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Rev Run
Immature love wants a Funtime .. Mature love wants a LIFE TIME
Love seeing fans who love their team? Check out the #MyYankeesChant video I was part of w/ @ATT & @Yankees -
Good morning. Be happy! Three types of people to stay away from: the uninspired, the unexcited, and the ungrateful.
Vanessa Simmons hosting a. New show on @lifetimetv check it!!
Perfection NOT needed. I'll just be happy because God loves me .. This I know
If you feel empty sometimes. It's just life making some room to fill you with happiness
Sometimes you're drowning because you're trying to be everyone else's anchor. Take care of you too. Ok?
Sometimes you feel like things are never going to change.. But HOLD ON!!!! Keep goin! He will give…
You're as young as you THINK you are! November 14th I turn 50. The 13th I'm in Vegas celebrating at…
It's Saturday. If there's any day to be be .. It's Saturday. Be happy!!
Be happy with what you have !! Better is the man who walks in Gods integrity than a rich man who is…
Get rid of bad vibes. Never let people, places or circumstances ruin the happy vibrant person you used…
It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy what we have, that makes happiness
Here's a truth .. "True love & Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's just thinking of…
Knowledge is power. Know your #diabetes risk factors by taking the Risk Factor Assessment today #RevOnASK
The Lord loves me. The Lord will make perfect that which concerns me.
Confrontation is key! You cannot fix what you won't confront
Do you believe God will make life Amazing for you? Let all in agreement write #Amen
Guess who's happy. And gonna stay that way ..
Someone once said Rock Bottom becomes a great place to start rebuilding your life.
God has a plan beyond your understanding. It's beyond your worrying and hard work and your wanting to…
This is incredible
Tonite was crazy!! Atlanta ... Thank You again. I really felt the love
See ya 2moro Atlanta!!! Dmc And I !!!
Always first to compliment my first lady. Always first to say I love you to my First Lady .. Never…
Ladies and Gentlemen... Here's the thing.. Relationships should be friendships
Work on happiness. Push to be happy. Insist on it. Head towards it ,,