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Robin Sloan
"Now I must reckon, privately and in public, with the fact that I am the oldest man on Earth and still know nothing."…
That is, @petergregson, he of the great Twitter-powered Listening Machine ♫
'Lights in the Sky'—sublime new compositions for piano, cello, and Moooooog from @petergregson.…
Totally in the tank for @sammusmusic. I mean just look at that arm cannon.…
And live video streams resist the narrative compression of news; they're often slow-moving, chaotic, confusing. Sort of productively banal.
Live video streams—from #Ferguson & elsewhere—reveal how much even live, on-the-scene tweets and photos elide. There's just so much texture.
Even if you're not a journalist, @quinnnorton's piece on prep/gear to cover civil unrest is a fascinating read:…
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.@tableflipcon tickets are on sale! It's a con happening in SF in October, dedicated to tabletop game design & play.…
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☆ I wrote up some notes on book making for The Message — Let's talk about margins:
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Also in this exhibit: paper prototype Magic cards! "(The Dreaded) Merfolk (of Death)"
I would pay top dollar for admission into the Museum of Fantasy Maps.
An early Warcraft map sketch, looking approximately like every 12-year-old's fantasy kingdom ever. Wonderful.
“Twitter is an interesting (and I think genuinely new) form of communication that also happens to be a corporation.”…
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absolutely astonishing: contemporaneous tweets from a witness to the ferguson killing…
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I’m just sitting in the dark, staring at tweetdeck, listening to Nina Simone.
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So much video journalism is so bad—or, not even bad, just… meh—that I often forget how revelatory the good stuff can be.
This ISIS series from @vicenews is riveting. By a wide margin the most important journalism they've done, I think.…
(I feel like those last two retweets harmonize in an interesting way—like Remy's strawberry & cheese in the beginning of Ratatouille…)
Floating urban architecture: escapism or imprisonment? @LangeAlexandra explores both today @ReadReform:…
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An incredible 19th-century marine fortress in the Thames Estuary is for sale: | via @subbrit
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“The guy behind Garbage Pail Kids has been cartooning with code for 20 years” →
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"The brain is a geometrician: it computes spatial bubbles, zones and perimeters…" Super good stuff from @aeonmag.…
This one is for the comic book readers, the D&D players, the gatherers-of-Magic.…
Now if you'll excuse me I have to go open a window; my coffee delivery drone is due any minute
Tried @Sprig in SF yesterday and I must report: It is freaking delicious. A little slower to arrive but just stunningly tasty.
Have tried @SpoonRocket a few more times. Delivery is miracle-quick but alas, the food tastes cafeteria-grade. They need to up their game.
Lou Reed played Web 2.0 in 2006. It didn't go so well. Ever since I've wondered: What did it mean?…
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This is the best. Civilians in an abandoned McDonald's take control of abandoned NASA satellite, will share its data:…
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Basically Buzzfeed is not going to have any staffing problems for the next twenty years.
This is true of Twitter as well, but I'm almost disturbed by teenage users' deep viral savvy—their invocations of "relatability" etc.
I can't decide if Vine is the current locus of excellent internet weirdness or just a bunch of callow teenage meme-slingers… MAYBE BOTH
(I would watch a whole series of vines comprised of interactions between these raspy-voiced moguls.)
The Most Powerful Man in the Game, a Vine triptych:
I played Civilization I for the #33project and you know what happened? I stayed up until 3am just like when I was 14.…
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I mean, reading is a rich ecosystem, with so many real challenges and opportunities right now—and we're arguing about $10 vs. $15 e-books??
Amazon's monomaniacal focus on e-book pricing is just misguided. I think this is one of those "when all you have is a hammer" situations.
Just got this in an email from Amazon. They sent it to *everyone* who uses the Kindle self-publishing tools. Creepy.
Best thing on Medium I've seen this week. “This Should Only Take a Minute or Four, Probably” by @fchimero…
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"Those are our homes, plain and a little grim. Our fantasy homes are busy with bright things yet old. Our pins and dreams are not beige."
"But for most of us life happens against a backdrop of intersecting off-white walls."…
"All of which is a … sleight of hand, a smokescreen to obscure my knocked-blindness." My favorite kind of review.…