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Michelle Burnett
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Tearing up during a Life Alert commercial. #Wednesday
Loved this article. Why I Quit My Job at Google… via @DailyWorth
Be honest -- which guy do you really feel would do a better job protecting us from a viral epidemic?
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Me: I love you! Fiancé: I love you more! Me: you think? Fiancé: oh, I don't know. @DanBagby
Please respect my privacy during this very difficult time
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Listening to #OutOfTheWoods on repeat forever and ever. @taylorswift13
Best relationship advice ever: If you love someone, let them sleep.
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People at the @samsung booth providing as little info as possible. But hey, free jelly beans. #massconfusion #aclfest
My new life goal is to become one of Sam Smith's backup singers. #amazing #ACL #austin
. @Nylons is definitely not condoning violence with this gif. #dpm2014 @irishgirl
"Build integrity and trust. In the end, everything comes down to relationships." - @Nylons @irishgirl #dpm2014
"Your best experiences are the ones you failed at so hard." @Nylons @irishgirl #dpm2014
"Being the smartest person in the room doesn't matter if no one likes you. No one wants to work with a jerk." @Nylons @irishgirl #dpm2014
Don't squash good client ideas. Commit to seeing what it does to scope and schedule. #dpm2014
“Adding more developers to a late software project makes it later.” aka “9 women can’t make a baby in a month." #dpm2014 @AdamEdgerton
Are women funny? Who knows. Do women exist? Who can say. Who is buying all these hair ties? Maybe men with buns. No-one can tell.
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Fight or flight - Are you going to fight to change things in your organization, or are you going to choose flight? @thesambarnes #dpm2014
"My client doesn’t get it" = I couldn’t figure out a way to communicate. I am lazy at my job, please take my clients from me. #dpm2014
"Don't sell the suit. Sell the service." @monteiro #dpm2014
You were “asked to do your job” the minute you were hired. You don’t need another invitation. @monteiro #dpm2014
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You may complain about not being included, but all I hear is you not asserting yourself @monteiro #dpm2014
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"Stop waiting for an invitation to do your job." @monteiro #dpm2014
Ask your client, "how would you define success for this project?" #dpm2014
"You can't hold back the ocean but you can learn to surf." @Geek_Manager #dpm2014
Is our work designed in a way that makes it effective deliberate practice? Engaging, not frustrating? @Geek_Manager #dpm2014
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On meetings: Build an atmosphere where people want to solve problems and encourage meeting productivity. @brettharned #dpm2014
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"The best predictors of productivity were at team's energy and engagement outside formal meetings." #dpm2014
“The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.” #dpm2014
#dpm2014 is up and running. Excited to learn and meet other digital PMs
When people use emojis, I always imagine what it would look like in real life and I can't handle it. 😭
I'm like, really into Family Feud these days
Went to the @WeddingWire Social Austin event tonight and won this beautiful jewelry set from…
Port Aransas smells like butt secrets