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Richard Branson
Quite a number of you say you don't know who British Airways are. My apologies again. They are an airline that operates out of the UK
An awful lot of you say you do not know who Willy Walsh is. My apologies. He runs an airline called British Airways
10 maxims of the new business traveller #readbyrichard
@virginatlantic Atlanta inaugural
Excited that HSBC have joined @VirginAtlantic & @LanzaTech to advance the production of low carbon jet fuels
We're always excited by aviation and altitude pioneers. Kudos to Alan Eustace & #StratEx team on a 135kft skydive!…
Retweeted by Richard Branson
I've advised Willie Walsh to invest in a strong pair of trousers, or else his Christian name may suffer somewhat!
2 years ago Willie Walsh bet me a kick in the groin that @VirginAtlantic brand would disappear in 5 years...
We have take off! The first of @VirginAtlantic’s #Dreamliner fleet is officially flying
HSBC, @VirginAtlantic & @LanzaTech are bringing low carbon jet fuels one step closer to commercial reality
“Someone who’s in jail for drug consumption comes out with a Ph.D. in kidnapping & extortion” #warondrugs
Visited #warondrugs epicentre, Mexico – time to bring this beautiful country back on track
Drugs are a public health issue, not a criminal one. Great talks with Mexican leaders who support policy reforms
History Is So Not Over - time for a dose of realism when we think about how to build new democracies… #readbyrichard
No letras chicas - cut out the small print & focus on putting people first
We will rock you @virginmobilemx
Viva la Mexico! Great to see Cecilia Vega, one of our fabulous female CEOs, building a talented team @virginmobilemx
Wake up Europe: brilliant businessman George Soros talks sense on #Ukraine, US & Europe must listen & follow advice…
How has a company won your loyalty? Find out how @Virgin does it:
Create employee or consumer loyalty through engagement that supersedes what’s in the paycheque or points plan
With the @virginmobilemx rock agents
Seek engagement through purpose & you’ll create an unbreakable loyal following
Happy birthday Sam Heggessey, @VirginActiveUK's inspirational oldest member. 100 not out!
1 billion people still live on less than $1.25 a day – here’s how we can all help to leave global poverty behind
By next year, 1 billion fewer people will be living in extreme poverty than in 1990 #takeon
Behind the scenes of #virgingalactic
Ending poverty is within our reach – we all need to #takeon connected challenges to build a brighter world
This 6 minute video offers a great education in global warming @veritasium
We need to do everything we can to ensure a strong new international climate change agreement is reached:
Watch: 13 common misconceptions about climate change @veritasium
Nothing is impossible. If you ever think something is, take a look at this remarkable story:
"Changing the world is a long journey, so let’s find our vehicle & fill it up with passion!" @sambranson
One month, one amazing challenge, one video - watch the @Virgin @strivechallenge highlights
Life lessons from @Virgin @strivechallenge: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together
Watch: the @Virgin @strivechallenge journey–ultimate test of physical & mental strength
Incredible medical breakthrough "more impressive than man walking on the moon"
Proud to be a patron of @supportnsif, who funded historic paralysis breakthrough
On #neckerisland, by Crazy Joe
Paralysed man learns to walk again – possible cure for paralysis could be developed
Love this early @google video - shows the importance of having fun at work & building great culture… #readbyrichard
Video: behind the scenes of the world’s first commercial spaceline @virgingalactic
Congratulations to Nigeria on being declared #Ebola-free - here's what they did right…
Get a peek of LauncherOne & the 2nd SpaceShipTwo as we go behind the scenes with @virgingalactic
From 25 staff to 425, 1 astronaut to 700 future astronauts – watch our latest @virgingalactic progress