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Richard Branson
How @VirginMoney London Marathon is a force for good, as well as an incredible sporting event
#VirginFoodFest time – look forward to hearing great business ideas - & sampling some tasty food! @VirginStartUp
Very proud @VirginMoney London Marathon runners raised £1/4 billion for charity in last 5 years. Priceless!
Customers may be our heart but our people are our soul #arriveawesome
In London, announcing £50m investment in @VirginTrains customer experience #arriveawesome
The best ideas are simple & smart. Proud to meet 4 @VirginTrains staff who have put their own great ideas into action
Proud to announce we're ramping things up @VirginTrains to make sure you #ArriveAwesome every time - take a look:
Feeling supersonic: What does the future hold for air travel? #virgindisruptors
Do you have a tip that could help others make business decisions? #thevirginway
What are the 4 things I consider when making business decisions? Find out #thevirginway
Thrilled to meet the winners of the #fiverchallenge & learn more about their businesses
How to grow £5 into an impressive profit #fiverchallenge
I don’t think I’ve ever met such a confident & motivated group of kids! #fiverchallenge
.@VirginRacingFE off to a flying start - congratulations to all the team
Astronaut #space training
G8 Task Force calls for a global movement of investment in 'Plan B' companies #impinv
This was the only slide presentation I've ever enjoyed - exception proves the rule!
What are you doing to prepare for space travel? Here's my centrifuge training @TheNASTARCenter
How to train to be an #astronaut #space
.@virgingalactic Dr Jim declared me fitter than 7 years ago! Must be the kitesurfing & tennis…
How to train to be an astronaut - my latest preparation for @virgingalactic space flight
Pirouetting Queen’s guard faces military prison - superiors should get a sense of humour & praise not punish him…
Call me old-fashioned, but I love receiving letters like these, such nice, personal gestures
The #fiverchallenge has shown lessons in business spur important life skills
Why business skills should be taught in school
New law in #Gambia could mean life in jail just for being gay. Join us in asking President Jammeh not to sign it.…
Meeting young leaders in Ukraine
People that do business together less likely to harm each other #YESUkraine2014
People that do business together are less likely to harm each other #YESUkraine2014
Great talking with 100s of students & young leaders at #YESUkraine2014 - they'll be the job creators of the future
We should all do all we can to trade together, live together, love together & prosper together #YESUkraine2014
Proud to attend @yes_ukraine in Kyiv & discuss a peaceful resolution to Russia-Ukraine conflict #YESUkraine2014
Keeping status quo no longer option. Scottish Parliament needs greater powers as part of Union LINK #BetterTogether #IndyRef
Personally, I love Scotland. As a businessman, think it is imperative they stay in the Union #BetterTogether #IndyRef
I want to read A Brief History of Time to my grandkids, & start early so they can finish it like I never did! #Take10
What's your favourite children's book? #Take10 minutes to read it to a child today @GMB
Great discussion with @SenRandPaul on smart, progressive policies to end the #warondrugs
Without past 50 years of #warondrugs, regulation would be mainstream position - prohibition would be unthinkable
Morning in #Washington discussing drug policy
Read our recommendations for pathways to drug policies that work. End the #warondrugs @globalcdp