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Richard Branson
Policy makers must be bold, sensible & treat drugs as a health issue not a criminal problem. Do you agree?
Progress on drug policy is happening. I have hope politicians of all parties will join forces to end the #warondrugs
Sad so few MPs bothered attending groundbreaking drugs debate – but great consensus is a need to end the #warondrugs
Huge day for drug policy change – read the Home Office study into new approaches to the #warondrugs
I wonder how all those who discriminate against people for being gay will treat Apple's CEO when he visits…
Inspirational words from Apple CEO Tim Cook on being gay, and standing up for equality…
Lemurs are the most threatened mammal group on Earth. Join with us to help conserve them #worldlemurweek
What’s your favourite animal? From playful ring-tails to aye-ayes, I love lemurs
We need to stand together, to make sure lemurs don't disappear forever #worldlemurweek
Entrepreneurship: five macho myths debunked #readbyrichard
Some businesspersons hide behind complicated language. Keep it simple, get to the point
Customer service can make or break a business, so make sure you put your staff first
Learn to look after your staff first & the rest will follow
Happy staff are proud staff, which deliver excellent customer service & drive business success
#neckerisland kitesurfing via @owen_buggy_photography
How do you think the way we use language is affecting the way we collaborate? @VirginUnite #languageoflove
Young people want to work in ‘innovative’, ‘creative’ & ‘fun’ culture. Bodes well for future!
Yes! How using positive language can set the tone for conversations, projects & whole brands
Inside FAITH with #virgingalactic
Sometimes setting yourself a goal & working out how you can achieve it is the biggest adventure of all
Choose your own adventure: why we should all seek out challenges
How @Legends_100 are recreating one of my favourite adventures, Shackleton’s expedition
Ask your MP to attend Parliamentary Debate on Drugs & vote to review our drug laws #debatedrugs
How international efforts to end the so-called war on drugs are gaining momentum #debatedrugs
It’s time we give drug reform a chance. Take 30 secs to urge your MP to #debatedrugs in the House of Commons
Unless you dream, you're not going to achieve anything. @TalentInt
New school absence guidance issued - not gone far enough but a step in the right direction… #readbyrichard
Failure isn’t bad. It enables us to learn, grow & perfect our methods. Read about how @Virgin deals with failure
The birth of a spaceline – and a child! Inspiring tale of how #space travel is changing lives
10 years ago Julia saw @xprize winning flight. Now, she’s @virgingalactic’s Operations Manager
First time using Tinder with @virginmobilemx...
Would you go to work if you were due to give birth? Here’s why Julia @virgingalactic did
What’s been the key to @Virgin’s success? Here’s how to do business the Virgin way:
You don't learn to walk by following rules, you learn by doing & by falling over
A Thyme to Dine - winning entrepreneur story from the @BransonCentreSA
40% of @VirginStartUp loans currently go to women. Here’s how we’re trying to make that number rise
Here's three ways to come up with better ideas #readbyrichard
Quite a number of you say you don't know who British Airways are. My apologies again. They are an airline that operates out of the UK
An awful lot of you say you do not know who Willy Walsh is. My apologies. He runs an airline called British Airways
10 maxims of the new business traveller #readbyrichard
@virginatlantic Atlanta inaugural
Excited that HSBC have joined @VirginAtlantic & @LanzaTech to advance the production of low carbon jet fuels