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Steve Mescon
gaming league of legends 129,796 followers
The clan is called "Sparkles". Only has 5 members atm
I need more people in my clash of clans clan to do wars . Anyone need a clan?
Made hickory smoked bacon wrapped pork tenderloin tonight :)
After extensive research of my time sitting between @RiotTamat and @RiotPendragon, the data has spoken.
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.@CoC_Pepitas To be fair that's only 3 racks. I also did 6 different types of smoked wings!
Broke in my new smoker last night with 10 lbs of spare ribs #BBQ
List of Legends! 12 iconic in-game moments illustrated with New Dawn gifs. +1 Teamwork OP.…
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The 6 Best Song Parodies from the League Community…
Just had wisdom teeth pulled. Apparently it's weird that they didn't put me under?
Who's at EDC Vegas with me?
AMAA w/ Dannamoth - Riot Games QA Careers and questions -…
Or even better, are there any good PC Cafés here?
Landed in Chicago, not too cold! They get really into St. Patrick's here... Any summoners want to meet for a drink tomorrow?
About to take off headed for Chicago. Jus remembered it gets cold there. I may have packed wrong lol
We boarded the replacement plane and were ready to pull back when they figured out the landing gear wasn't going to work lol
"Your flight has been delayed because the windshield shattered and we need to get a new plane". Seems fair!
Barely recognize old pictures of me... almost 200 lbs down :O…
Check out today's Fan Art of the Day on the Fan Creations section of the Community Beta! | #LeagueOfLegends
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Ran a 7:22 mile over the weekend. Best time like 12 years lol
Happy new year everyone! May you all hit diamond in 2014
My girlfriend wants you all to know she's better at skiing than me.
Alright... Today I learned that I'm really bad at skiing. Tomorrow my goal is to do one run without falling lol
Going skiing tomorrow for the first time. I am excite