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Skip Bayless
Should LeBron get pass for last nite? Who wins, Peyton or Brady? Dallas or Ariz? Does Jameis have some MJ in him? Join SAS and me 10-12 E2.
I can't figure out the Saints or the Panthers. But with a first road win in 5 tries, the Saints are back in business atop South.
Jameis overcomes 3 INTs and 21-0 deficit, finds new freshman weapons, roars back w/ 401 pass yds, again proves big-game greatness.
Wonder how Stephen A will react at 10am tomorrow after trashing his Knicks on today's show? Can't wait.
After one of the uglier performances of his career - 8 turnovers - LeBron is surely relieved to have this night behind him.
Tonight: Melo>LeBron.
I'm guessing DWade and Chris Bosh got a kick out of watching that.
Wow: Jameis opens 2nd half w/ ANOTHER interception but Louisville fumbles it right back.
I'd like to see Carmelo get selfish in the 2nd half and start looking for and taking his shot.
Kevin Love fitting in quickest with 14 points, 9 rebs, 3 assts and couple of sensational outlets.
LeBron obviously trying way too hard to put on a show as Homecoming King. 1-9, 4 turnovers. He'll calm down in 2nd half.
Wow: Now we get to find out just how good Jameis can be. So far: 2 INTs and FSU down 21-0 near half at Louisville vs No. 1 defense.
40 years ago, the "Rumble in the Jungle" was the single most shocking and electrifying sports event I ever watched. Ali WAS the Greatest.
I just hope RG3 isn't feeling pressure to rush back from a serious ankle injury and risk getting hurt AGAIN.
LeBron, now the unquestioned leader of the Cavs, is going to miss the powerful influence of his "big brother" and mentor, DWade.
DWade looked like DWADE w/ 12 late deal-closing points last night and Bosh immediately started living up to his max deal. HEAT AIN'T DEAD.
Shrewd move by LeBron to leave bringing back his pre-tipoff powder toss up to a Twitter vote. Now he can say it was his fans' idea.
TODAY 10-12E, ESPN2: Stephen A and I debate LBJ w/o DWade, Bulls title chances, if SFGiants a dynasty, if RG3 rushing back, LBJ powder toss.
Congrats to the SF Giants, winning Game 7 on the road in a crazy place against a Team of Destiny.
You got the feeling if Bumgarner had started Game 7, he would've gone 9 innings and won 3-0.
Before playoffs I said I'd take Bumgarner over Kershaw. Now you have to start thinking about all-time.
Thought for a second Alex Gordon had a chance to score on ball that went to wall, but probably not w/o bad relay throw.
Madison Bumgarner: Just … too … good.
Bumgarner turning into bummer for Royals and their fans. Can't love their chances in bottom of 9th. Dominating their destiny.
Romo/Linehan/O line failed to beat Skins blitzes one single time. Now comes Arizona, which leads league in blitzes. Lord have mercy.
Justin Durant is a HUGE loss for Cowboys. He was the leading tackler on a defense that has overachieved like crazy.
Feel so sorry for Julius Randle. Broke his leg 13 minutes into NBA career. Hang tough and get well soon, kid.
In a conference finals preview last nite, Spurs beat Mavs w/o 3 of best defenders: Kawhi, Splitter, Patty. Spurs easily NBA's deepest team.
Entering his 10th NBA season, Chris Paul has never even made it to a conference finals. The clock ticks and the pressure mounts.
Tony Parker has won 122 playoff games and 4 rings. CP3 has won 22 and zero rings. CP3 still has much to prove in postseason.
NBA's best point guard is Tony Parker. Underrated penetrator/distributor. Has always made big shots/plays at big moments in biggest games.
If Dwight Howard had 1/10th of Kobe's burning desire to be great, Dwight Howard would already have a couple of rings.
ALSO: Darren Woodson joins Stephen A and me to talk Cowboys' troubles (no JDurant) and Jerry/JGarrett 10-12 E ESPN2.
Who's side you on Kobe vs Dwight? NBA's best PG? (Barkley says TParker!) Should Bumgarner start G7? Peyton or Brady rt now? 10-12 E, ESPN2
Resounding 10-zip statement win for Royals. Like 'em to win G7, even if Bumgarner pitches out of pen. Meant to be.
Spurs outshoot Mavs on Ring Night, thanks to big games from Big 3. Manu Ginobili is still a baaaaaaad man.
The NBA season has BEGUN - and it could be the most intriguing I can ever remember. So glad it's finally here.
Good for selection committee going for 3 SEC West teams in Top 4. Right now I see 4 SEC W teams as 4 best over FSU, TCU, Oregon, ND, KSt.
I can't quit thinking Brandon Weeden would've won that game. But Romo has played great while hurt so many times, had earned right to try.
JGarrett says Jerry didn't order him to put Romo back in, just informed him Romo could go. I sure hope that's what happened on sideline.
DWade will be on a watch-this mission to show his great friend LeBron that the Heat CAN win without him.
Thought about Russell Westbrook for MVP, but have to go with the prohibitive favorite, LeBron.
Without Kawhi, Patty and Tiago tonight, Spurs will have a hard time beating my surprise team in West, Dallas.
Kobe will be about 80% of former greatness and Lakers will be pretty good. But can't make case they'll be top 8 playoff team in West.
Rookie Kyle Anderson, born to play for the Spurs, will make them even better than they were last season and be in the RofY debate.
NBA PICKS: Cavs over Heat in East finals. Spurs over Mavs in West. Spurs over LeBron again in six in Finals. Yes, he'll need even more help.