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rob corddry
Chest hair and high octave arena rock for a great public school. If you're in LA Friday PM: #rockiselementary
They're not 'that guy, from that thing'—they're real people you know. A PSA on behalf of character actors everywhere:
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This shit happened at Comic-Con:
New Guided By Voices video up starring @thebrianhuskey and myself as the legendary 60's folk duo "Pollard & Sprout"!
Living a dream as myself, Rich Fulcher and @robcorddry shoot a video for #guidedbyvoices. (The dream…
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A tight striped dress goes best with flats and women’s asses.
I just want to be a better Mama!
I'm going to read ...feel bad about myself, do a few of the things within, and then feel better. Thanks @AliciaSilv!
There's a chance NERDHQ won't be at Comic-con this year? Say FUCK THAT here:
My favorite show, the "Mad Men" of lizard/snake/bug hunting travel TV, Dom's Wild Things, premieres tonight on BBC America! @DomsWildThings
Vote for @J_Goldstein! His radio show Wiretap is pitted against something not as good as Wiretap!
Don't lie, but be careful with total honesty. And knives. RT @_x_MIA_x_: if someone asked u 2 give a piece of advice, what would u say
Music-liking folk who want their brains to feel good need to come to terms w/ Dawn of Midi. @Radiolab short on them:
Walked past @robcorddry and he looked just as pissed about the rain and cold in Austin as I was. #SXSW
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Flight attendant asked a soldier in the exit row if he was prepared to assist in an emergency. There isn’t a surprise ending to this story.
Christmas Day RT @Craigrants: @robcorddry when is "Hot Tub Time Machine2" coming out?
Be careful with oblong shaped pills, when you drop them they bounce weirdly. And kill children well.
My hero is Matthew McConaughey when he’s old enough to regret that speech
McConaughey Holding 2% Edge With 85% Of Precincts Reporting #Oscars
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Y not u spell hole wrds? @BaggofSwagg: @robcorddry y u such a cock
Whoopi Goldberg is… terrificable (terrifically terrible). BTW, I had to make my kids’ lunch so I’m behind. BBTW, I’m a great dad.
Jared, watch the hands!
Yes, I’m nominated for “best best friend of a handsome guy” RT @stulindenjunior: @robcorddry Hey are you there at the #Oscars
Congrats to @SteveMartinToGo on his honorary #Oscar. Thanks for inspiring us
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The sound guy lost his mind when Darlene Love started singing.
Long road to that “is everyone hungry”? joke.
And the Oscar for "best babysitter" goes to... MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY #Oscars
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Did that French guy thank his “Tina Turner Childrens”?
Kim Novak had plastic surgery on her voice
Pharrell have the sex with whoever he want #Oscars2014
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Who did makeup for the makeup lady?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Commence with the Jesus jokes…
Ellen’s rules of stand-up: 1. alienate the audience 2. Stutter a little 3. Blow it
If I wanted to see Ellen do a stand up routine I’d… I can’t think of a joke because I’d never want to see that.
I just realized I’ve been blasting @anthonyjeselnik’s standup on my porch for an hour. I hope my neighbors like rape jokes #sonos
I don't completely embarrass myself tonight on @midnight tonight with @natashaleggero and @TVsAndyDaly
Last chance! See my friend get a tattoo of @robcorddry and me on his arm! Help his kickstarter!
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