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Ricky Paull Goldin
This is 2 help our families attend the study clinic next year. Very important. #ISMRD
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RUN (don't walk) to go buy your tickets before it's TOO LATE!!!! @SherriEShepherd @risalea @CinderellaBway
"@SherriEShepherd: @risalea @CinderellaBway sept 9 - Nov 23 is my date to play Madam the Evil Stepmother - hope to see you"
I cried after @rickygoldin helped me memorize my @CinderellaBway script... he couldn't handle my tears - girls can but it makes guys crazy
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"@sparklegirl35: @rickygoldin I've watched you for years in GL totally miss it still." #GL was an amazing experience! Xx
"@risalea: @SherriEShepherd @CinderellaBway Sherri, what are your dates? This AR girl would LOVE to see you in the play I've loved 50 yrs!"
"@risalea: @SherriEShepherd @CinderellaBway I first Saw Cibderella on TV with Leslie Anne Warren when I was in 2nd grade. Know all songs!"
Sherri is so good as the EVIL STEPMOTHER!!! I get 2C her do it in the living room! @KellyKJ8 @SherriEShepherd @CinderellaBway
"@Clockman07Pam: @SherriEShepherd @rickygoldin @CinderellaBway I'm new to this. ..have know idea what I'm doing. .." ...ur doing gr8!x
Appreciate your kind,words. Thank you. Xo @mrsrsterling
My dear friend @rickygoldin just left. He spent hours helping me w my @CinderellaBway lines-I love you to pieces Ricky! Sept 9 it's on baby!
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"@ISMRD: Anyone have a spare HUG for me? I could use one. Thanks, :) #ISMRD" here you go!!! ((Hug))
Lets overwhelm these kids and their families with some #FF love!!! :) #ISMRD
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MT "@nicoleincos: @rickygoldin Thank you so much! I am the mom of a kid w/autism and loved your story about The Benjamins" made my day! Xx
No ur not crazy @Vicki_Mead !!! I grew up on #Long Island.
SO Sad! Wonderful Kind Gentle... Sickening! RT @rickygoldin @jaimeGL: Adore this man! Indescribably sad! Please RT.
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MT "@juliannieves: Hey @rickygoldin great job on @openhousetv. Can't wait to try your stone slab idea. @grettamonahan" thank you sir!
Very sweet @annie1509. Thank u. Same for you. Xx
@rickygoldin Hi Ricky! I was wondering if you'd let everyone know about a new fan page for the lovely Ms. Ehlers!
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@grettamonahan @Homesteads4hope @rickygoldin @typennington Gretta, thank you so much for your help, too!! <3 grateful beyond grateful :-)
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My heart goes to Mr Williams and his family today......
It's the weirdest feeling. W/ all of us losing @robinwilliams, I feel like I just lost a very dear & beautiful friend. Makes me sad.
Devastated to hear of the passing of one of the greatest comedic geniuses of our time Mr. @robinwilliams prayers for his family #hearthurts
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Robin Williams made the world laugh & think. I will remember & honor that. A great man, artist and friend. I will miss him beyond measure.
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From Sesame Street to Steve Martin, friends and fans remember Robin Williams:
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