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Ross William Wild
musicals songwriter singers 4,674 followers
you gotta love naked sunday laziness :-) #nakedsunday
starting rehearsals on monday for the UK tour of Bill Kenwright's new musical "Dreamboats and Miniskirts" playing the part of 'Norman' :-)
Currently Prouder than Ever of my RockStar @LlandyllGove !! He is amazing in @20thCenturyBoy4 ! Putting my rock screams to shame!! #Getiton
Today was mainly spent pulling funny faces with @Caradelevingne :-P mine were undoubtably funnier though. Hell of a girl ! :-)
Back on set for another day of filming at @PinewoodStudios ! It's gonna be a long one
#TheDeadHumanApe has fulfilled it's potential. We now need messiahs like #Brand&likeBrando. This ape does not evolve,jst does wht it's told
llandyllgove's photo Proud as punch of my mate Llandyll rockin the lead in 20thCenturyBoy4
On set a @PinewoodStudios falling asleep in the trailer....shattered!
Just been shot point blank in the chest by a 3 year old in his buggy. Currently bleeding to death (to his amusement)...well... Pretending to
Off to @GilgameshBar for some hearty foooood :-)
Kinder Bueno and Bex Beer work perfectly together.
If federer loses he will go back to being scottish
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So my dad fell backwards off his chair and crashed into the marquee during the dinner at a wedding yesterday...I laughed for about an hour😂😂
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band are over and we're having an awwwwwesome jam! recording next week :-) #RossWildandTheCreatures
Some just said i "have the twinkle."...i don't know what 'the twinkle' is and they won't tell me...this is getting weird lol.
If I saw a jellyfish in ocean: 6%: Not care. 14%: Swim away. 80%: "You shall be my squishy."
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"Some Pictures say a thousand words. Some pictures leave you with no words to say." @KatieMarieCork
Happy 90th Birthday to one of my best advisors & one of the most beautiful people I know. My Granny Ethel. Love you x
@RossWilliamWild Evolution is slow. Most of us have evolved past needing to prove our manliness by hunting. Those who do, haven't.
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Why do we still hunt Lions and other big game for fun? Discuss
Horrible seeing these beautiful creatures killed for nothing but man's vanity. Spread the Love. Stop Big game hunting…