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Timo Glock
Thank you to @MeridaBikes for these great bikes for our bike tour with our #speedacademy boys! they enjoyed it!
@chmiesracing: Sitting at home in front of my phone and waiting for a call - still some hope to drive the #f1 race in #Spa#bigcarusselll”😂
@A_Safavi: @realTimoGlock wow! Respekt! Aber wenigstens hast du noch die richtige Hose an😂👍📯” klar !!! Nach 120km war das genau richtig 😜
Great day on the bike with our boys from #speedacademy Finally home after 120km. Thanks to tour guide @ScheiderTimo👍
T'N'T gleich mal wieder zusammen auf dem Bike unterwegs!! Werde unterstützend für @realglocktimo und die Jungs...
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Getting ready for a nice event tomorrow with my long term partner #DeutschePost #speedacademy will be fun #fun #bike
@afelixdacosta: I have a feeling some breaking news are coming tonight… will be fun to watch reactions” ???
Not really our weekend!Started well but didnt pay off at the end!Well done @Wittmannracing for another impressive weekend and @BMWMotorsport
Qualy was not on our side but today is the race and we try our best!Last coffee to get ready #yellowbeast #dtm #DTMDA
Early start here at #Nürburgring 7:20 rain, 9 degrees, 10 degrees track temp in the middle of August. Not much to say 😁😁#yellowbeasta#DTMDTM
Long day today! Roll out done in pretty wet conditions… Let’s see tomorrow what the Eifel will bring us 😜#yellowbeastt#DTMM#DTMDAA
@Alex_66: @realTimoGlock bei mir oder lieber @marcmarquez93 ? 😜” eher bei dir@marcmarquez933 ist mir zu wenig spektakulär 😂😂😂
@Alex_66: Danke für das Frühstück @realTimoGlock am @zrh_airport ! Viel Glück am Nürburgring ! Der Schnorrer 66 - I owe u one !” 👍 passt
On my way to @zrh_airport and it’s 13 degrees 😁 where is the summer? Hope it’s not snowing this…
Round two for the #DTM Quote-o-drome. Today we will bring you a quote from @realTimoGlock !
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MT: Surely a sustainable relationship! "@realTimoGlock: @BMWi thank you for that great shuttle we had on our day. 👍"
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@calvinfish: @realTimoGlock congrats mate! See you next week at Ring;-)” cool have a good trip
“@MiesChristopher: @realTimoGlock @IsabellDoreen alles gute und Glückwunsch 😃👍” danke
@tabathavalls: @realTimoGlock @IsabellDoreen so happy for you both, congratulations!!!! 🎉🎉🎉” thank you 😜😜
@andypriaulx: Hey, @realTimoGlock - we saw the pics! Good luck and congratulation!:-)” thanks mate
@MaroEngel: @realTimoGlock Herzlichen Glueckwunsch Mr & Mrs Glock!! All the best for your future!! 👍👍” vielen Dank 😉😉
@Daniel_Abt: @realTimoGlock Gratulation. Sehr coole Bilder schaut gut aus 😉 alles Gute euch zwei 💏” danke
@bgarloff: @realTimoGlock hat sich getraut! Gratulation!” Danke 😉😉