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Skip Bayless
Roger Goodell hasn't danced this much since his senior prom. #RogerDodger
Seattle 35-20. Eagles 30-24. Ariz 20-17. Lions 35-32. And all I want to say about Cowboys game is that DeMarco will have a big day.
I believe Sunday's game means as much to Peyton Manning as any regular-season game he has ever played. But that won't be enough.
I don't care what Goodell says, only what he does.
Can you make a case for Broncos or Washington? Atl a contender? Det upsets GBay? Dallas goes 2-1? We debate BMarsh, RonWash. 10-12E ESPN2
Auburn's Nick Marshall isn't a great passer but he makes deadly clutch throws. Just put away KState with one.
As great as Devin Hester is, I still consider Deion Sanders a slightly more dangerous returner.
Congrats to Devin Hester for breaking Deion's return record. He didn't deserve a taunting flag for paying tribute to Deion on way to zone.
Decimated Bucs are not this bad. Falcons are not this good.
Feeling sorry for Lovie Smith watching this Tampa nightmare. He's so much better than this.
I think LeBron's new hairline is a good look for him and I do not think Stephen A's rising hairline looks bad on him.
Concerned about Romo missing practice w/ tight back, coming off surgery. Got rocked couple times at Tenn and sacked 4.
FlaSt keeps enabling Jameis by protecting him and failing to punish him. Should've suspended him 4 games. That would've sent a message.
On talent and performance, I'd take Jameis over Mariota. But respect Mel Kiper for dropping him to 25th after six off-field incidents.
How far will Jameis fall in MelKiper's new mock? We debate after it is revealed. RichardSherman responds to Chargers. Jadakiss joins us.
Do I expect Romo to take backseat to the run game from here on? Not at JerryWorld, where 'Boys always feel pressure to put on aerial show.
If I were a betting man, I'd bet the Seahawks will EASILY cover the 5-point spread against the Broncos. Something like 35-13.
First time I can remember top NFL sponsors dropping hints they're concerned enough to cut ties if the league can't fix behavior problems.
I said for 2 days the NFL couldn't allow APeterson to play Sunday. Finally Goodell stepped in and saved Vikings from themselves.
Jameis got the "Manzeil" punishment -- suspended FOR A HALF. Translation: Jimbo thinks he can beat 20-pt dog Clemson w/o Jameis for a half.
Jameis is the reigning Heisman winner who's still being investigated for sexual assault under Title IX. Crab legs. Pellet gun. Now THIS?
Jameis just doesn't get it. He stood on a table in THE STUDENT UNION to do an obscene meme gag that's offensive to women? Wake UP, man.
We react to the BREAKING NEWS on Adrian Peterson 10-12 E, ESPN. Plus we debate Seahawks-Broncos, Eagles on DeSean, Jerry on less Romo.
I'm sorry, can't get it out of my head that Indy could've had PEYTON MANNING for 4 more years and 4 better shots at a Super Bowl. Win NOW.
Why did Indy run it twice late before lLuck threw? He had nearly thrown two 2nd-half INTs. Maybe didn't quite trust him. 7 playofff INTs.
That WAS a horse collar on LeSean. Rule says if you grab jersey, pull runner down from behind and his knees buckle, it's a penalty. It was.
Even if TYHilton hadn't gone down, Malcolm Jenkins might have intercepted Luck's pass. Had read the route like a comic book. Broke hard.
If DSproles at 31 can keep moving like he's 21 in his 9th NFL season, Eagles will not miss DeSean and definitely will not miss playoffs.
Eagles a Super Bowl threat? Andrew Luck to blame? Should APeterson play? Why was RG3 so happy? Stephen A and I debate. 10-12E, ESPN2
I keep hearing how Andrew Luck is on his way to becoming an all-time great … and I still don't see it.
Extremely impressive 2nd half by the Eagles, who look (for now) like the best team in the NFC East. But don't sleep on Dallas.
Bad look if Adrian Peterson allowed to play Sunday. Wonder if Goodell, still under fire for Ray Rice, suspends him under conduct policy?
No way do I think Seattle exposed. Chargers just that good, held ball for 42 minutes, longest play only 21 yds, temp up to 118. Sea: 15-1.
Last night JCutler was forced to turn into a poised, patient, low-risk game manager b/c injured receivers couldn't run. Liked this Cutler.
Last night Kaep turned into bad JCutler, relying on big arm to force throws that turned into INTs and losing careless fumble.
This is going to be HOT. Stephen A and I debate Sherman/Seahawks, Cutler, APeterson, Saints, MAYWEATHER, RG3, Cowboys, Jets timeout. 10-12 E
Cutler throws 4 TD passes 0 INTs and leads Bears in rushing. What a Sunday night performance by one of Vanderbilt's finest.
Jay Cutler & his bet-up Bears stun 49ers in 1st game at new stadium. Oh, am I going to have a whole lot to talk about tomorrow 10-12E, ESPN2
Great catch by BMarsh … but please don't ever tell me Jay Cutler isn't a tough guy. Hopped up from vicious hit to throw TD.
Niners just begging Bears to get back in this sorry game. But tonight, the Bears don't appear to be capable.
Alex Smith couldn't make one last play in Denver.
What a great game by Phillip Rivers. Lost Ryan Matthews, didn't have Flowers or JJohnson on D. Just kept gutting out plays, to Gates&Royal.
Said before season began that Seattle would go 15-1, lose only Week 2 at San Diego. Didn't love it after Week 1. Love it now.
What a one-handed snag by Antonio Gates for a TD. Now … will Chargers allow another quick TD response by Seattle?