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Rove McManus
Congratulations @BickmoreCarrie on baby number 2. The world's a better place with more of your DNA in it. So happy for you, Chris and Ollie.
We know it, @Rove knows it, now let's make sure the 220000 young peeps doing yr 12 know it:…
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Instead of heading into a "meeting", my phone seems to think it has a better idea of what I'm really doing
So great to see @brentonthwaites again and so happy for how well he's doing. #theprojecttv #journalworthy
I just don't believe that this guy is genuine in his well wishes.
Tonight's audience is making me live the dream of being a professional wrestler. #TheProjectTV
If you're just interested in seeing the first night of #TheShelf with @Rove, @nonstoptom, @charliepick & more click:
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Interesting showbiz fact: I will be touring the country by hiding under @Slash's hat. #TheProjectTV
Tonight on @theprojecttv, top hats at the ready - it's @Slash!
My absolute pleasure RT “@OurWatchAus: @Rove thanks for your support!”
Thanks to my friends at @cartoonnetwork for making every man's dream of being a human claw come true #CMToonMachine
It's good to have a trade fall back on. Just found my new one. #CMToonMachine
Thanks to the very funny @BillBailey for being just that tonight on @theprojecttv #Limboland
Full disclosure: I have professional envy of @pjhelliar's tie tonight on @theprojecttv #ZebrasElephantsRhinosOhMy
I'm bad at disguises RT “@SusanneBrazier: @Rove you been hanging out on the Kapiti Coast of NZ? Spotted this today
Can't say enough about how much I love hanging with these guys. Always the best! @JoelMadden @benjaminmadden
Sydney, Australia for some reason they are letting me perform at the Opera House. Tickets available here.
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Photo: Me + @benjaminmadden + @rovemcmanus = Long time friends. Special. Thanks Pal. 😎🌴�
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Tonight on @theprojecttv, my boys @JoelMadden and @benjaminmadden. Can't wait.
.@Rove brings a snack from home to @theprojecttv #vitawheat He keeps the alfoil tidy so he can reuse it. #OG
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The calm before the man-love storm. Safe to say @edsheeran is one of my new favorite people. #EdPashesRove
Tonight on @theprojecttv, I battle @edsheeran for the title of "Palest Man in Showbiz".
Life's ultimate gamble is telling someone whether or not you already have plans before you know why they're asking.
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Now you're just rubbing it in ! RT “@jpmccorm: @theprojecttv just for @Rove…
Tonight on @theprojecttv, enjoy the sexual tension between @CeliaPacquola and Denzel Washington. I know I will. #OoooohYeah
Great catching up with good mate @Y_Strahovski @theprojecttv both 24 & I LOVE YOU TOO on DVD NOW!! (ILU2 cheaper!!)
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The old "children and animals" rule hits stark reality for us last night backstage at @theprojecttv #superstarfinger
2 verified accounts helped to turn #superstarfinger into a Trending Topic. These accounts were: @Rove & @theprojecttv#trndnl
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The old "children and animals" rule hits stark reality for us tonight backstage at