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Richard Branson
business travel entrepreneur 4,373,850 followers
Who are the people who are always there for you? Tell them.
Video: after a year of searching I found & returned @bartoli_marion’s lost Wimbledon ring
Before any success, after any failure, your family are the ones who will always be there for you
Always ask your loved ones for support - you’ll need it & they’ll gladly give it
The spirit of mentoring should be embedded in all businesses via @VirginUnite @HollyBranson
Do I tuck each guest @virginhotels in at night? That’s preposterous. Who would be left to tuck me in?! #VirginRumors
#VirginRumors, you are ridiculous. And I love you for it. But please, let’s take it further
Heard any good #virginrumors? @virginhotels
Lost in translation: how a light-hearted story very quickly misfired…
“People keep accusing me of name-dropping. At Buckingham Palace, the Queen said ‘Arch, you're always name-dropping!’”
Got told off for name-dropping the other day. I blame Archbishop Tutu!
Social media power is driving @FIAformulaE - vote for @VirginRacingFE drivers to get to a fanboost in Beijing
Enjoying the hike with @Virgin @strivechallenge (no motors, honest!) Think we’ll make it to the mountain? #westrive
Video: I beat @Virgin @strivechallenge team cycling uphill (with a little help from my motorised friend…) #westrive
Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out! Who needs EPO, with a motor on your bicycle?! #westrive
Here’s a truly original tale of entrepreneurship to inspire us all #thevirginway
Read about how one simple idea created a billion-dollar industry #thevirginway @SPANX
Sometimes all you need is a great idea, grim determination & perseverance #thevirginway