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Rove McManus
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I know one day the giant raven in my backyard is going to fly away with me in its beak. If you don't hear from me, that's what happened.
So you should RT “@JimHarringtonAU: Every time I watch Finding Nemo, I point out to who ever I'm watching it with that @Rove plays a crab!”
Less than a month until @RIOTonFOX debuts. It even comes with a guarantee from @SteveCarell.
Proud to see someone naming their house after my character in a sketch with @Ronn_Moss and @pjhelliar years ago.
Hate that there's no way in real life to see if someone is "verified" when I meet them - so I don't waste my time.
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A round of applause for Sarah, unsung hero of #MICF handwriting EVERY show listing EVERYDAY in chalk @micomfestival
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My favourite unit of measurement is "shitload".
I'd be more interested in checking out the #BloodMoon of the #LunarEclipse if they sounded a little less like novels in the Twilight saga.
Trying to explain why some people are mean, my two year old interrupts and says... "Maybe they just need love" #my2yroldissmarterthanme
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I don't know that anyone has fully mastered the art of making styrofoam rocks on television look genuinely heavy.
#GameOfThrones: successfully ruining a generation of young viewers' plans to ever get married since 2013.
@Rove 1 in 10 doctors spend their day asking their colleagues to complete surveys.
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9 out of 10 doctors recommend not answering surveys or you will keep getting asked to do surveys, instead of important things. Like surgery.
Conversation with my 8 year old son. Son: Dad, you make more money but I'm better looking than you. Me: Most people are.
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Watching @pattonoswalt do his thing in his latest special #TragedyComedyTime made my everything feel better.
Congratulations to the hilarious and talented @CeliaPacquola on her #MICF Barry Award nomination. Good luck!
I wish there were more commercials depicting Gary Busey yelling at household objects.
Happy birthday to the biggest spunk I've ever got pash rash from, @MagdaSzubanski xoxoxo
Here's the podcast I was talking highlight and longer "I have time to kill" versions.
Was interviewed by Sean (Aussie 5th Grader class of 08) for his podcast. He's now 15. I feel old.