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The Fitness Dude
You may not be exactly where you want to be today, but you're closer than you were yesterday!!
Keep those Gainz Fresh with your new 6pack bag from Use HARVLEY 15% off #diet #health
Shine bright like a diamond, not like shiny greasy fried chicken fingers.
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Start Monday? Start on New Year's? ... why not just start now?!!!!!
Stepping up my game. Trying to join @6PackFitness team someday
@Rharvley @6PackFitness wish I had one of these bags, had gastric bypass and this is perfect for carrying my meals! #Summersidekick
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Lmao your tweets are always on point bro πŸ‘Œ@Rharvleyy
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Sunday morning cardio.. Gym opens at 6.. People show up at 7.. Win? #fitness #NpcCompetitor #fitfam #cardio #abs #6pack #fitspo #summer
Remember, our brains have been conditioned for quick fixes and fast results... Being fit and healthy is a lifelong mission! Jump on board.
@Rharvley @6PackFitness finally a good way of relaxing on climbing trips... #summersidekick needed now - I'm hungry!
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Our memories aren't that reliable. What we remember is usually altered by our emotions and other thoughts at that time.
Destory the gym #ares "HARVLEY" gets you 10% off
So how about you exercise for 1 hour a day instead of complaining that you are fat 24 hours a day?
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10 jumping jacks, 10 Mountain climbers, 10 sit stands and repeat as many times as you can in six minutes!
Keep those Gainz Fresh with your new 6pack bag from Use HARVLEY 15% off #diet #health
Too lazy to add 4 plates. #fitness #npcbikini #fitfam #fitspo #legpress #trainerfromhell
Soothe irritated/red skin: Combine οΏ½ cup full-fat yogurt with 2 tablespoons oatmeal. Mix for one minute, apply to face, leave on for 5.
I wish I had the pink 6 pack fitness bag 😁😁 would come in handy when I go to Wright Stat@Rharvleye@6PackFitnesss#summersidekickck πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ͺ
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Whatever it is you choose to do with your life, master it and be a badass. Own it.
Take a moment and follow this truely amazing Personal Trainer! @diabodybuilding #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #inspiration
Understand fact from fiction in Alternative Medicine and Supplements when you follow @NewHealthDoc
#Hide pics, vids, msgs and more on your phone get #Hurtlocker for free on Android #App #FOLLOW @TNHurtLocker
@Rharvley @6PackFitness here's me and my #shmmersidekick ready to pass along to my wife and get the backpack πŸ˜„
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"@NLimbacher: Planet fitness so much better the fitness 19 it's ridiculous."if you like limiting your lifts sure
I feel like people would cry if I shaved
60 sec each exercise: mountain climbers, lunges, wide push-ups & burpees. Rest 2 min. 3x
@Rharvley Submit this weekend! Winner announced Monday!
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Instead of just sitting in your chair, do tap squats, incline push-ups and tricep dips with it :) #burncaloriesonyourbreak #officesweatsesh
Dude asked me where to buy roids.. I said thanks lol
"@CoFernando7: Theirs a Fitness 19 party today lmao" (there's)
Skype with an old friend tonight instead of indulging in late night snacks.
Fitness 19 on #Yelp: This place is awesome. I just moved here from the Walnut Creek (Bay Area) Fit19 and was super……
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I wonder how many people saw the @6PackFitness giveaway and was like "who's Ryan Harvley?" Lmao #fitness
People (kids) tend to forget if you tweet about a company.. The company sees it.. Sooo becareful
Starting to look like my pirates hat guy. #summer #beard #cigar#cookout #grilling #beardsrule #fitness #foodprep #summersidekick #shades
We challenge K1-Speed, American Swim Academy, City Sports Clubs Hayward - Whipple Rd., Union City Chamber of Commerce, and Fitness 19!
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Keep calm and change into your workout clothes.
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Laziness is contagious, especially if the "influence" is your significant other. Don't lose yourself in a relationship, stay fit & healthy