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Timo Glock
sportformula1 153,852 followers
Road trip started and it’s pretty cold! Hope Zandvoort will be slightly warmer… #yellowbeast #DTM #DTMDA
Nice day on the bike today with @realAndiKloeden just the wind made my legs tired … ☀☀️☀️🌀🌀
So training done for this week. Need to pack my bag and off earlier tomorrow morning for some meetings and then Zandvoort next round @DTM
Schau Dir mein 97 km radfahrt auf #strava an Last 40 km with wind thanks to @realAndiKloeden for the slipstream👍�…D2
Schau Dir mein 67 km radfahrt auf #strava an Good ride this morning...…
@DTM: #DTM champion #MegaMarco @Wittmannracing thanks his ”driving teacher“ @realTimoGlock - perfect story!” 😂😂😂
@Wittmannracing: @realTimoGlock Thanks to my driving teacher 😜” 😂😂😂😂
Just to make clear the comment from ARD on TV that I left the track straight after I retired was not right!
To retire from the race.big congrats to @Wittmannracing for the well deserved DTM Title!
Again not our weekend. We did have a very quick car but it did not work out for us.rocky did hit me at the wrong spot in my car and we had..
Look what I found on my car 😂😂😂 will keep it on until I am
Still no running @Lausitzring_de due to fog #yellowbeast is waiting all morning to be taken out on…
It’s not clearing up here @Lausitzring_de So far free practice delayed again…
Delay of free practice due to a foggy @Lausitzring_de
4 week break is over!early start off to @Lausitzring_de for the next round of @DTM #points aare the target again! #yellowbeast #DTM #DTMDA
Als kleiner Vorgeschmack auf Misano nochmals die Streckenvorstellung 2014 Silverstone mit Alex Hofmann !
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Michael #Schumacher setzt seine Reha zu Hause fort. Wir wünschen ihm weiterhin viel Kraft & eine schnelle Genesung. #KeepFightingMichael
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@f144fan: @realTimoGlock and @LewisHamilton that race was just good fun great fight … look how close @realTimoGlock and @LewisHamilton get, I think it was LH decision to take all downforce off the car 2
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@H_Kovalainen: Yea it was real fun @realTimoGlock I enjoyed it. Had no engine and brakes but had more grip than in many years!” 😂 😂😂
@H_Kovalainen: @realTimoGlock You’ll rubber the track and then it rains later in the week, nice!” At the moment Thursday is sunny ☀️☀️☀️
@realTimoGlock @H_Kovalainen ...never seen as an angry car and says it's the post office!!! :)
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Great holidays so far but will quickly fly back tomorrow to Lausitzring for @DTM Testwith @BMWMotorsport #yellowbeast
Thank you to @MeridaBikes for these great bikes for our bike tour with our #speedacademy boys! they enjoyed it!
@chmiesracing: Sitting at home in front of my phone and waiting for a call - still some hope to drive the #f1 race in #Spa#bigcarusselll”😂
@A_Safavi: @realTimoGlock wow! Respekt! Aber wenigstens hast du noch die richtige Hose an😂👍📯” klar !!! Nach 120km war das genau richtig 😜
Great day on the bike with our boys from #speedacademy Finally home after 120km. Thanks to tour guide @ScheiderTimo👍
T'N'T gleich mal wieder zusammen auf dem Bike unterwegs!! Werde unterstützend für @realglocktimo und die Jungs...
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Getting ready for a nice event tomorrow with my long term partner #DeutschePost #speedacademy will be fun #fun #bike
@afelixdacosta: I have a feeling some breaking news are coming tonight… will be fun to watch reactions” ???
Not really our weekend!Started well but didnt pay off at the end!Well done @Wittmannracing for another impressive weekend and @BMWMotorsport
Qualy was not on our side but today is the race and we try our best!Last coffee to get ready #yellowbeast #dtm #DTMDA
Early start here at #Nürburgring 7:20 rain, 9 degrees, 10 degrees track temp in the middle of August. Not much to say 😁😁#yellowbeasta#DTMDTM
Long day today! Roll out done in pretty wet conditions… Let’s see tomorrow what the Eifel will bring us 😜#yellowbeastt#DTMM#DTMDAA
@Alex_66: @realTimoGlock bei mir oder lieber @marcmarquez93 ? 😜” eher bei dir@marcmarquez933 ist mir zu wenig spektakulär 😂😂😂
@Alex_66: Danke für das Frühstück @realTimoGlock am @zrh_airport ! Viel Glück am Nürburgring ! Der Schnorrer 66 - I owe u one !” 👍 passt