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Alexis Hulme
Bacon would be great this morning
Fuck my life sometimes
So it wasn't a wasted trip... — at Frome Station
Anyone know where this train is
Yes, Fucking get in there City!💙 I know it's early but what a great start to the season! CITYYYYY!�#MCFCF#CTIDID
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Great start to the season!
Platform 4 waiting Room Chester
Ha.... I saw broken down train and knew it would be that steam engine!
@truesothern I can say what the fuck I want, it's my twitter. Unfollow if you don't like it :D
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32 mins to get to asda... lets do this!!!
You know what im not gunna be defeated by anyone.... getting my youtube back' to paid status and staying strong at work!! #donenothinwrong
Want more drink.... dont wanna go asda drunk :-( someone help lol
OH @Onision .... i eat meat because im a cunt.....
i think the only way i will get my youtube money back is to set up an new account and start fresh... but loose 1300 subs :-(
Just casually looking at womens shoes drinking wine... not gay and no foot fettish so wtf is happening :-/
Shiraz Rose for me!
I need a night out
Bet moyes is having a little chuckle
Just saved someone 260 quid... Even I'm impressed lol
I would love to find the owners of this alarm
Yeh I'm driving in today extra hour in bed!
#ThePointlessBook is trending, but what book is it? There are so many pointless books to choose from!
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no no lads you ain't getting away with vandalising the station with me around!
the past couple of weeks have been... challenging
On the assumption that i am early turn on the 6th of september.... who is up for doing the last summer hst from weymouth?
Today is not a good day for a cold
40122 National Railway Museum York
.... honest opinion.... am i a knob head?
26020 National Railway Museum York