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Ricky Paull Goldin
MT @mustanghjn: @rickygoldin can't wait for @NBCLaura because it premieres on my B-day Yay. #mysteriesoflaura Double celebration 9/24!!
Always LOVE ur tweets @mustanghjn ... have a wonderful week!!! Xxx
"@NBCLaura: Our #MysteriesofLaura writers are hard at work, so be a dear and give 'em a follow! @WritersofLaura" Followed!
"@NBCLaura: RETWEET if you're fired up for the premiere of #MysteriesofLaura on September 24!" YES!!!!!!
R U a detective/PI? On-the-job or recently retired? Or know some1 who fits? Check out and RT! rpg
Xxxx @ISMRD Honored to get a profile mention!!! THANK YOU!!!!-
I love every single day I get on this account because I never know what wonderful new friend is going 2 come my way. #blessed #ISMRD
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It's the Back to School episode of #TheKitchen @FoodNetwork today at 11am. Lunchbox recipes + @realjoeyfatone!
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@rickygoldin Yes, I am with you. Melissa, Cooper and the rest of her family. Robin and Joan in heaven riffing the jokes. Too sad.
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"@30secondstoAFI: @rickygoldin It's my Birthday! I'm 26!" Very happy birthday. X
"@StecherHorowitz: Happy to begin connecting w/talented alums of the S&H School of the Arts on Twitter: @rickygoldin + @jasonlmusic #FF"
"Can we talk?" RIP #JoanRivers Heart hurts for her family.
.@CameronMathison is kicking off GMA's Epic Shake it and Dance Mirror Ball tour & he may be coming to a city near you! #GMADancing
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I want YOU to call in today & #RaiseYourVox!! Taking calls on political & civic topics 1pm PT/4pm ET 855-878-4652
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Take a few minutes 2 watch this #ISMRD video and PLEASE RT. Thanks. Raising Awareness 1 person at a time.… … … …
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"@ISMRD: The #soapopera community of actors and actresses are such caring giving people. A beautiful group 2 interact with. :) #ISMRD" TYxx
Have fun in school Ava!!! waving back. Xxx @Rolauzon @ScottBaio
@rickygoldin @ScottBaio Hi today was my first day back to school. I'm in the 4th grade. Love Ava ♡
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@rickygoldin Parents are kids first teachers. We can't stay in silence about racism. Please RT:… #BeyondFerguson
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@crystalchappell Next time someone says they hate their job...there's always worst one's out there...
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Good Morning All It's time 4 the main 1/2 Marathon event in the #DumboDoubleDare @runDisney Let's have a blast!!! #Run3rd 4 each other...
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@HuffPostComedy: Curly-haired cutie has an important message about equality” this just made my day!!!!
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Don't ever go into Magnolia Bakery too hungry. You will leave with a vat of this! Best thing ever....
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This is 2 help our families attend the study clinic next year. Very important. #ISMRD
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RUN (don't walk) to go buy your tickets before it's TOO LATE!!!! @SherriEShepherd @risalea @CinderellaBway
"@SherriEShepherd: @risalea @CinderellaBway sept 9 - Nov 23 is my date to play Madam the Evil Stepmother - hope to see you"
I cried after @rickygoldin helped me memorize my @CinderellaBway script... he couldn't handle my tears - girls can but it makes guys crazy
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"@sparklegirl35: @rickygoldin I've watched you for years in GL totally miss it still." #GL was an amazing experience! Xx
"@risalea: @SherriEShepherd @CinderellaBway Sherri, what are your dates? This AR girl would LOVE to see you in the play I've loved 50 yrs!"
"@risalea: @SherriEShepherd @CinderellaBway I first Saw Cibderella on TV with Leslie Anne Warren when I was in 2nd grade. Know all songs!"
Sherri is so good as the EVIL STEPMOTHER!!! I get 2C her do it in the living room! @KellyKJ8 @SherriEShepherd @CinderellaBway
"@Clockman07Pam: @SherriEShepherd @rickygoldin @CinderellaBway I'm new to this. ..have know idea what I'm doing. .." ...ur doing gr8!x
Appreciate your kind,words. Thank you. Xo @mrsrsterling