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Ram Gopal Varma
bollywood india director 845,310 followers
"@PritishNandy: Court stops cops frm hanging at restaurants whr women wrk. Thane Cmsnr told 2 stop moral policing We ar finally growing up."
"Boys will be Boys" has to be the most original line in context of rape nd for saying it history will remember Mulayam Singh Yadav forever
Unless deep inside there's a rapist in him,It's not possible to feel that kind of an empathy towards his fellows
I wonder when he was a Ladka how many times Mulayam Singh raped or wanted to rape?
I would really love to know the reactions of the women folk in the families of Mulayam's and Azmi's n I hope the media will go 2 them
Am really curious whether Mulayam's n Azmi's think nd say such things or they don't or can't think or do they think we can't or don't think?
Whats scary bout Mulayam's and Azmi's is it takes rape cases fr us 2 knw the way thy think..only Gods know wht kind of demons thy actually r
"@RohitBanawlikar: elections this time r like classic Hindi masala film. U have a Hero (Modi), a Villain (Congress) & a Comedy Track (AAP)"
For all the criticism about critics truth is most audience wil b too dumb 2 knw whether the film is good or not unless the critic tells them
Gandhiji fought for our country's freedom whereas Ram fought for his Wife's how come Ram is greater than Gandhiji?
If Sri Rama navami was Ram's birthday what was his deathday? Or God's are only born and they don't die?
Me and Sridevi on sets of Kshanakshanam
Rajashekar and Swathi Dixit in "Patta Pagalu" trailer…
My letter to Pawan kalyan in Times of India on his book ISM…
Going to vijaywada swarna complex to nite at 8 for rowdy promotion
Pawanism shud b pure nd not get adultrated by mis represented and mis interpreted half baked understandings of second handers
Ur friend shud understand tht yesteryears philosophies hv already bn absorbed into evolution of societies..what's needed is pure Pawanism
Hey Pawan, Bruce Lee said "knowledge shud be used like steps of a ladder ..u shud use thm to climb but u shud not carry them on ur shoulder"
Pawan's originality doesn't nd elementary interpretations of schopenhauer's metaphysics,kant's epistemology nd Marx's dialectic materialism
I truly think Pawan dint read Arthur schopenhauer's "the world as will and idea" and depended upon others misreadings of it
Best Physical representation of this line is Pawan .The pursuit of only that truth is important which helps u in reaching ur goal..Ayn Rand