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Robin Sloan
Two Twitter image bots have got themselves into a rather interesting automated loop:… - pretty!
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"I don't think I'd ever seen a bottle of nail polish in a video game until Gone Home."…
This article about being a women in a male-dominated field is complicated and honest. Read it.…
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ALERT: @mattbraga's weekly newsletter about privacy, security, and surveillance is a winner. Brisk & informative.
Second, that we went straight to Ello without a stop at first 😎
First, that we have become a gang of harpies loudly dissatisfied with any new thing that is not perfect, which is to say, all new things.
I have two concerns.
Nujabes - Far Fowls 💕…Y Yes I realize it's a bit Yanni; I'm okay with that
they look like the final boss of an rpg set in a future where there's no technology and everything runs on magic
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Do yourself a favor and download a few episodes of Steven Universe.
"Where would the public be if you boys didn't keep them roads rolling? Behind the eight ball, and everybody knows it"…
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East Bay eating advisory: Gaumenkitzel on San Pablo just south of University is such a winner. German food == totally underrated.
What a beautiful night that was. Rain, at, last—hours & hours of rain. I think I heard a whoop of joy in the distance.
ALERT ALERT first two episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Arise now available on Netflix… 👻🐢
How Stoical Was Seneca? There is something elusive, even a whiff of “spin,” about him, writes @wmarybeard
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You may recall that I loved J. M. Ledgard's novel, Submergence. Guess what: I also love his new 🚀drone manifesto�…3e
I think we can all agree this is the best page in Animalia
Outing myself as a Ray Ozzie superfan
Ray Ozzie wants to re-invent the phone call. My @Medium story:…
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This kind of document cannot fail to electrify. Life is malleable. Stretches with patience, bends with grit.…
The new @oculus prototype Crescent Bay is about as close to consumer-ready as you can imagine. My experience with it:…
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What a cool building. BUMPS in Beijing, courtesy @AdamNMayer:
Often with science writing it's like: readability or rigor—pick one. @QuantaMagazine is an essential exception.…
If you are perhaps feeling some 🐢indexical uncertainty🐢 yourself, then this paper is for
The book is Superintelligence: Paths! Dangers! Strategies! by the always brain-busting Nick Bostrom.…
In the same book, the real world is referred to as "basement-level physical reality," which I love.
What a term: "indexical uncertainty." Not knowing if you're in the real world, or a simulation, or a simulation inside a simulation, or… 🐢🐢🐢
I walked into my hotel room (dark) & there was a click & the humongous blind began to slowly/automatically retract & I felt like Bruce Wayne
Today in 1954, the first Fortran computer program is run.
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Here is a picture of a frog with a stick. Fight on, little frog.
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Ooh this is great. The grocery store of 2065, coming to NYC next summer: & @thefuturemkt /via @eatretreat
Nationhood is overrated anyway, Scotland. The future is city states! Nightmarish, hyper-surveilled, dystopian city states...
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Every country is an uneasy confederation of generations. This is really striking:…
Another depressing announcement from Downing Street this morning. #indyref
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Reading Vikram Chandra's Geek Sublime; loving it. It's about fiction & programming & quite a bit more.…
I'd fallen too deep into a Steve Reich / Max Richter nerdguy music rut. was the antidote.
SF, mark your calendars: @mountain_goats talks about his new novel at Green Apple Books on the Park on Monday 9/29.…
Ooh I like a world in which public intellectuals drop surprise talks Beyoncé-style…
hire me for your startup as Social Doom Griot who will tell your company's story in terms of the damage it will do to humanity
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Ahem. This book is wonderful & you should all buy it.
Long ago I took a fencing class, thinking it would be waaay more swashbuckling than it was. THIS is what I was after!…