless: How about I got a chance to sit down and build with one of my favorite
It's uniform RT @creep23: Yo.. is it required to have a Tigers hat and Cartier shades in Detroit? @Burns_313 @F_BLOCK21
I love myself 🎢🎢
(NEW EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) Snoop Dogg's @SnoopDogg @MurdaMookez Gladiator School. Calico VS Hitman Holla in Atlanta!!!
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Roy Jones scores a first rnd KO, huh? Whoever that guy is who got stopped is part of the problem
ICYMI: Devon Still announced the good news that his daughter Leah’s tumor has been removed. ->
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NYC ... I just landed here a day late.. Should've came here yesterday n went to that Yankee game
Drivers who don't talk are sent from heaven... You are appreciated
I'm extremely humbled & honored to represent & officially be recognized by the great city of Det. Commissioner Harris
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This flight ain't gon catch itself
πŸ’― RT@_BuddenQuotess: Had to cop one of those limited edition PHRYME hoodies πŸ”₯ Salut@Royceda5959
People still watch Netflix?
@Royceda59 Man its a real blood bath I saw one rip lock on the neck of some animal & rip its head off then take off to eat it smh
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RT @EvilJeanyis: @Royceda59 they be wildin. They scavengers too not too many other species want problems with them
They're like the gangbangers of the jungle RT @EvilJeanyis: @Royceda59 yup on Wild Network
They rip out huge chunks each time their jaws lock down RT @laiidee: @Royceda59 they aint no joke
I had to go to Africa n see one in person.. They'll fuck you up if they get the chance ..
Ya'll ever watched a documentary on wild dogs ?