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Rick Warren
I'm in BERLIN Nov15-16 to meet with our @SaddlebackBLN church family and German church leaders #JoinUs! Info @daveschnitter
The first job of leadership is to love people. Leadership without love is manipulation.
Really? ToysRUs is selling drug dealer dolls, complete with bags of crystal meth and sacks of cash.…
“The church it is not the master nor the servant of the state,but rather the #conscience of the state." #MartinLutherKingJr
To stop defeating yourself you must first stop deceiving yourself.Facing the truth will set you free.
Right now @4kingandcountry is leading a sold out concert @Saddleback. You can watch online NOW at
Why I'm praying today for any single adult who wants to be married:…
My good friends FOR KING AND COUNTRY in concert at Saddleback tonight! They led worship all weekend
Will I know people in heaven? Yes! Even better,you'll know them all PERFECTLY because there's no misunderstanding there!
The 1st step toward personal #transformation is desperation. You must get fed up with your life as it is and cry out to God.
The Declaration of Independence admits God's Sovereignty.Our "inalienable rights are endowed by our CREATOR" not by any govt.
God wants me to love real people, not ideal people.
PRAY for my friend Cameron Burnett in ICU with serious complications from brain tumor surgery.Cam is Mark Burnett's son.
Dig beneath the skeptic's angry words and you'll find deep disappointment and often a broken heart.
JOIN ME LIVE ONLINE NOW "God's View of You: Knowing Your True Identity"
1 in 4 Americans struggle with a mental illness. It's neither shameful nor sinful to be sick. Watch
ONLINE RIGHT NOW! 24 HOURS OF HOPE with Kay,me,30 global experts: 1 in 4 Americans #WorldMentalHealthDay
In India, radical Hindus arrested a Christian man and forced him to separate from his wife
If some techno church asked Hatsune Miku to share her testimony would that be E-vangelism?
I’d rather see a church that’s starting 10 churches than a church of a 1000,
First impressions are often wrong since they are based on past experience, your current mood, the surroundings, or appearances"
"Never Ever Give Up" is the true, inspiring story of little Jessie Rees of Saddleback who touched millions:….
#24HoursOfHope my free online global webcast this Friday #WorldMentalHealthDay SAVE A LIFE! RT this
If God only used perfect people, nothing would get done! See #TheGoodLie tonight.Great entertainment!
I'm at playoff game1 with Albert Pujols' son, AJ, watching from his dad's skybox as dad is at bat,
Manny Pacquiao says reading #ThePurposeDrivenLife led him to faith in Jesus:…
Best kids album I've heard in a long, long time #BRAVE Give it as a gift. On Itunes
You REALLY need to get this album on ITunes TODAY! It's terrific.I'm not kidding. Go download it now!…
This weekend I interview 2 stars of THE GOOD LIE who survived war & refugee camps by their faith.
To all my beloved Jewish friends on #RoshHashanah (Ha’rat Olam) which begins at sundown: L’shanah tova umetukah!
RT @APAPsychiatric Despite advocacy of @RickWarren #mentalillness is a taboo subject for many pastors
"Of course former friends are surprised when you no longer join them in the wicked things they do,and they say evil about you" 1Pet.4:4
RT "Kanye West, Pope Francis, Rick Warren, and our willingness to believe negative lies online"
Your sins don't define you. What you worship does.
Failure isn't a character quality. It's just an event. How you respond to failure is your character. is a GREAT film with Reese Witherspoon. Go see it Oct.3
Comparing causes discontent.You'll be far happier if u learn to admire God's gifts to others without having to acquire them
Having FAITH doesn't mean you have no doubts or fears.It means you trust God and do what's right in spite of your fears.
Why I do what I do, and why I love even those who may hate… Please read and share. Thanks.
If you use LinkedIn, I will follow you there. Just send me an invitation to connect through LinkedIn to RICKWARREN2.
Please read “WHY I do what I Do" on my PastorRickWarren facebook page:…
If God only used perfect people nothing would get done.
It is not always loving to agree with someone.
Love is far, far more than unconditional acceptance. Love wants what's best for another, even when it's painful for both.
God didn't put you on earth to judge you but to enjoy you.
I've had 30 great preachers sharpening their skills at our PD Preaching Retreat the past 3 days here:
It's #NatlSuicidePreventionDay so we lit a candle in our window."The Lord is my candle,brightening the darkness around me”Ps18:28
At 1:30 am, our world lost a godly giant of a man. My thoughts on Truett, who founded Chick-fil-A…
From 40 yrs of ministry learn "How God taught me to See, Sift, & Seize Opportunities" #Vision