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Skip Bayless
Wisc DLine injuries open way for LSU comeback. After talking to Les Miles, I overrated LFournette's instant impact. Don't see explosion. Yet
Early Heisman leader: Todd Gurley. Now, can he stay healthy running through SEC foes?
FlaSt very lucky JW Walsh chose to let go of the football to break his fall with both hands. Game-turning fumble.
Jameis wasn't great but pretty good when had to be. FSU isn't overrated but OklaSt is underrated.
I've watched a bunch of shaky openers that underscore my longtime point: NCAA should allow one preseason tuneup game. Imagine NFL w/o one.
Can't see FlaSt losing a reg season game. Can't see Noles losing a playoff game (Bama, LSU, Oregon other 3). FSU wins it all.
Shannon Sharpe at the debate desk 10-12 E, ESPN2. Domestic violence policy, Johnny/Kenny Football, Jerry Jones tampering, Tony Stewart.
Russell Wilson CONTINUES to play at the highest level of any NFL quarterback through this preseason.
SHANNON SHARPE returns to First Take tomorrow 10-12 E. Don't miss this.
Aggies actually played a little D tonight at SCar. Played none last year for Johnny Football.
On a stunningly great opening night for new A&M QB Kenny Hill, Manziel continues to struggle throwing into 3rd q. Also stunning.
Manziel has thrown too many fluttery deep balls, off-target drill shots. Has thrown well run. Has run well. But just a C+ performance.
After a couple of lousy throws, Manziel goes Johnny Football, leads electrifying TD drive. Maybe he just needed a Snickers.
Manziel finally gets to throw a deeper pass, right on target, and backup TE drops it. Ug. Meanwhile back at A&M, "Kenny Football" starring.
Decent opening drive by Brian Hoyer - though missed wide-open JCameron for TD and he's playing against Bears' young backups.
Back by popular demand: SHANNON SHARPE AT THE DEBATE DESK AGAIN TODAY 10-12E ESPN2. Man was ON FIRE in pre-show meeting.
Amazing that MJ at 51 is STILL a bigger star than LeBron or Kobe or KD. It's like MJ just won his 6th ring (and 6th Finals MVP) last June.
I'm no big JGarrett fan but ranked 30th among NFL coaches? UNFAIR. 29-27. No losing season. Nearly swept div last year w/ decimated D.
KLove could suffer under unfair expectations next season as Bosh did early in Miami. As 3rd wheel, will get too much blame, little credit.
KLove: foul/injury prone. Averaged a no-pressure, no-defense 26/12 in Minn. Zero playoff experience. Rep for shrinking in clutch time.
TWolves' owner is right: KLove's value to Cleveland being overhyped. But owner shouldn't have said this publicly. Accurate sour grapes.
No surprise over and no issue with Josh Gordan's 1-year suspension. Here's hoping he uses the time to get the right help.
TWolves owner shots at Love fair or foul? Mankins trade hurts Pats' chances this year? JGarrett ranked 30th of coaches? Join SAS and me 10E!
TWolves owner critical of KevinLove, makes some good points. Stephen A and I will discuss 'em tomorrow 10-12E ESPN2. Can't wait.
Cool watching Michael Jordan watch Roger Federer at USOpen then hearing Fed talk about how MJ was always his idol. MJ: Ultimate GOAT.
Would you want Incognito on YOUR team? At QB, Rams should go after ...? Should Jerry give Dez big $? Will Jameis win Heisman? Join us 10-12E
Tebow was given one chance to start in the NFL. All he did was lift a sorry 1-4 team to the division title and a playoff win. Now, he's out.
If I were Rams, I'd give Tebow a shot. But no, they say they really like Shaun Hill. OK, fine, finish last in the division.
I keep trying to convince myself Cowboys will surprise everyone - then their defense looked worse than ever at Miami. Just defenseless.
I still believe in RG3 but the pressure now mounts for him to remotely resemble his rookie self in the opener vs. Texans.
Still more than week before we make predictions but right now I see a Seattle-New England Super Bowl - and a much better game than last yr.
The NFC West is OVER. Seahawks just might sweep it now.
Tiger Woods should BEG Butch Harmon to coach him again. Doubt he will, but would turn around his majors performances.
Who's side are you on, Peyton/Welker's or Swearinger/O'Brien's? Should KCousins replace RG3? 49ers in trouble? NE>Den? 10-12E, ESPN2.
I keep trying to love Arizona's chances this season, and tonight, Carson Palmer just won't let me.
That Swearinger hit on Welker did not deserve a flag or a chewing out from Peyton Manning. Not a dirty play.
Kaep, SF starters still look (to quote Harbaugh) "off." Seattle looks "on." Ariz lost Dockett, DWash. St.L lost poor SBradford. Adv SEATTLE.
Manziel lighting it up in Cleveland - already did more in one series than Hoyer did in 2+ quarters. 2 good throws, escape for TD.
Poor Sam Bradford out of game, again, with some kind of knee injury. Walked to locker room. Hope he's OK.
From what I've seen so far this preseason, Seattle still easily NFC's best, NE AFC's best.
JCutler should've had 2 TD passes vs Legion of Boom - 1 bomb dropped, 1 nullified bogus flag. But RWilson shredding Chi. 31-0 at half.
A 2-QB system??? Mike Pettine, who learned under Rex Ryan, is risking ruining both QBs. See Sanchez/Tebow. One or the other, Mike.
10-12 E, ESPN2: Tomlin out of bounds for playing Bell/Blount? Will Seahawks try to humiliate Cutler tonight? Stephen A and I debate.
If LeSean's wrist OK, Eagles still have many weapons (including stud Vandy rookie Jordan Matthews). But they will miss DeSean deep speed.
Surprised Steelers organization allowing Bell and Blount to play tonight.
Foles off early, found some short-pass rhythm. Ben mostly off. But still trust Ben will have better season. No way Foles repeats 2013.