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Please continue to support #SmallBusinessSaturday and buy from 'Ma-n-Pop'
America the beautiful. A country like no other! #freedom #AmericanPride
Iran says warships sailing towards U.S.; a minimal threat at best. Their fleet can easily become our newest coral reefs if they engage.
God bless America! Land of the free because of the brave. #Freedom
BREAKING: Obama’s Facebook Movie (Parody...sort of)…
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ~Benjamin Franklin
Historical precedence showing the Progressive cancer in America with #2A- All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional:…
'Every American should write in...diaries that this was the #SOTU where Obama declared he would become America’s 1st dictator' @glennbeck
#Obamacare- Un-insuring the insured since 2013. #ChangeBack
Thank you to our #Military who serve with #Honor. Our true #Heroes!
#Reagan had a conversation with Iran too. Our hostages were immediately released and peace ensued. What was your discussion Mr. POTUS?
POTUS still discusses 'if' regarding Iran. Negotiations are basically over and Iran has a definitive timeline to adhere to; or to violate
Closing Guantanamo Bay. Terrorists held there do not belong on American soil and Not in American courts. They are enemy combatants.
What does 'prudent use of drone' translate to Mr. POTUS?
POTUS announces to our enemies when we will leave the battlefield. Unacceptable.
#2A - Americans should have unrestricted access to the ability for self protection. #ConcealCarry
#Obamacare is not a the way our next generation can pursue their dreams. It steals off their backs!!!
#SOTU Fact Check: Another #ObamaCare Lie – Americans Can’t Keep Their Doctor
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We would love to vote #Obamacare down for the 41st, 42nd, etc time Mr. POTUS.
The #Obamacare website is still vulnerable to massive security breaches and is NOT affordable to many Americans through prohibitive pricing