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Rocco DiSpirito
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How can you make the perfect burger? Here's how! [VIDEO]:… Ft. @IAMQUEENLATIFAH
@roccodispirito had the honor of meeting Chef Peter Kelly at "Xavier X20 on the Hudson". Such a nice person!
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#CuteAnimals Compilation [VIDEO]:… (I like the snoring bulldog at 0:49 in)
How can you reduce your cravings for salt? Here are some tips [VIDEO]:…
My burger from The #PoundADayDiet is well under 300 cal, including cheese and my special sauce! Get the recipe here:
How can you get YOUR kids to eat healthy? Here's my POV [VIDEO]:… #diet #health
Oh hell yeah! I didn't make pretty slices like yours. Easier to pop in my mouth this way! @roccodispirito #caprese
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Get well soon @Joan_Rivers "I don't work out. If God wanted us to bend over he'd put diamonds on the floor."
Here's a little video to get you moving on Saturday - a Foxtrot w/ @Karina_Smirnoff [VIDEO]:…
Seasoning tip: Slash the sodium! Most of the time, you don’t really need as much salt as some recipes call for. Try using less!
Make a shake you won't regret drinking in this episode of #HealthySubstitutions, with @roccodispirito:
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This #LaborDay Weekend, leave the hot dogs and burgers to someone else and bring a Caprese Salad to the party!
Try some #glutenfree pastas! New options + cooking tips 4 delicious meals. Input from @CarolFenster, @roccodispirito
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@roccodispirito AHH! You're a life saver! Asked to bring a side dish to a Labor Day gathering & was stumped on what to bring. Not no mo!!
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This Labor Day Weekend, leave the hot dogs and burgers to others and bring a big plate of Caprese Salad to the party!
Don't cave. Mix brocc w/sausage & pasta, oil & garlic RT @roccodispirito @MarloThomas What's a sure-fire way to get kids to eat their veggs?
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As they say n my fave town Boston, here's dinnah! Luv ur quick idea of rotisserie chik w/pico @roccodispirito
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@roccodispirito & if they're still young,start now w/veggies&do not offer alternatives.Mine are 16&12 & willingly eat everything-even tofu!
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What's a sure-fire way to get kids to eat their vegetables? [VIDEO]:… #diet #health Ft. @MarloThomas
How would you like to win TWO full weeks of my Green Detox Plan and jumpstart your diet? Head here to enter:
You could win two free weeeks of my Green Detox Plan to jump start your diet! Enter here for your chance to win:…
What is the nicest thing you can do for another person? Cook for them! I break it down for @younghollywood [VIDEO]:…
How can you make a low-fat but absolutely delicious Caesar Salad? Here's the secret [VIDEO]:… Ft. @MarloThomas #diet
This woman is accused of setting her ex-boyfriend's house on fire using bacon
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What are some "Olive Oil Essentials"? Here's the 4-1-1:… #diet #health
DYK you can get the same fresh food delivery service -- to your home or office -- as my celebrity clients do?…
Delicious, low-fat chicken enchiladas? Yes - it's possible! Here how to make them [VIDEO]:…
@roccodispirito Here in the Midwest they're pushing Fall :/ pumpkin everything is popping up! I'm not going to rush it, Vanilla it is!
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Summer is the best time for Smoothies! My delicious Vanilla Smoothie Mix has 29g of protein, 0g of fat per serving:…
How can YOU make great tasting Tomato Sauce? Here's the secret [VIDEO]:… #diet #health #fitness Ft. @MarloThomas
@roccodispirito Currently working on low fat meatballs recipe from "Now Eat this : Italian"... Smells great!!
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Watching the @BravoTopChef episode when you sous chef for Hung reminds me of how great you are! @roccodispirito #fab
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RT @roccodispirito What ingredient should you take out of your kitchen right now? Find out: #fitness #health
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"One person with a belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interests." - John Stuart Mill
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What's the biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight? [VIDEO]… Ft. @MarloThomas #diet #fitness #health
@roccodispirito can't stop cooking Italian in kitchen! Red Snapper Puttanesca w some San Marzano tomatoes 4 ex-sauce
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A big thank you to the #firstresponders in the Napa Fire Depart. for all your hard work everyday, especially today
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