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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Looks Like He's Losing His Primary: No Politician is Safe!
We're Too Big and Disorganized to Comply With Court Orders, Says NSA
Pot Goes Legit: Livestream with Weed Land author Peter Hecht on 6/11 at 6:30PT/7:30ET.
Reconciling Robert Heinlein's Ideological Range: A Coherent But Original Writer
In re domestic terrorism: 39 cops Killed by civilians, 316 civilians killed by cops in 2013
Virginia City Bans Charity Car Washes
Eased Teacher Dismissal Puts California on Road to Less Crappy Schools
He's right, isn't he? @SenRandPaul says a Chamber of Commerce style Republican can't win…
Camden, New Jersey's failing school system spends $27,500/pupil. It can't be saved—but it's on track to disappear.
Affordable housing in NYC is “very costly” says @JoshBarro. He has no idea.
Al Qaeda Splinter Grabs U.S. Humvees, Sends Them to Syria
California Court Slams Teacher Privilege in Name of Student Rights in Vergara Decision
NYPD Cop Accused of Rape, Assault, False Arrest—Might Be Gone Already If He Were a College Student
Universities Void Freedom of Religious Association in the Name of Tolerance
We Should Ignore Michelle Obama
Hillary Clinton slams Team Obama for "sexism" in 2008 presidential campaign. #WarOnWomen…
Who Would Hillary Clinton bomb?
Don't worry, the @CIA probably won't be following you on Twitter, even if it does IRL
Are you ready for 3D printed pancakes? What @reason saw at #makerfaire…
Are you ready for 3D-printed pancakes? What we saw at the Bay Area Maker Faire @TracyOpp
Sing it, @SenRandPaul! People are calling for a "libertarian moment"!… HT @veroderugy
Supreme Court Rules Against Immigrant Children Who ‘Age Out’ During Visa Process
Obama: We Have to Do Something About Student Debt and This Is Something
Why’s This Sheriff Need an MRAP? Because the U.S. ‘Is a War Zone’
Govts attack @Uber @lyft to protect existing companies not help riders. Any questions?… @rikkiratliff @instapundit
A.M. Links: Snowden Reportedly in Plea Talks, Bergdahl Fallout Keeps Growing, Friendly Fire Kills Five in Afghanistan
Should Northern California secede and become "the state of Jefferson"? Fascinating footage
With Immigration, Familiarity Breeds Tolerance and Respect
Brickbat: Do No Harm
Tonight on The Independents: Mark Hannah & Deneen Borelli on the Las Vegas shooting & Hillary’s ...
3 Ways to Not Screw Up #Marijuana Legalization
Who Says Reasonoids Don't Hang Out With 1970s Rock Stars? Shikha Dalmia Paparazzis Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.
Are colleges producing too many self-styled "public servants" and "non-profit leaders"?
Bitcoin Gaining Momentum With Small Entrepreneurs
Linking without consent: the new (imagined) tragedy of the Twitter commons
Hillary Says Clintons Were 'Dead Broke,' VA Audit Reveals 100,000-Man Wait List, IRS May Have Illegally Gi...
The New Face of Conservative Reform
Should Northern California secede and become the State of Jefferson?…
A bathroom cam, a gloryhole, and a cop...
Video: Should Northern California Secede and Become the State of Jefferson?
Josh Earnest's not the @PressSec you are looking for
Dan Savage Stands Up to the Speech Police, Defends His Use of 'Tranny'
Anti-Gun Activists Adopt Anti-Abortion Tactics
Cleveland Wants 'Sin Tax' To Become 'Win Tax' for Sports Teams
FDA says there's no way wooden boards used in cheese aging can be sanitized, therefore: Ban 'em!
The Vegas Shootings, the Bundy Ranch, and the Splits on the Radical Right
AM Links: Reading about Bergdahl in the papers, bulldozing mountains in China, selling $ like sex in Venezuela