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Robin Sloan
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Also, here’s a surprisingly cogent and philosophical interview with a cofounder of Pinterest:…
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Still loving @taptalkme. Ideal for far-off family. Little slices of life fly back and forth—mundanities—the bridge between video chats.
holodeck games without in app purchases
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Designing for the microbiome: Fart alarms, digital bacteria, and more from @thisischristina @ReadReform:…
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Oh and it "was smuggled from Iran to Cannes in a flash drive hidden inside a birthday cake."…
Watched 'This Is Not a Film' last night. Deadly serious but also delightful. Required viewing for anyone interested in media & modernity.
Those trees have lost all fear of human beings.
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I seen a few things in Wales. Bad trees, mainly. The Rhinogs are a conservatory for bad trees.
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Nodding my head vigorously as I read this. @JaminWar on games, time, adulthood, and (perhaps) a way forward:…
@tealtan See, Danny from Submergence and Edie from Angelmaker need to have a party.
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"Or is Donald Glover somehow *necessarily* Childish Gambino, across all possible Wu-accessible worlds…?"…
Read this amazing piece by @docetist on how Gary Gygax lost control of D&D.…
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Hey lil' guy whatcha got there? Is that for me? Is it… huh. Actually why don't you take that back out into the woods.
Today's the day! The inimitable @Harkaway's 'Tigerman' is available on bookstore shelves here in the New World. Go forth and seek it out.
"Open up the refrigerator to another friendly jingle. Tropicana, Fage, and Sabra Hummus all wish you happy birthday"…
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My long waltz through nerddom continues with THE DRAGONLANCE CHRONICLES, a perfect passport into D&D.… #33project
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You are not late. This is the best time in the whole history of the world to invent something. More:…
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This year @magicandrew reads no new books, watches no new movies. Instead he revisits his personal canon. Thus: DUNE!…
Anybody out there really using FiftyThree's Pencil regularly? That's a serious, non-snarky question. Mine, alas, became smart garbage.
Quite the 21st-century sentence: "The dead man's DNA was first lifted from a stamp he had licked."…