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Richard Quest
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Oh hang on. I am one of the excited kids. Still love flying after all these years.
It's lovely to see kids so excited about getting on a plane. Reminds me of my first flight in 1969.... BAC -1 11 from Speke to Spain
I have counted no less than 15 under 5s on my #easyjet flight to Spain. A noisy descent guaranteed as ears clog
having read the report....
criminality on a grave scale.
reading report into #MH17 - horrific. no warning. no mayday. no distress. just blasted out of the sky. this is the true meaning or enormity
The Prelim into #mh17 is published...and never says the word missile once - it doesn't have to just written this..
another plane diverted after two pax got into argy bargy over reclining seats on planes.
what do you do when the pax in front reclines into your lap? After all; you may be doing the same to the person behind.
third plane row #kneedefenders pax arguing over reclining economy seats. So What's the economy ettiquete . Or is it everyone for themsleves
A moment of history thinking of them signing deal in 1944 setting up @IMFNews The hotel is full of history.
reading a press release from @IMFNews while standing in the room @bretton_woods where IMF agreement was signed #NewHampshire
and as for you Arnold Donald @CarnivalCruise ...see you in Miami!!!!
Now Sir Martin @WPP @moiraforbes @tonyfernandes over to you.....Good Luck!!!
There is no going back. My producer is liking this waaaaay tooo much
here it is in sequence. The first drop hits....oooouch
oooooh. That was brisk!! So, I have done the #icebucketchallenge and it was !@#@ cold.
@AshvirMaharaj: @CarnivalCruise They should know that Quest Means Business :p , Doing it in a suit?” SHOULD I???? #IceBucketChallenge
So CEO of @CarnivalCruise has given me #IceBucketChallenge watch tomorrow and see what happens.
Interestingly @alexstubb says crises has "brought EU members closer"
#Finland @alexstubb believes Finland wants to open channel of diplomacy with Putin
#finland PM @alexstubb described "very rough" patch for EU-Russia Russia-west relations
Old phone box turned into village library to share books
What a good idea!! Lovely local gardens. Such magnificent work gone Into this one
Otherwise constant questions about #malaysia airlines survival. test now is how they restructure!
Govt had no choice but to nationalise #Malaysia airlines. It's the sensible thing to do. Allow space to restructure. Get rid of speculation
great insight from @UKenyatta "When you are in office you recognize it is not as easy as it sometimes seems when you're outside office."
more @UKenyatta of Kenya "we do feel like the world is not doing enough to support us in confronting the challenges we face."
Kenya Prez @UKenyatta re Kenya security "Let me not say we're feeling alone…"
intervd @UKenyatta of #Kenya China versus US "What we're looking at is which partner is going to give us the best deal for our growth."
All I want to do is snooze before I get back to NY :)
On train @Amtrak one guy talking about staff appraisals. A woman is saying how she doesn't like someone. Another guy talking about his lawn
Am on @Amtrak Acela back to NY. Some of the phone conversations are so loud, I could join in!!
Oh dear. @AlikoDangote just left the building without doing interview. Never even got to say hello.
#AfricaSummit @JeffImmelt told me "when we're willing to put money into a project, other people will come"
#AfricaSummit @JeffImmelt just told me business in Africa is all about "risk reward.." "the upside is vast"
Interviewing @AlikoDangote said to be Africa's richest man. What does he want from #africasummit
They need to make sure #africasummit means something and not just platitudes.
Am in DC for the #africasummit issue for me is how to make sure this isn't just good words and hot air!!
It's a tough job for the CNN team. Someone has to do it
Filming on board @CarnivalCruise Breeze for Business traveller. Early morning. Calm before the storm!
@andersoncooper @richardquest This map shows where all the victims of #mh17 lived; from nearly all provinces. #cnn
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the Dutch have risen magnificently to this occasion. Thank god. At last.
#MH17 the church service music and the people watching as the hearses pass by. a sense of community. Dignity. Respect. Honour.
#mh17 watching the hearses move through the Netherlands as the first 40 victims begin tier journey home
I Just love the people who jump on is when we mis-speak one (minor) point after hours of covering a complex story. Classic!