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Michelle Burnett
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Friends don't let friends post half-naked before and after weight loss pictures on Facebook
Tired losing weight the healthy way? This ad will teach u all you need to know about buying hormones off the internet
Canceled my Sunday night programming to watch this on repeat.
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I need someone who is a mom to explain to me the fad of cutesy pregnancy announcements. I feel like babies are pretty cute as-is.
Once at church I opened my eyes during prayer and saw Jesus riding around on a wolf making sure everyone’s eyes were closed.
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Walmart doesn't offer a lot of open check stands, but it does offer a lot of smells. #walmartguarantee #galveston
Even the mega wealthy can't pass up a good @Groupon
Gluten free pumpkin pancakes with butter pecan sauce and Nutella. I'm dating Paula Dean.
While the 9-11-esque poster is definitely in poor taste, I'm most offended by the picture of the sweaty adult turtle.…
The expression "make her my wife" always makes me feel like it's going to be a chloroform thing. #TheBachelorette
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Be assertive and ask for what you want. Unless you're a woman in the workplace and don't want people making cat noises at you.
Do I hate you because you're terrible? Or are you terrible because I hate you?
Rice Krispy treats are a good breakfast because cereal
I don't want to guess the gender of your baby.
Music & jewelry are meant to be shared! RT this to enter to win a #KSglamrocks tank & our Charlsea Pendant Necklace!
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Some girl shaved her legs and then went crabbing and contracted a flesh eating bacteria.
"He texts me every day." "That's a good sign! He's watering the garden!" =Interpreting a date.
"That is super acco-taco" is a cool thing I just heard some girl say
Other girls' girl talk is ridiculous.
Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: The Lineup By Day & Single-Day Passes are HERE!
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"The breakdown is when a woman doesn't know who she is. And she settles for less." --Dr. Mable John, in '20 Feet From Stardom'
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