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Reuters Science News
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Scientists find Earth-sized world in orbit friendly to life
Brutish and short? DNA 'switch' sheds light on Neanderthals
In weird Brazilian cave insects, male-female sex organs reversed
In a cloning first, scientists create stem cells from adults
China rejections of GMO U.S. corn cost up to $2.9 billion: group
Jaws, the prequel: Scientists find the 'Model T Ford' of sharks
Oh baby: Scientists find protein that lets egg and sperm hook up
U.S. agencies back DigitalGlobe bid to sell sharper images
French parliament bans cultivation of GM maize
Sky-watchers see 'blood moon' in total lunar eclipse
U.S. sky-watchers ready for total lunar eclipse on Tuesday
SpaceX poised for space station cargo run Monday
U.S. in prime position to see full lunar eclipse Tuesday
'Million Orchid' project to revive native Florida flowers
Scientists grow viable vaginas from girls' own cells
Lockheed to begin building asteroid sampler for NASA
Shoo fly: pesky insect escapes using fighter jet maneuvers
Atlas rocket blasts off with secret U.S. military satellite
Extinct Australian predator was fierce but no Tasmanian devil
Space memorabilia auction hits $1 million mark in New York
Israel space project gets $16 million boost from casino mogul Adelson
Italian court overturns divisive ban on donor eggs, sperm
Veolia sees growth as miners seek better waste water treatment
Japanese researcher stands by her disputed stem cell discovery
U.S. Navy mulls options to help drones avoid other planes