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Richard Dawkins
Nxt time u're tempted to conclude you've seen a UFO, think abt the ways nature can defy common sense… v @debbiebere
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Bill Maher at his scathing best
Insomniacs should avoid blue light. The iPad by which I read gives off blue light. Is there an app to change to red?
The most learned polymath of all time? My tentative nomination is a biologist (+ classicist, mathematician, polyglot): D'Arcy Thompson.
@RichardDawkins I'm an atheist and today will be proudly participating in a performance of Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ!
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Teacher “briefly delivered the theory of evolution to comply with the syllabus” but “this is not what we believe”
Congratulations @SpaceX, another beautiful launch. Will the catch-up to the space station be visible from Britain?
Has Giles Fraser lost his faith? No, not yet. But you can't help noticing how convincing his pretend atheism sounds.
Flaubert était le @RichardDawkins du 18ème siècle en fait, l'un a la littérature, l'autre la science #lheuredesrêveurs @franceinter
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How puzzling that so many people who think they can disprove evolution just tweet about it instead of publishing & getting it peer reviewed.
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Three that started well, but now Twitter clichés: "Last time I checked. . ." "Oh, wait . . ." "Has your account been hacked?" Any more?
@RichardDawkins yesterday, the first atheism association was established in turkey.
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@RichardDawkins Or a gateway drug to the harder stuff? Metaphors are slippery things.
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It's hard to sympathise with those atheists who, while not themselves believing, patronisingly push religion as good for common people.
As a weakened strain of the virus, could Anglicanism be a vaccine against more sinister faiths whose devotees really believe what they say?
Unlike Blair, Cameron's probably too clever to believe in the God he pretends to "do". But has he misjudged voters?
.@Krankier Yes, it’s Mindnode. I’ve only just started using it, and I like it very much.
#TBT: A candid conversation about evolution, religion and morality with famed atheist @RichardDawkins. #PBSFW
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@RichardDawkins The most well-thumbed/-loved shelf in the Radcliffe Science Library @UniofOxford! Modern classic!
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We need to be more confidently Christian and expand status of faith says Cameron
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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - Oscar Wilde (Pic credit: Florian Breuer)
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Just how and why are genes broken? Check out this video (starring fish!) to learn more #InnerFishPBS
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