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Robin Sloan
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I love Norway's Slow TV. Next is an 8 month programme following wild birds:…
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norway has a bird reality tv show. but oh shit, a squirrel crashed the party.
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Got two more great email newsletters for ya! 1. 2. Just trust me okay?
You can read @craigmod's smart framing here… but really you gotta just try it. "Tell me more." "Thanks." Beautiful.
If you (work on || think about) social software you MUST go through the post flow at least once. It is revelatory.
This piece on pull-ups is classic Awl Network, which is to say, it is inventively structured & totally works:…
Patrick Harrison sent this as a text. I consider it one of the better reviews of "Wolf of Wall Street" out there.…
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See you tonight at discussion & book signing w/One City, One Story author @robinsloan Details:
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VR is cool. Java-based network computers are taking on Windows. Interactive TV is the next big thing. We're living in 1994.
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On this desk there is a powerful machine used every day by billions of people. There is also a computer. #clutterpunk
This subreddit is wonderful. The real lived experience of tech. Clutterpunk!… /via @jbasher
Come to think of it, this might be exactly the night to queue up a few episodes of GHOST IN THE SHELL
His last three movies—THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME, SUMMER WARS, and WOLF CHILDREN—are all fantastic.
Just watched Mamoru Hosoda's SUMMER WARS, which pairs surprisingly well with today's VR news.…
Asking again b/c I'm still very interested: Who are some great young film editors? Any up-and-coming Walter Murches out there?
(Thinking about this b/c @Vasugi mentioned Michael Ondaatje the other day & it reminded me of his book with Murch, THE CONVERSATIONS.)
Who are some great young film editors? Are there any up-and-coming Walter Murches out there?
I am officially mesmerized. Scanning a century week-by-week.…
I mean look at these covers from the '60s:…
I'm a huge fan of @TheEconomist (and a subscriber, too) but I'm with @losowsky here: it needs a new cover strategy.
Even fewer people know all the lyrics to both Jem themes. I am one of them.
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A lot of people don't know that there were actually 2 Jem theme songs. Both focused on the idea of glamor, but only 1 was truly outrageous.
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Don't often tweet about local events b/c you all are so global but wow what fun at the Los Gatos library tonight. A beautiful public space.
"Look, let's just be honest with each other. You're skeptical." I love love love this piece. Brilliantly done. Again:…