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Richard Quest
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Everything we wore has gone for laundry and cleaning. The lot! It's the rules after Chernobyl visit
The people here were elite in soviet society. Their lives changed In a moment. They lost jobs, homes and some, their lives.
Soviet propaganda books still in the Culture Centre.
the Prypyat Ferris wheel. pride of soviet gifts to the town which was evacuated officially opened
The abandoned funfair which was meant to open days after explosion at Prypyat #nuclearaccident
Now at Prypyat, the soviet ghost town closest to Chernobyl abandoned days after explosion
It feels very odd being this close to an event of such history.
Behind me is the sarcophagus covering Reactor Number 4. A new one is being built
Inside control room 2. Equipment from another era.
Abandoned and now being decommissioned. What a reminder of how things can go wrong.
The control room to reactor no 4 which exploded is just a few hundred feet away.
Inside Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Extraordinary. So much history.
Morning from Kiev. Going to film at #chernobyl today. I remember the disaster well so looking forward to seeing the place for real
#watchhungerstop Michael kors will give 100 meals to those in need for this tweet I will too
Right to respectfully disagree, has become a thing of the past.
To clarify: by 'those people' I mean those #gamergate who are hurling threats and abuse at those criticising the way games portray women
We did #gamergate story today - the abuse my producer got for tweeting about it. Awful.and I don't understand what's with these people
At the @IMFNews and can't decide if this sign needs an apostrophe. Is it a title or a description?
World bank prez says #EbolaResponse requires putting out the fire not "putting wet towels under the door" such as US actions
World bank prez calls counter Ebola steps by countries like the US as "putting a wet towel under the door of a building on fire"
PM of Ivory Coast described it as like "the plague in Europe". Maybe this will help Europe realise the crises and do more in #EbolaResponse
Amazing. There is a stopwatch to make sure speakers don't ramble on
Said the closest he had ever seen such a disease was -#aids
Head of @CDCgov just compared Ebola to #aids in calling for #ebolaresponse
This meeting is not about high policy. it's about massive grass roots practical action. These countries need everything to fight it
Prez of Liberia asking for "more timely and decisive response". #EbolaResponse
You rarely hear the UN saying 'just do it!' And don't wait for consultation
SG of UN says #EbolaResponse "needs a surge". "Don't wait for consultation. This is a matter of action" "don't wait for consensus"
MD of IMF. Pre World Bank. SG of UN. Prez of three countries affected. This has feeling of crises.
Lagarde "good to increase the fiscal deficit when trying to contain the disease." "IMF doesn't say that very often". #EbolaResponse
This is extraordinary meeting really setting out the crises level faced by #EbolaResponse
Prez #WorldBank "we've got to get moving'
#EbolaResponse "this is a potentially catastrophic impact" "way way behind the curve" "speed up"
Prez #WorldBank says "future of Africa is at stake" unless we stop and contain Ebola #EbolaResponse
These are tricky (dangerous even) economic times. #globalecon What should I ask my global panel of top central bankers and leaders?
What's the biggest economic threat? Middle east? Ebola? Eurozone? Your thoughts to the world's top economic gurus #globalecon
Latest @imf says economy fragile. Tomorrow I speak to #imf Lagarde. Tweet your questions #globalecon
Just landed at @Arlanda in Stockholm. Got my first blast of real cold air since start of spring in NY. Refreshing.
I can see why it might be a problem, but here in Scandi it all seemed rather normal and ok. No major point - just #interesting
At #copenhagen airport. just seen male security guard patting down female passengers. Interesting. Not seen that before in any airport
full interview on Quest Means Business tonight
never heard a President of @WorldBank speak so bluntly - as president Kim todfay on #ebola "catastrophe" "fundamental crises"
#WorldBank prez "we are really talking about a catastrophe which is both human and in many other ways as well, especially economic"
"the most difficult, massive, complex thing I have ever been involved in prez kim #worldbank #eboa
Very strong words #WorldBank prez #Ebola "either we move like never before or truly unlike anything the world has ever tried before"
Oh hang on. I am one of the excited kids. Still love flying after all these years.
It's lovely to see kids so excited about getting on a plane. Reminds me of my first flight in 1969.... BAC -1 11 from Speke to Spain
I have counted no less than 15 under 5s on my #easyjet flight to Spain. A noisy descent guaranteed as ears clog