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Rove McManus
Coming up on @theprojecttv we are joined by @curtis_stone after me, @pjhelliar and @toddsampsonOz are your entrees.
So happy to hear @ColtCabana, @JeremyBorash and @TheMikeLawrence come together for latest #AOWpodcast. My lucky ears!
Another great one tonight. Thanks for keeping us stylish, Baz. #TheProject
6 shows left! My #edfringe run finishes Sunday at the @AssemblyFest, some 2 for 1s at the box office for tonight:
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Just switched on @theprojecttv - it's like the good old days of rove live!!! Every night!@pjhelliar @Rove @BickmoreCarrie #goodnews #tunein
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We just recreated that Venezuelan soccer bike during the break. Footage when we return! @theprojecttv
Tonight on @theprojecttv, @BickmoreCarrie, @pjhelliar and myself with the fabulous @fifi_box plus guest Baz Luhrmann
I keep waiting for them to fill this booth flying cash, but no luck. #repost --- Putting the…
I am so ridiculously happy to see @pjhelliar @Rove and @BickmoreCarrie back together!! Thank you @theprojecttv, I'm over the moon.
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Will be making this shot more official when I join @BickmoreCarrie and @pjhelliar on @theprojecttv desk tonight
Here's a creative yet creepy way to kick off your week of preparations for new #DoctorWho
The passing of Robin Williams is the most devastating loss to comedy in recent memory. No one did it better.
Thanks to my boys, Tag Champs @WWEUsos for saving my skinny white ass last night at #WWESydney
Tonight's special guest referee and Australia's own @Rove has seen better days... #WWESydney
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Excited for #WWESydney tonight. I'm hoping to sneak in inside The Wyatt Family's beards. @WWEAustralia
See you soon. Pick me up a giant duty free Toblerone on the way RT “@JustinRoberts: Offfff to AUSTRALIA!
You can also catch Die On Your Feet tomorrow too. When it's actually on. @onehd @thegregfleet @brough_alan @adamhillscomedy @corinne_grant
@Rove @onehd @brough_alan @adamhillscomedy @corinne_grant Rove,Die On Your Feet is tomorrow night (thurs)not tonight.Some friend U R. xxx
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Aussies, tonight on @onehd at 10:30pm catch Die On Your Feet with @thegregfleet, @brough_alan, @adamhillscomedy and @corinne_grant. Garn.
Thank you to everyone who voted Rove Live into the Number 2 position of Network Ten's top shows of the last 50 years. #TenTurns50
Thanks to all those who voted Rove Live the second best show on @channelten of all time. Yay @Rove. Find out who beat us after the break!!
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Thanks for coming! RT “@LittleRedTruck_: @Rove @icehousecc Tonight. What is Oz for "killed it"? #SoCalDroughty #HalfPenguinChild
Excited to see @Rove (and @jamespconnolly) tonight at the @icehousecc . Aussie, aussie, aussie.
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Looking forward to performing tonight at @icehousecc, which is just as well since I am on at @icehousecc tonight.…
The drinks are the only thing I can guarantee RT “@AutisticallyMe: @Rove "Two drinks minimum"....what about "2 laughs minimum"?”
Looking forward to seeing you at @icehousecc on Thursday (hint! hint!)…
I've always wanted to send this tweet: Hey, @DomsWildThings, this snake is in my LA garden. Should I be worried?
Are you in LA? Oh snap! Me too. We should hang out on Thursday. I know a place. @icehousecc…
I say if you can reach it, have at it.
I started on Community TV in Australia and now the govt is considering shutting it down. Sign up #committocommunitytv
Until she's old enough to deface public property on her own, it's up to me.
Most places can't seem to work out the correct ratio of cheese to crackers.
The new @meltdown_show Show on @ComedyCentral perfectly captures what makes that room so awesome. Congrats @jonahray @kumailn & @thegynomite
Things Airport Security Think While Patting You Down #BadJeopardyCategories @midnight
Lies You Have Told Kids Regarding How Their Pet Died #BadJeopardyCategories @midnight
Another wonderfully schizophrenic day doing voices for #ExchangeStudentZero, coming soon to Cartoon Network.
Because sometimes a bunch of fictitious characters are more attractive than your children.