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Skip Bayless
Amused all the Manziel Haters have come out of hiding. SEE, HE'S A BUST AND A BAD GUY!!! He'll send you back into the shadows soon enough.
10am E, ESPN2: Should flipping off Skins bench cost Manziel the job? Will RG3 ever learn to slide and stay healthy? Stephen A and I debate.
Went to bed hoping Manziel was somehow signaling his OC/sideline for personnel or a play wanted. Nope. Flipped off Skins bench. 10E, ESPN2.
Can't wait for First Take tomorrow 10-12 E, ESPN2. Stephen A should be in rare form after this.
Pretty good drive by Manziel … though hope he was gesturing to his coordinator and not Washington bench.
More weirdness. Now Manziel back in. Typical way to do this is let a QB get into a longer rhythm. 1st year head coach trying to prove self.
Disappointed for Manziel but not surprised. Should be a junior at A&M. Now has had 2 short stints playing NFL QB. Going to be VERY GOOD.
Maybe Rex Grossman will win the Browns QB job.
Weird, Hoyer starting, giving way to Manziel early, now warming up to come back in.
So far so shaky for Johnny Manziel. Looking a little overwhelmed by Skins pressure and disguised coverages by vet secondary.
Knee looked down before Morris reached ball across goal line.
Sweet deep ball by RG3.
Poor first pass for Manziel but could do nothing about Kerrigan's bull-rush sack. At least Pettine's giving him a real shot, 1s vs. 1s.
Are you ready for some Johnny Football?
Just when RG3 was looking like his great rookie self, he went Last Year with that fling-it-and-hope INT.
RG3 still doesn't know how to SLIDE. Scary.
Wait, I thought Pettine said Hoyer & Manziel would get equal 1st-half snaps, which meant Manziel 2nd quarter. He's coming in now? GREAT!
While Peyton again looks like he could win MVP, Tom Brady will have the better team and the last laugh.
3rd time isn't the charm? Eli twice has bounced back from leading NFL in INTs to make Pro Bowl. Not this time.
Maybe it would be better for Manziel to ease into the job. But it won't be better for the Browns.
Watch Manziel get no more than a series (or two) w/ starters, 3-4 more w/ backups vs backups. If he lights it up, easily discounted.
Hope I'm wrong, but don't see any way Manziel wins job tonite. Deck stacked. Browns don't want to crumble under public pressure to start him
10-11 E ESPN2: Are the Niners THAT bad? Is Eli? Will Manziel win job tonite? Cavs now favorites to WIN IT ALL? Anthony Davis=Bill Russell?
This brand new 49er stadium is all well and good. But I already miss Candlestick BECAUSE I WITNESSED SO MANY GREAT GAMES THERE.