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Skip Bayless
Michael Jordan never lost an NBA Finals by a record number of points, to a team with 3 aging stars.
You Heat fans buying that 2 times 3 equals the number LeBron wore in Miami & that you're still "family" to LeBron?
LeBron certainly didn't return to wearing 23 in Clev b/c he's 2-3 in Finals. To me, thinks he's now ready to challenge MJ legacy. Good luck.
LeBron chose MJ's 23 as rookie and continued MJ's powder toss b/c obviously thought he was Next MJ. Often crumbled under that pressure.
I'm fine w/ LeBron abandoning pledge to honor MJ's 23 by getting it retired by the NBA. But now I will again evaluate him by MJ standards.
I don't believe Manziel will ever curtail off-field good-timing but when it's time to ball, he will BALL.
THANKS to all who read this & the many who agreed. You?…
My column on what SHOULD happen in college football. Agree?…
Don't doubt Romo will return to being Fantasy Football superstar. But making playoffs will be fantasy for his team. He can't make THE pass.
Seahawks shouldn't pay another dollar for MLynch. High-collision Beast Mode can't last much longer in NFL. 9th season. Returns diminishing.
Sounds like TWolves will be forced to trade Love to Cavs for less. He insists won't sign with any other team, so can't pay too much to rent.
Goodell failed to send powerful message: THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED even if she initiates contact. Should've been at least 8-game suspension
10am E, ESPN2: Stephen A and I debate DP3's threat, RayRice's punishment, the comments made by RG3 and Romo, Lin's value to Lakers.
I don't know exactly what happened in that elevator, but knowing Goodell, I'm surprised Ray Rice was suspended for only 2 games.
The Redskins will win the NFC East and RG3 will return to being the division's best QB.
Most fascinating figure in NFL this year, on and off field, for better or worse, will be LeBron's buddy and client, Johnny Football.
Where is Jerry Jones' sense of urgency!? His anger!? His "or else" attitude!? Obviously perfectly content with 8-8. Makes me SICK.
Jerry says JGarrett not on hot seat and that Cowboys now one of youngest teams. Wants Cowboys fans to BE PATIENT after 4 nonplayoff seasons.
Day 1 of camp and I'm already depressed over Jerry's bizarre, inexplicable belief in JGarrett, who's now like Jerry's 3rd son.
10-12 E, ESPN2. Why Jerry Jones has already made me give up on my Cowboys. Why RG3 will be NFC East's best QB. And Nelly is back!
The Bulls appear to be offering A WHOLE LOT MORE for Kevin Love than Cavs are.
Stephen A (Giants fan) and Antonio Pierce (ex-Giant) both said today Giants will struggle this year. Great! Cowboys won't be East's worst.