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Rob Swire
What country wakes up and checks their email on a Monday, 1:37 AM UK time? 1:37 = 10:37 AM Sydney time. Busted, @triplej.
"Boss Mode" was uploaded to iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/JJJ (Oz radio) on Sunday. First tweets about the leak were on Monday 1:37-3:37 AM, UK time
@rob_swire am I seriously hearing the words "slightly different" before the second drop? it can't be, surely... :L
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(PS I don't actually mind that it leaked, just surprised at the potential sources. early music = good music)
@rob_swire the fact it's called "abandon ship" and it's leaking is very funny :P
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Perhaps I should just leak everything myself from now on, at least then I can control the quality.
(oh, and the actual master sounds 20000% better than that MP3 ;) )
That's quite amazing that it leaked. It pretty much means that someone at iTunes/Spotify/online stores leaked it. What an age we live in :S
He is also, no doubt, masturbating furiously as he tries to edit a version that will fool people on YouTube for some reason
(of the clip on my SoundCloud)
All the "leaks" you've heard of Boss Mode are just some cunt with too much time on his hands looping different.sections.
I just realised "Another Night" by Real McCoy and "Barbie Girl" by Aqua are pretty much the same tune...this is my mental state right now
TEH INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUSINESS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ╔͎═͓═͙╗ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ̨ͨ╚̨̈́═̈́﴾ ̥̮̂˖̫˖̥̮  ̂ ) Now with added website:
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It's good to live as a hobo while finishing an album...just to remind yourself of what the future holds if your music sucks
Holy shit, I look like shit right now. If I saw myself walking towards me on the pavement, I'd cross the road
The number of hashtags you use on Instagram pix is equal to the number of psych meds you should be on.
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Cubase/Nuendo crash upon starting a project under Windows
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My American visa application renewal was refused because my beard and hair were too messy #albumtime #susanalbumparty
When this album is finished, I am going to disappear for an entire month, regardless of any shows booked or responsibilities.
. @rob_swire He's still here and now with rainbow colour on the box
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Thank you for all the kind words re: Begin Again, even though the references to Pendulum are making me slightly nauseous for some reason
i wish bass music was produced less loud, i hate having a nice mix and then having to crank it up 6000 million decibels to fit in a set.
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There's some hobo in Camden wearing shorts and a clown mask, playing @HARDWELL "Spaceman" in a 1x1m plastic DJ booth...this is my future
@rob_swire Awesome, you should be on :)
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Studio beard level 4: "confused and disheveled" achieved. Next comes level 5: "Saddam upon capture"
When you check your music library and a fucking U2 album has suddenly appeared there...
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So happy with the final version of "Begin Again" :) always wanted to write a song like this, even if it doesn't sound much like usual KP
Apple surprises everyone by releasing Bono's nudes straight into everyone's photo streams.
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"Hey bro, you got the time?" "Yeah, it's ... hang on. Just a sec. God fucking damnit. "
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Call that a watch? a watch
"it is the next chapter... and here it is..." *stream crashes*
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"You trusted us to keep your nude photos safe. Now trust us with your money!" - Apple
Way to stream, Apple.
The lines are all perfectly level. C'mon brain you can do this
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Love this campaign idea RT @Jaimes: Reporters Without Borders: Censorship tells the wrong story
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Music video idea: a UK music video director thinks up a boring clichéd script, gets thrown into a pit of fire and sharks
Oh my god. It actually happened.
Anyone else getting Melodyne crashes with Cubase 7.5.30 / Nuendo 6.5.30?