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Rosie Pope
Cloth Diaper vs. Disposable Diapers: Which is Better?! Find out in my recent blog post!
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone! Vivi is rocking her rosiepope romper making mama proud ;)
Greek Yogurt+Green Juice= ur friends for post baby weight loss (sucks, we know!) #MommyIQ
Picking a delivery hospital? Up on my blog are some helpful tips!
Tune out the noise! What's right for someone else isn't necessarily right for YOU and YOUR baby #MommyIQ
What to know before the Gestational Diabetes Test
Did Olivia Wilde's Breastfeeding Help Her Lose Weight?
Think b4 u react in a tricky discipline situation. It's ok to take a moment b4 u respond+far better than regretting what u did/said #MommyIQ
Does your baby have colic? I have some facts and help up on my blog!
Make sure wee ones get enough sleep: 18hrs until 12wks, 15hrs from 12wks & toddlers 12-14hrs! Wish I were a kid ;) #MommyIQ
Celebrity Baby Shower Trends up on my blog today!
@Claire_steed: @RosiePope can you order in the UK? X” just call us 212 608 2036 and we will find a way!
This fancy new spa for moms is getting it right- sign me up for this!
What's the perfect print for winter? Polar bears! Get them before we sell out! 212.213.3393…
Loving the heart print for the girls this season! Get it now at 212.213.3393 #rosiepopefallsneakpeek
so many cute pics to choose from! To pre order all baby call 212.213.3393
Our fall baby line #rosiepopefallsneakpeek Call 212.213.3393 to pre order baby!
Where are the Mommy Docs?!
Our West Village top in Emerald- a beautiful jewel color! Pre order now by calling 212.213.3393
Our Bohemian Shirtdress in our exclusive Wishbone Print got an updated sporty stripe! Call…
Ruby is the pop color for the fall season! Our ultra comfortable Ruched Sleeve Tee looks fab in Ruby!…
The Best Dress in a beautiful Deep Iris! Call 212.213.3393 to order!
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Set up "baby circuit training" of activities so neither you nor your baby get bored! #MommyIQ
Is this the new fad? Burning the umbilical cord?
"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" -Marilyn Monroe #pregnantinheels
I'm deeply saddened by news of Robin Williams. Lets celebrate his life and also be aware of the seriousness of depression+how many suffer
stick to sponge baths until your baby's umbilical cord has fallen off #MommyIQ
You didn't know you were pregnant and kept drinking- Now what?!
Last chance to buy during the fabulous Rosie Pope Gilt Sale! @Gilt #RPlovesGILT
I named this the "Best Dress" cuz it is the best! It's so versatile & flattering, a MUST for any maternity wardrobe
Blazers make me feel so pulled together even on crazy days when all u can yank on r leggings, oversized shirt & flats
Drinking may put you in the mood to make a baby, but can it effect you actually getting pregnant?
Sleep training can't begin until your baby is at least 4 months and 14 pounds #MommyIQ
I love a good undercover diaper bag! Has what a diaper bag needs BUT doesn't look like one!
Ideal preg dress. Exclusive wishbone print designed in house to make you feel as lucky as you should during this time
Peeing your pants? Read my blog about incontinence!
Love this classic to pull together an outfit. U can hurl it in the wash- anything to make life easier
Talk to your baby. Language skills start developing immediately #MommyIQ
I am giving the most fabulous end of summer/pre-fall gift--the ultimate Rosie Pope Gilt Sale! @Gilt #RPlovesGILT
Just saw lady w/sweet babe+thought how hard 2leave mine 2go2 work.I believe in teaching them 2bproud of me but doesn't make this any easier
Is raising vegetarian kids healthy? Check out my blog to find out!
Want to say how proud I am to work under this emerging tower #freedom tower @ The Lab- 55 Warren St.
Love these kid friendly coffee tables! I’ve had to tape foam to too many table corners- this is right up my alley!
Thank you @SleepEezKidz for your advice! My Bridget is sleeping through the night and I so appreciated your support.
My workout inspiration is my kids! I need energy to run after them!
Christina’s crazy baby shower cake: Yes that’s a baby coming out of her QUEEN VICTORIA
Bored reading about "balance"?means many diff things to people-maybe some of us find balance in lack of balance-wow I'm deep this morning!