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Richard Dawkins
.@NickCohen4 superb on the degrading spectacle of white "liberals" imposing misogyny for the sake of "diversity"
.@Chordiegurl Why didn't someone tell the yelling mobs baying for Salman Rushdie's blood, that Ayatollah Khomeini wasn't a Muslim?
@8Al_Hanouf8: As a Muslim woman I'd say, sisters whip him back.JK. Do it first.”
Wife's behaviour "bizarre"? Threaten not to sleep with her. That should be enough, you might not need to beat her.
@RichardDawkins And let me assure you AGAIN that there is no controversy about the validity among Iranians, anyone can affirm it.
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Stop your bigoted Islamophobia. How dare you quote Ayatollah Khomeini on raping babies?
"Anglicans and atheists, unite against intolerance" Superb article by @mattwridley. Shame behind The Times paywall.
How many violent deaths can be attributed to the preposterous "promised land" myth invented by "Moses"?
When "Moses" invented Yahweh, that "unjust, unforgiving control-freak" was he prophesying Ayatollah Khomeini?
Highly convincing authentication of Ayatollah Khomeini quote
No true Scotsman fallacy. "Ayatollah Khomeini was no true Muslim." But the mobs who hounded Rushdie thought he was.
@RichardDawkins This is an outrage - why does fucking a baby stop the man marrying its sister? Typical bigoted, racist, Islamophobia!
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@RichardDawkins it's only true for 'most of shia muslims' like Iran. This is from his book. I was born a Muslim..
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If this had been known in 1989, would that Bradford mob still have burned Rushdie's books, and he driven into hiding?
@PedramParsi87: Yes, [Ayatollah] Khomeini not only said that, but also acted upon it:…” Can this be authenticated?
"La ciencia es la poesía de la realidad" "La evolución es el mayor espectáculo sobre la tierra" - @RichardDawkins
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@BadAstronomer #Apollo11 . |  /  | | . / ▂. | 🇺🇸 | . |▄▄ . |▒▒ | ./▂▂ | ▌▒ | | ▌▒ | | |   . | | u |▌| | | s |▌| | /a ||▌| ')◤/_\◥(
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Amazon have ability to mark reviews from verified purchases, never understood why there isn't an option to show *only* verified reviews.
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.@arnos321 Does Gold (the Monty Python channel) have a channel number?
Want to watch Monty Python tonight. Is there really no other way to see it than on Sky Gold (which I think is a Murdoch channel)?
I've had a v interesting letter from Olle Järnefors about 1967 Swedish switch from L to R driving. It was successful & accidents went down.