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Rob Swire
I can not wait for the day when every 'real' dj has perished and technology is accepted as the future.This 'sync' debate is ancient news
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I feel like I've been hiking for 8 years, got my arm stuck under a rock for 127 hours, hacked it off, then got interrogated at guantanamo
Last one, motherfuckers :D
EDM Trend Machine = our story about the last 5 years of electronic music, condensed into a 5 minute trolling
Twitter teams up with SoundCloud and iTunes to play audio within tweets @guardiantech
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I will DJ via robot, like that kid with the allergies
If Ebola becomes a thing, I will move back to Australia and you can all shove your touring up your ass.
"Okay, now you're you, I'm me." "I'm me?" "Hey, don't jerk me around, fella."
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<end of story> goodnight
...but I'm so glad we did it. Even if it turns out they were right and EDM is fucked and no one buys it and we have to sell organs for food.
I realised that if an artist I liked released an album of old tunes, I'd be pissed off. So we wrote 12 from scratch, and it took FOREVER
"...EDM is dead, you should just release all your old material on one CD, fulfill the contract then do something with Pendulum"
Before we embarked on this thing, some people in our sphere of influence told us "don't bother, just release your previous EPs as an album"
So close to finishing this fucking thing. Can't believe it.
Note to self: stop doing anything
Anyone know where Ableton moved the fucking VST path selection folder preference bit to in 9.1.4?
Of course. Of course my beard trimmer would break down just as I reach maximum hobo.
Just for all the people saying "it sounds like Bonfire" :)…
Got an fMRI scan to help my sister with her PhD. This is what I'd look like with no hair & front of my face cut off!
Here it is running FM8. Protools, Nuendo and Sound Forge are on the desktop... fuck yo iPad
Haha I just found this thing. Bought it in 2007 and took it on tour with me. Size of an iPhone 6+ and ran Win XP
I think the thing is, people seem to have a need to assume they 'know' others, and are confused when they do unexpected things
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This is the non-glamorous, no-McClaren side of EDM you never get to see.
Going to buy drain cleaner. Apparently the burnt rubber smell could be stale human piss if the drains are blocked. Yay!
-obligatory producer jokes about "hot tunes" / beats being "straight fire"-
Strange burning rubber smell in my studio with 40 year old wiring ;/ that can't be good
Still in the studio 10 years later doing the exact same thing (albeit for a different project)
Myself and G made this 10 years ago exactly - 29/09/2004. It was never released. We used some parts for HYC tracks.…
Is High-Fidelity Sound the Future of Streaming Music?
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@rob_swire it's not unfinished, it's a new style of forward thinking minimal
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I feel kinda like a chef on Gordon Ramsey's show. "Come on mate, there's 500 customers waiting!!!" -still aimlessly chopping cucumber-
There is one track on the album that doesn't actually exist yet. It has no drop. It goes ".....rrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRR -nothing-"
I'm extremely psyched for the @knifepartyinc album, like really
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The first person to invent a fix for..that thing where you leave clothes in the washer too long and it starts to smell = hero of the decade
@rob_swire what doesn't kill you.... probably effects your overall life expectancy
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"The intro sounds great. Let's switch the drums on the drop.....then again on the second drop!" - 3 days later:
Note to self: stop doing 3 different drum mixes per tune. One is enough...they only expect one.