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Skip Bayless
If you just consider tradition, fandom, place to live - all great - the Oakland Raiders's coaching job is Top 5 in the NFL.
There will be nights LeBron gets as miffed at his "point guard" Kyrie for taking too many shots as KD sometimes does at Westbook.
Five of the greatest non-PG passers: LeBron, Oscar, Bird, Ginobili, Duncan.
As all-time passer, CP3 isn't up there with Magic, Stockton, Nash, Kidd or Cousy.
My definition of PG is pass first. NBA's best passing PG by far in CP3. Of the many shoot-1st PGs (DRose, Steph) , Westbrook is best PLAYER.
Sunday night in Foxboro: New England 24, Cincinnati 21.
I just dozed off listening to Belichick's press conference.
From these ashes, NE will rise like the Phoenix to play in the Super Bowl in Phoenix. OK, I'm reaching. But still not writing off 2-2 NE.
This is threatening to go down as an all-time Belichick/Brady nightmare game.
Finally, a faint sign of Patriot life.
Think about this: the only receiver Tom Brady appears to trust is JULIAN EDELMAN, who isn't bad but isn't exactly Randy Moss.
No idea what Brady was thinking on that throw … except that he now forces seemingly every throw to Edelman no matter the coverage.
Hard to believe KC lost its home opener to the TITANS, 26-10, as Alex Smith threw 3 INTs.
I picked NE to get to the SBowl and obviously I'm beginning to wonder if that switch will ever get flipped. Still hanging in.
I am baffled by how a Tom Brady offense - no matter O line and average-receiver issues - can no longer get the ball in the end zone.
I am baffled by how a Belichick defense with so much talent just gave up 303 yds in a half playing w/ so little urgency and tenacity.
10-12E, ESPN2: Stephen A and I debate Cowboys, Eagles, Cutler, Geno, Steve Smith, Mike Tomlin ... WHAT A DAY. Join us.
Last year, New Orleans had an NFL record 40 1st downs vs Dallas. Tonight: 20.
Hey, Eagles: Here come the Cowboys.
That should've been TD, Dallas. It should be 45-17, which would be much closer to justice for last year's New Orleans 49, Dallas 17.
Stephen A. picked New Orleans to get to the Super Bowl. I picked Dallas to win the NFC East. First Take will be fun tomorrow.
Great way to cap off what, for an emerging Dallas Cowboys team, has been a great Sunday night on the national stage.
Thank you, Dez Bryant.
Thank you, Jason Witten.
Thank you, Sean Payton.
This is trouble. This Dallas team hasn't had any experience closing out 31-3 games.
This could now get a little hairy and scary. Brees loves just being able to let it fly in a hurry-up.
Uh oh: Bruce Carter looks like he just pulled a hamstring. Would've stopped KyrieRob 30 yards upfield.
Saints receivers starting to look like they're getting tired of getting hit so hard.
Still long ways to go in this game. But THIS SURE IS A LONG WAYS FROM LAST YEAR'S NEW ORLEANS 49, DALLAS 17.
How BOUT them Cowboys?
Dallas D shows new backbone, standing strong after two nice throws by Brees, holding Saints to FG.
Now for lots and lots of DeMarco Murray. Just hang onto the football, big man.
Last year in New Orleans, the Saints scored 21 IN THE SECOND QUARTER vs. Dallas. This year: Dallas leads 24-0 at half.
Even an offensive genius like Chip Kelly might have been impressed with that half by Romo's offense.
What a beautiful throw by Romo and catch by Terrrance Williams.
That wasn't holding. So that made up for lineman-downfield refs missed on Cowboys.
Boom, boom, boom. Dallas: 17-zip.
What a terrific tone-setting, clock-eating opening 80-yard, 12-play drive for a TD w/o much DeMarco.
Stunning Chip Kelly's offense held w/o TD, though had ball only 17:43. Foles again proved toughness but more miss than hit.
Way to go, 49ers D. Eagles fall to 3-1. NFC East even more wide open, which could mean …
Cannot believe Harbaugh didn't let Kaep throw it one time on 1st, 2nd or 3rd down. Tells you a lot.
Shocked Chip Kelly's offense couldn't get it in end zone.
Unbelievable game-changing catch by Maclin. Harbaugh just blew last timeout challenging an obvious catch.