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Skip Bayless
Will Stephen A and I switch SBowl picks to Denver??? Better player: NASH OR IVERSON??? Can Seahawks overcome turmoil, at Car? 10-12E, ESPN2.
The next game for Peyton will be far more difficult: at Brady-borough.
Nationwide isn't the only thing on Peyton's side. Refs seem to be, too.
Now seems like defensive holding is called every other play. After every incompletion, I wait for the away-from-the-play flag.
Now Malcom Floyd gone after great catch. Chargers just can't catch a break. So many injuries.
I'm afraid this game pretty much just ended for the Chargers. Feels like it could be 21-7 pretty soon.
At the moment, at age 38, Peyton Manning is playing quarterback at the highest level anyone has ever played the position.
That was a fumble that would've dramatically changed this game.
Without Brandon Flowers, feels like San Diego will be in the wrong place at the wrong time tonight. Peyton 32, Rivers 17.
Biggest shot of NBA playoffs last yr was late 3 in reg of Game 6 at OKC made by MANU GINOBILI. I still want him taking my biggest shot.
During reg season, I'd want KDurant taking my last shot. But hasn't been so clutch in playoffs. Missed 3 to tie late in Game 6 OT loss to SA
So about 70% of GMs polled says LeBron will win MVP. But only 8% would want him taking last shot. Huh? Great player, no clutch gene.
Also, Jeanie Buss joins us 11-1130, ESPN2.
10-12E: We tackle the Russell Wilson controversy, UNC scandal. Cowboys overrated? GMs say LBJ should NOT take last shot?!
Good for the Royals. Magic's back. Hope they can hang on, make this a Series.
Giants sure know how to spoil a KC party. This time Blanco LEADS OFF THE GAME with a silent-night home run to right.
No surprise here: GMs pick Spurs to repeat as champs. Sorry Cavs, Bulls, Clippers, Thunder ...
Sorry, laughable to me Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard aren't among top 20 NBA players. TD could've been Finals MVP, KL of last 2 Finals.
As much as I believe in Pats, hard to believe they can win AT Denver in playoffs. As lose more key players, might again lose home-field adv.
I'm with what Jonathan Vilma, former Jet, said on today's show about Geno. He is NOT the long-term answer at QB.
Brian Bosworth, 1 of most polarizing college players ever, spilled guts on today's show. Just riveting. Next Tues at 9 p.m.: His 30 for 30.
10-12E ESPN2: We react to Michael Sam, debate Patriot/Saints trouble, Kobe story, Jonathan Vilma joins Stephen A and me.
Disappointed the Cowboys cut Michael Sam from practice squad. Really thought he could eventually help. Such a productive SEC pass rusher.
Our man Michael Rapaport's doc #WhenTheGardenWasEden on NBA's 1st glamor team, the early '70s Knicks, airs tonight at 9 on ESPN.
Cavs issues I see: Will KLove feel more pressure to make fewer shots he gets now? Will LeBron mind Kyrie taking more shots every night:?
If DRose can make 4-5 threes every night, as he did vs Cavs last night, he'll be unstoppable. But capable of 1-10s.
To me, on list of receivers I'd build my team around, Antonio Brown 4th behind Megatron, Dez, DeMaryius. Durable, ret punts, never fumbles.
Romo brought Cowboys back from 21-0 at St.L. Deep to Dez beat Hou in OT. Play of Year at Sea on 3rd&20. 9 for 9 2nd half vs NYG. Unreal.
AT THIS MOMENT, I have Tony Romo tied for 2nd in MVP race w/ Peyton. DeMarco 1st. Romo's 2nd-half & 3rd-down QBR high 90s! Off charts.
Steelers back? Romo or DeMarco higher in MVP race? Will Cavs Big 3 click? Is DROSE all way back? Kobe blasted in story? 10-12E, ESPN2
That onside was almost a disaster for the Steelers. Instead, they go from looking like might get blown out to winning 16th straight MNF.
That's a catch. Steelers about to ice this.
Can't help wondering how much more explosive the Texans would be with Texas native Johnny Manziel at quarterback.
Never thought I'd see the Pittsburgh Steelers resort to a reverse-field lefty pass by receiver to score from the 5 at home.
"Soft" Steelers just hung 24 on Texans in 2:54 near end of half. But w/ Arian, Texans aren't out of this yet. Sure came back at Cowboys.
In first preseason test together, LeBron/Kyrie/Love Cavs clicking quicker than Heatles did. But DRose is back to being DROSE.
Joseph Randle should've been suspended for a game. Now he's profiting from stealing? Underwear endorsement deal? Crime pays?
I still can't believe Seahawks traded Percy Harvin. I've heard all the problems. But he has won wherever he's been. Not same w/o him.
To get in conversation for greatest QB ever, Peyton at least needs to win another SBowl. 11-12 in playoffs. 1-3 in SBowls. Montana 4-0,3MVPs
Even at 38, Peyton Manning just keeps getting better at playing quarterback.
Can't wait to see what DeMarcus Lawrence, 2nd pick in 2nd round, does when healthy enough to join Cowboys in couple wks. CAN RUSH PASSER.
The Cowboys DO NOT miss DeMarcus Ware. So far he's rejuvenated in Denver. He was mostly semi-retired in Dallas.
Join Stephen A and me 10-12E, ESPN2.
NFL Monday debate: Peyton now greatest ever? Denver-Dallas Super Bowl? Did Seattle blow it trading Harvin? Joseph Randle underwear deal???
I'm rooting against Denver only b/c I'm rooting FOR the Patriots and Chargers. But tonight, for now, Denver looks better than both.
Peyton Manning is … just … too … good.